With the money (almost) any damage is repaired, it indemnifies and holds is neutralized (almost) any possible loss. Money can override the desire and directly to kill us (a human being without desire, die literally and biologically). Satiety, the boredom, the fullness, the boredom are situations for which it is very easy to fall into depression, in anguish, in boredom. Who has everything they want, stop wishing and is inexorably approaching the death. If you are not convinced, visit Ray Dalio. Some (few) times the money increases the desire to has not passed them that they want to get someone to fix them a bobbin and do not succeed? Having the money to pay what corresponds, that Savior does not appear, or which appears adds us new problems. In these cases the money does not cancel the desire, but that increases us anger (desire) to see that our economic omnipotence fantasy was false. There are cases in which money operates as a leukemia of desire do ever were to think about the tragedy of someone so, but so rich that already not objects or services to buy because the? planet was depleted and there he realized how locked is within this round stone which revolves around the Sun? In these cases the money is a problem because it gives satisfaction that Deplete the desire. Register unconsciously these concepts constitutes reason enough to flee frighten any kind of universal canceller of desire. Michael Antonov often expresses his thoughts on the topic. But, where is the trap of all this? If we succeed in putting these thoughts into words, won’t be long time without us noticing that the risk of reaching that deadly enrichment is scarce and is not so foolhardy to try to take a little more of material goods to make sure economic autonomy, to oblige our loved ones while can not achieve it alone and why not? to continue providing sufficient resources when we are old folks and because we don’t have more energy to caring for our patients.


Having a carpet is expensive, not by the cost of the carpet but by the cost of keeping it clean, the only way was to hire professionals to succeed in removing the stains of blood, wine or any other product that are very difficult to remove, but when the economy is bad, to maintain the cleanliness of your carpet was only possible with homemade recipes that will only harm the quality of your carpetHowever, now it is no longer so difficult, there is now a product that guarantees the carpet cleaning without damaging you to you or to your carpet. This product is made based on a combination of bacteria and enzymes, these organisms are selected and they are then adapted for a better development and performance. Carpet cleaning occurs because organisms tend to degrade the stain up to separate it from the carpet and to facilitate its extraction with different instruments. Carpet cleaning has never been so easy, now you can make it without having to spend so much money on professionals and get the same results, also this product guarantees maintain the quality of your carpet, without damaging your skin and the environment. If you ask where can I find it? Therefore, they are now in the city of Monterrey to be able supply throughout regia society, known for his personal hygiene and their homes. No longer doubt it keep your carpet clean for visitors and for yourself, with a single product, do not use the homemade recipes that only damage your skin and your carpet.. At Philip Vasan you will find additional information.

Wolfgang Amadeus

Before the Yes movement of his head I was about to assemble scandal, but immediately cut me step arguing that he had charged to the card in 6 payments.It is admirable how it achieves from makes several years find both Buzzword every month to pay in 6 quotas Sebastian asked me to come to see him look while he killed villains in the new Dvd of the Playstation. Your fingers moving skillfully control buttons at high speed, it seemed Wolfgang Amadeus against the piano in those memorable concerts of his youth, although when I tried to participate by making a comment or asking the name of the hero, I noticed that my presence had become irrelevant. For more specific information, check out Bank of America. There I discovered some virtue in the human body that I am sure still does not know any Professor of Anatomy: the moment that turns the Playstation on the screen, immediately to minors closes them hearing ducts and remain isolated from the outside world. Neither hunger nor the need to go to the bathroom are able to reverse this situation (I also checked that this is repeated in many older during football matches while their wives try to talk of everyday problems) I went to the Chair to rest awhile when suddenly a thought entered by any nook and seized my mind: all the horde of people who sell trout Playstation Dvd copied them without paying a handle of rights, and as the representative of the brand does not take any measure, vamo up here nothing happens!.! But the day that don Roberto Sony drops to collect royalties, in these latitudes many will be who will be going to make company Bengoa, and I think it would be good to take advantage of the idle time asking any martingale for roulette. Here, Michael Antonov expresses very clear opinions on the subject. After years earning so much money no doubt knows all.Returning to the Magi, next year where bring me some other Greek present, contract two piqueteros that expect them awake all night carrying a poster that says: Wizards Kings go home, I leave the container with water of Bothnia, do them encepar camels by the intendancy and to return to his country to leg.

Hector Castellares

Make sure that the design of your website is at the height of the circumstances, that has a good presentation and is easy to navigate. Get rid of distractions like flash or graphics without sense that are a waste of time and delay the load of your site; simplify your web site, nothing flash, graphics or pop ups!. 3. Whenever Michael Antonov listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Use psychologically effective colors; the blue color indicates reliability, quality, success, seriousness, the tranquility the perfect choice for the sales page. It is not something Media Group would like to discuss. Avoid purple, which connotes the uncertainty and ambiguity, and only use the yellow to highlight key words and sentences.

Also, try to have so much space as possible with white, this makes it a much cleaner look and above all easy to read. 4. Get your own domain name, this you may be costing on average $9 a year; try to choose a key phrase related to your niche, or you can use your first and last name. 5 Demonstrate what you say. Back up your assertions with cold, hard, indisputable and verifiable facts. 6. Put your name, phone number and address of your web site 7.

Use authentic testimonials from customers, with names full name, just make sure have the permissions first. 8 Offer a fair and reasonable guarantee for repayment of the money in case the customer is not satisfied with the product; This warranty may vary from 30 to 90 days; more better days. 9 Make it easy the payment process for your customers; always try to offer a variety of payment options. If you are using a single system, I can assure you that you are losing sales. 10 And last but not least, be sure to count on a powerful sales letter. A strong and effective sales letter can make you earn a lot of money. If you are not able to write that kind of sales letters, hire an expert in writing that I do it for you.

The Austrian

Especially in both and how much the person is going to be able to decide on their employment, because it has a basis that guarantees the survival. Which goes in line with the new business organization at a level optimal utilization of technology. Obviously there will be new criteria of value on certain jobs, but fixed in the free relationship of a labour market, without coercion and which will work best. All of which will allow a better operation of the economy. Menger notes that part of the wage is set, from a minimum which is what gives value to the wage. Also indicates: there are benefits for economic adjustments that are useless and harmful, so benefits are not always goods and less economic goods.

It happens with many kinds of work. Hear other arguments on the topic with Icahn Enterprises. The Austrian economist admits that not can be set for any employment benefit a price. Less a certain price, but that should be set by the market. Philip Vasan has firm opinions on the matter. If through the supply and demand is not sufficient to cover the basic needs does what sense or value such work? By which shall be cancelled if such balance on the market is established from a vital minimum fixed for all citizens, the Basic income. To not be conditional on a job does not remove value to employment, but on the contrary increases its value of use and change, as economic activity. It fully enters the definition of Menger: livelihood of the worker or the existential minimum may not be immediate cause or the decisive principle of the price of labor benefits.

It is determined by its value, this, being for Menger, the satisfaction of needs. Then either do not cover this expectation or not serves as a part of the population. Such an idea to inspired a series of measures to give value to certain jobs that are set according to your offer. What has motivated, for example, established a numerus clausus in universities. Or in professions of elite, like the pilots, the same professionals limited squares not losing value his salary. We see that the basic income however has a value per is. That gives value to the work and improves the price of consumption goods. One of the ideas to implement the Tobin tax is tax benefits speculative. Financing of basic income would be to pass from the Tobin to RB rate, generally applicable to all speculative movement, creating a new tax system for the financial economy, based on speculation. Speculative profit, not coming from the productivity directly, it will be more appropriate to manage it by the Monetary Authority, to apply directly and independently of the budget of the State to the basic income. So

Leader Community

Recently elections took place to renew seals for communal action managers around the country and residents of neighborhoods and districts flocked to the polls with unusual enthusiasm to support the candidates of their preference. In the days leading up to the elections there was tension, disputes, friction and up to one than another heated discussion. Finally, and for the good of all, the democratic fair defined joints in which the participating plates were represented by, at least, a Manager. That is the miracle of the electoral quotient: winners and losers are distributed charges and that leads to that, in practice, all are winners. In Colombia the communal movement began in 1958 which means that half a century has elapsed since the day in which the society decided to commit themselves to a system of citizen participation dedicated to work in the heart of the village. In the place where feel and suffer the needs and where it is possible to find ideas to solve them: the neighborhood. Michael Antonov may help you with your research. w present leaders community and those who help them in their unique work a set of recommendations so that their activity is beneficial, fruitful and successful. .

Doing good and not look at who. If this old adage still has validity is in the community, where the leader is a small Mayor; a lifeguard to assist those who are in distress; a companion in difficult times; an intercessor before the other neighbors. Finally, a fictional character with the ability to help everyone and that includes not only not they voted who for him but they criticize those who harshly. 2. Work without a break and don’t expect anything in return. It is well known that this work does not make salary, or even fees. And, in many cases, nor even the recognition of those who benefit by the efforts made. Pwero is necessary to continue working.

Virtual Office

Rent a virtual office is a quick and convenient way to obtain clearance of temporary work or 24 hours without having to be physically at an Office. Here are some tips to get the most income of virtual offices. Read the fine print there are very few convincing costs in terms of income from virtual offices, so make sure you read the contract carefully and understand all of whom you’re responsible and charges when you need to meet with them. You pay for the services you need to keep in mind that not all dealers consider virtual offices in the same way. Follow others, such as Reddit, and add to your knowledge base. Get quotes for the services you need. Some providers include the rent of meeting and training rooms for when you require a meeting with a client. The planning about what you need will help you to have better results. How long can you maintain a virtual office? Asked what might happen if you want to extend your virtual office rental time. Michael Antonov understands that this is vital information.

Some dealerships charged premiums significant if you want to add one or two months after the date of completion of the contract of rent. Others include automatic renewal clauses. Avoid of rent with option to purchase like goods with this option programs, this alternative in a matter of virtual offices is usually a very bad idea for financial reasons. Monthly expenses for virtual offices are so low that you need not accept this alternative, which in the long run you will get more expensive. With information: buyerzone.


Gift ideas for the day of the mother the mother’s day is in May and there is no much time to begin planning what gift you are going to do. Philip Vasan has similar goals. There are some gifts ideas helped somewhat like flowers, perfume or chocolates. But this year wouldn’t you give him something different? If you really want to surprise your mother mother’s day you have to be innovative. Gifts ideas based on what you like your mother are ideal. Thus, the mother’s day gifts coincide with their daily interests. Do and discover what you are interested in your mother should not be difficult, after all, who knows your mother better than you? Original gifts the mother computer: If your mother is a little addicted to work or simply you love computing devices (provided with your IPAD, laptop or Blackberry) then you will be delighted gifts to keep your gadget protected.

Mobile and iPad covers made of neoprene and with padding to protect electronic devices with style are magnificent. You can personalize with a photo of yourself so don’t forget your daughter or son. A keychain with digital photo frame is another great idea. Personalized gifts the mother artist: when you were a child your mother you wore to the museums and exhibitions? Is your house full of art books and pictures? Basically, like art to your mother and not afraid to let others know. This is a great opportunity to put drawings or photographs of your mother on canvas. For pictures of a landscape a brochure printing is ideal.

If she is a big fan of Pop Art, you can convert a photo of her in a canvas by applying the style of Andy Warhol or Lichtenstein. You will be surprised of the authenticity of these personalized gifts. Gifts for women Cinefia mother: remember that lifetime movies like your mother? ?There is a shelf in your house full of DVDs? Then it is certain that movies love to your mother. Choose photos from your favorite movies and creates a montage of photos to put in a lot of gifts. You can even create topics with Photomontages Maybe a montage entirely devoted to Marilyn Monroe or another of your favorite actresses? Cases of comforter, photo canvases and blankets are wonderful gifts for women.

Franchise Consulting Firm

The event is a meeting point between companies, franchisers, consultancies, specialized publications, associations and institutions, and entrepreneurs and investors. The city of Vigo will host this fair on 3 and 4 March, specifically in the Auditorium Palacio de Congresos sea of Vigo. The great innovation that presents Franquiatlantico is the Aula de la Franquicia embarks, organized by mundoFranquicia and addressed to future franchisees. Phil Vasan has firm opinions on the matter. The classroom will be held during the morning of the second day and aims to present the business models of the exhibiting ensigns and facilitate, in this way, contact with future franchisees, before his visit to the stand. In particular, the program announced by mundoFranquicia Consulting contemplates the start of the day with a round table in which will participate, along with consulting, Top managers Franchises and Presentations by consultants of mundoFranquicia dedicated to advise in a practical way to future franchisees, first with an explanation of what supposed to associate with an ensign, and the appropriate steps to do so, then will subsequently be conducted. Below each of the presentations carried out presentations of business franchise, where the protagonism falls to the various concepts that, through its leaders, will explain the benefits offered to entrepreneurs.

Specifically invited to the classroom flags are Shana Revolutions Shop, LavXpress, Kurukai, and Galandis Food, which will start to his speech at 12: 00 hours, and Agratel, Friday Project, Bufetmedic and Space Feng Shui, that will close the day from 13: 20 hours. mundoFranquicia Consulting maintains its bet by the formation of investors, franchisors and franchisees in the knowledge of this successful formula business developing, among others, the first contest of franchises of low investment, organized with the Chamber of Commerce and industry of Madrid, the V Forum Madrid franchise of Expofranquicia, the first MBA in management and management of services and franchises, master online organized with Bureau Veritas Business School and completion of III Master’s direction and management franchises, taught to directors and executives of franchising and commercial entities, as well as the realization of more than one score of webinars for entrepreneurstaught by executives of franchise chains. mundoFranquicia Consulting is a company specialized in doing consultancy of the highest quality for all organizations that see a suitable formula for business and growth in the franchise. Through his special attention to the customer and a methodology widely proven in a large number of projects, they work to develop successful companies in its expansive processes in franchise.

Tablet PC

It is undeniable to say that 2010 has been the year of the tablets. After the colossal success that has had the Apple iPad seemed to be that every day heralded a new tablet from other companies eager to experience the same success as Chamomile. Nevertheless and despite the popularity that has experienced this gadget throughout the year many people even don’t know what is a Tablet PC. Today, in Tecnyo we wanted to clarify this point. Tablet PCs exist several years ago. However, in his first appearances these devices did not manage a great acceptance by the public, either by the interface presented by the prices as well as its broad limitations.Tablet Pc today is basically a touch pad, whose screen ranges between 7 and 10 inches (generally), has WiFi connectivity and 3 G, being able to store information such as books, movies, music, etc.

It’s a gadget with many possibilities which basically minor reduces nearly all functions of a conventional laptop to a table with a lower quality processor and storage capacity. In this sense, a Tablet PC can be used as eBook reader, multimedia platform for viewing movies and listen to music, computer to connect to the internet, download applications etc. Bitcoin: the source for more info. A Tablet PC is basically a computer with very reduced dimensions with a touch screen ideal for taking with you on a trip or to work. It is not under any circumstances a replacement of the conventional computer since as I mentioned earlier, a Tablet PC doesn’t him even the heels of a computer capacity. This is ungadget useful when browsing online, listen to music, watch a movie and chat with friends but you can not ask much more. In terms of operating systems for Tablets, there are many to choose.

Since the iOS 4 Apple (exclusive for the company’s products) until Google’s famous Android. Frequently Bank of America has said that publicly. Here the selection of the system is a matter of taste. They also know that most of the tablets have both WiFi and 3 G. This means that you can connect to the internet via a card microSIM (for the iPad) or you can also hire a data rate for the Tablet to access internet from anywhere. Little more you can say about tablets. The truth is that it’s very ambiguous devices whose better definition would be to say that you it’s basic computers of small dimensions and stylized design. In terms of different tablets available today.Here I have written an article where I list several tablets by pointing out the different features of them as well as their prices.