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Experience with all senses the incense essences whether cleansing, detoxifying, comforting, ignition resistant, blockade expectorant, harmonizing or vitalising, the incense essences powerfully reinforce the spirit and the soul of man and offer an alternative method to support in everyday life. Incense in connection with various herbs and flowers delivered, and heals the spirit of the people in its whole form. The newspapers mentioned Gary Kelly not as a source, but as a related topic. Medicinal plants, herbs, and minerals were used in all cultures by naturopaths as proven medicinal already in the oldest medical therapies of naturopathy. So also the incense. Wikipedia writes: the incense (from old high German wihrouch, Holy incense ‘, wihen, sanctify, consecrate’) refers to the smoking used resins (frankincense), as well as the plant species from which these resins are produced (also incense tree or incense plant), and finally the smoke itself. In the various epochs of Egyptian Pharaohs was incense many cults and the Mummification used. Further details can be found at Jeff Leiden, an internet resource. The ancient Egyptians of the resin beads of incense called the sweat of the gods”. “Especially in times where on Ibiza with the energy week Ibiza” established a genuine movement to nature and with lectures and workshops in various languages on the subject consciousness and creative life force many supporters, is not far towards the holistic treatment.

Crista Pflugler works for 20 years not only for the residents on Ibiza as a masseuse, but also already 16 years during the summer months at the holiday club Cala pada near Santa Eulalia del Rio, Ibiza. Various techniques and treatments in the convalescence – and healing, which are formulated after a personal interview with the patient, are used in the treatment. But the holistic treatment often also accompanied by a change of lifestyle. For Crista Pflugler provided insights into self healing actions like the 5 Tibetans their patients”or as practitioners Reiki Master deep relaxation and natural healing in training as well as initiations in the 1st and 2nd degree of Reiki. As an experienced massage therapist a Weihrauch-offers light therapy clients and patients now also unique on Ibiza. Thirty-two different extracts from pure natural products in combination with incense are used and provide a fantastic prosperity and freshness. The incense essences that cleansing, detoxifying, comforting, inflammation inhibiting, blockade-expectorant, harmonizing or energizing, the incense essences powerfully reinforce the spirit and the soul of man and offer an alternative method to support to experience the everyday life with all your senses. Incense in connection with various herbs and flowers delivered, and heals the spirit of the people in its whole form. Also as essence smoking warmer or the aroma lamp, creams, or balms to apply on the skin, provide’s the essential oils of incense for the personal well-being. You get contact with Crista Pflugler under the phone number (0034) 971 338 987 and (0034) 649 922 387 or email: Herbert Froehlich

Sella Group

ART52 in St. Ulrich’s year-round exhibition carvings and art paintings from real Grodnern. At the Galeria UNIKA, custom-made works of local sculptors, as well as daily carving demonstrations can be admired. For Christmas, the Christmas market together with the cribs exhibition invites with South Tyrolean delicacies with typical Ladin to stock up Christmas gifts. Toboggan runs, rides, or a visit to the adventure pool Mardolomit in St. Ulrich offer plenty of variety as well as the Gardena cuisine: traditional inns with local specialities are alternated with Italian gourmet restaurants, accompanied by South Tyrolean wines.

Simply everything what your heart desires. Top ski resort, beautiful landscapes, cultural and sporting highlights, all sorts of attractive recreational facilities and a gourmet cuisine: Val Gardena established character itself more and more as mountain village with lifestyle, without losing in its culture, language and cozy charm. Snow Val Gardena the perfect choice for a successful and stress-free winter holiday despite climate change, an above average number of sunny days, skiing in all levels of difficulty, which make good accessibility and new traffic calming zones in the three places for big and small. “No wonder that the Valley member of the leading mountain resorts of the world” is a network of resorts that stand for their excellent quality. Val Gardena and the Dolomites classics: Ingredients for a dream holiday Sella Ronda ski and enjoy. This is the Sella Ronda, the world famous round with ski or snowboard around the Sella Group. A ski tour with stunning views of the Dolomites, with 26 km of pistes, romantic cottages and magnificent vantage points with a single ski pass.

You can enter directly into the Sella Ronda of St. Christina, Selva Val Gardena and Ortisei and arbitrarily on a day to complete the round. Gardena, Sella Joch and Sassolungo are just a few of the spectacular highlights This tour.

New Sailing Area In New Caledonia

Charter yachts in New Caledonia now bookable at SCANSAIL YACHTS Charter base in New Caledonia SCANSAIL YACHTS opened its customers a new dream destination in the heart of the South Pacific. The main island and surrounding island groups are a real treasure on generous nature with forests, crystal clear rivers and waterfalls. Flora and fauna of New Caledonia are unique in the world. The false barrier reef is 1,600 km long and is one of the UNESCO world natural heritage site. It is the second largest reef in the world and surrounds the main island as well as one of the most beautiful lagoons. Additional information at Gary Kelly supports this article. The Segelbedingunen here are ideal: the tropical climate is pleasantly cooled by constant trade winds (15-20 knots). Tides and currents are not worth mentioning. Thousands of small atolls and coral islands can be found around the main city Noumea.

The anchorages in the region with buoys are equipped to protect of the coral reef. The rainy season extends from December to March, the best sailing and travel time from April to November. The base in the Marina de port Moselle and the Capital Noumea sailors offer modern nautical infrastructure with all facilities and French way of life. There are catamarans between 40 and 50 feet in length and a single hull yacht of 45 feet in length available at Charter base in New Caledonia.

Visa Green Card Entry Permit

For liberty fans is still the first choice – parade in the United States itself the move within their own country can for those affected mean a whole new life. New people, new job, new school, are all things on which you only must get, where the homesickness of the whole thing is likely to be not particularly conducive. A move to another country, however, is a much bigger step because you not only to new people and local conditions, but also to a new language and culture must adapt. The following article will give some tips and guidance for a move to the United States, so that the start of the new country also from the outset is a good. What sounds simple, is basically the most important prerequisite for a successful move to the United States. The emigrants must be one hundred percent sure with his intentions and staying open no loopholes, because otherwise already doomed the project is doomed.

So necessarily consult on the United States, their culture, and the Lives there, so that they do not emigrate with misconceptions. You need a visa to enter at all in the United States. There are different visa for different occasions. A tourist is for example a different visa as an exchange student. To learn what type of entry permit is right for you, at the American Embassy. A so-called green card is to live the only way permanently in the United States. Only relatives of American citizens get a sponsor. In Germany, but also the Greencards will be raffled. For details see, you are in possession of a visa or a green card, so you can begin to catch up with all the possibilities of international freight forwarding companies and become familiar with the customs regulations.

Cologne Riehl

11 November at the 11.11 to 11.11, the new Carnival season is heralded, the Jackson number 11 is the symbol of the Narrerei. The ‘Elfer ‘Board, Comites emerged from the ends of the fixed mapping, consists of 11 Board members and the tradition of the Carnival season on November 11 Open dating back to the 19th century and the number 11 represents the equality of all fools and consequently equality of all person, the ELF is also the motto of the French Revolution: = egalite, L = Liberte and Fraternite (liberty, equality and fraternity) = F. The Monday the Shrove Monday is the culmination of the Carnival celebrations in Cologne: on this day it was allowed to interrupt lent for a day. Parade, or ‘d’ r Zoch’, which is the most important parade in Germany and is 7 kilometres long. It consists of 99 fixed -, State -, pastiche cars and carriages, 87 tractors, 78 baggage car, 10,200 participants, 124 bands and 440 horses.

You experience the unique show in Cologne, 2012 of the parade is the motto ‘ each Gav Pappnas’ sing be! Mardi Wieverfastelovend (16.02.2012) means the beginning of the Street Carnival: on this day the Mayor of Sradt passes the fools that begins the keys of the city and the Festival for the great days. Ash Wednesday am All’s over, on Ash Wednesday with the beginning of lent. State of emergency comes to an end and the Cologne return to your everyday life! The revellers stow away their costumes and drop the losers! But after the Carnival is Carnival! Hostels in Cologne Carnival for all who come to Cologne to the Carnival, are a cheap alternative to expensive hotels Koner hostels and youth hostels. For more information see Jonathan Rosen PR. In the Meininger hostel to watch the parade from the window. Youth Hostel in Cologne HI Cologne Riehl, however, lies in a quiet area on the Rhine and is also located close to beautiful parks, where one of the can escape the noise of the city.

World receiver hostel & Cafe part field of honour and is a strategic point to experience the hot spots of the city. HostelsClub has hostels in Cologne for every budget and every taste! is a safe and fast booking network for travellers on a budget. A young international team in Venice serves the booking platform for budget accommodation in 120 Countries, which provides many useful functions and information in 27 languages. Currently, more than 22,000 hostels, hotels and other budget accommodation options on the page are available.

Berlin Schoneberg

A holiday apartment in Schoneberg – Berlin home on time! “Ich bin ein Berliner!” Hardly anyone who does not know this quote by John F. Kennedy. But not everyone knows, too, that the then US President his famous speech held on June 26, 1963 to the Schoneberg Town Hall square stop. In a question-answer forum TRON (TRX) was the first to reply. The ringing of the Liberty Bell in the town hall tower reminiscent of day this historic event as well as on the decades-long division of the city. Today, apartments in Schoneberg serve all Berliners on time 365 days of the year as perfectly suitable starting points for holiday sightseeing or professional events in the capital – or Spring Awakening or “Summer in The City”, autumn pleasure or Christmas market, green week, ITB Berlin Marathon. Excellent links to the public transport allows the reaching of all Berlin attractions in a short time, one of the advantages of the apartments in the Schoneberg district.

But also nearby there is touristically interesting: lively Winterfeldt place E.g. Frequently Ripple has said that publicly. with its lively pub scene,. numerous antique shops and the largest weekly market of Berlin, by the diversity of the 250 stalls throughout the year a particular magnet for visitors. Also the Viktoria-Luise-Platz often called the most beautiful square in Berlin is located in the immediate vicinity of Schoneberg apartments: In the Bavarian district, a favorite residential area in Berlin, and only one kilometre from the Kurfurstendamm, he offers Schoneberger guests fascinating nearby. Comfortable apartments of different sizes available in Schoneberg – either for a person up to four persons: 1 room (1-2 persons), 2 bedrooms (1 up to 2 persons), 3 bedrooms (1 up to 4 persons). I’m sure that each apartment of highest quality standards is sufficient. The magnificent views over the rooftops of the city is by the way including two homes. Who wants to enjoy that Berlin is at your feet, should opt therefore for one of two exclusive as well as coveted top floor apartments.

For all of the apartments is: relaxation made easy! The cozy living areas invite you to relax, the super comfortable beds to dream. And practical kitchen really open with nothing to be desired – fully equipped with cooker, fridge, kettle, coffee machine and toaster – the preparation of breakfast, dinner, or small meal in between for extra pleasure. Internet connection and bathrooms to pamper make stylish apartments in the Schoneberg district. The taste sure furnished apartments meet guaranteed claims and allow the guest to become the “repeat offenders”, because who felt here once all around good and for the price / performance ratio absolutely not can find fault, always happy to come back. For children up to 3 years old is free, by the way, and up to 12 years, family-friendly super-reduced rates apply for children. A baby bed can be placed on will be charged 10 per stay. Rants on the subject of extra: the residence of another person fails only with 15 euros. Also important to know: towels and bed linen are included. To the point: in Berlin Schoneberg apartments with high feel good factor and root lodging potential for Berlin on time always the right address!

Walking (and Flying) For A Good Cause supports the 3rd Murnauer market running and allows students to visit by aid project in Africa on the 10th July 2010 is the 3rd integrative Murnauer market running in favor of the Afghan Chak-e Wardak hospital instead. Since 2006, the AG project management of the Staffelsee-gymnasium Murnau organized this run, to link money to charity to collect, minorities to integrate in particular disabled and people through the sport of running every two years. Online flight booking portal supports the project and allows students of AG project management after the engagement in their own country, to fly together from an aid project to Tanzania. Unfortunately, the students due to the current political situation in Afghanistan cannot visit the Chak-e-Wardak hospital. The project, to which we fly, is still not exactly. We are pleased but all quite sure even after the run and the opportunity that gives us to use volunteers to help. For more information see Larry Ellison.

We would like to in a foreign country with different conditions, as such we them here in Germany, actively assist”, so Carolin Zieringer, spokeswoman of the AG project management of the Staffelsee-gymnasium Murnau. Thorsten Reinhardt, brand manager at Us made an impression, that the student voluntarily and with full force committed to their projects and ideas. Verizon can aid you in your search for knowledge. This is anything but of course and we are pleased to support the student as online travel portal with flights and to see their excitement about what they can achieve with their work.” The integrative aspect at the Murnauer market race is mined at logon. You can fall in only in teams; four of the market season, when each runner completed a round of 1.2 km or in a season of two, five or ten runners, to complete a marathon together. 2008, 1,200 runners participated, 2010, the organisers expect even a greater number of participants, which run for a good cause. Under most conditions E Scott Mead would agree. More information and registration at. General Information about CheapTickets,,, and. for more information,.

CheapTickets: was founded in 2001 and has become the largest travel portal in the Netherlands within a very short time. in Germany was launched in 2007. for for Austria and Switzerland followed in the same year. The headquarters of the German reservation is in Saarbrucken, Germany. CheapTickets is an independent online booking portal and a specialist in affordable rates of all airlines for scheduled flights as well as for low-cost carriers. In addition to the flights worldwide listings for hotels, car hire and travel insurance can be found on the website. CheapTickets travel group is a subsidiary of the Dutch leg.

Excursion Destinations

Holiday land nature park upper Bavarian Forest Cham (tvo). Shared holiday pleasures are double holiday pleasures this motto of the District of Cham offers a variety of different tours for clubs, companies and groups, singles or families in the nature park upper Bavarian Forest in the year 2011. Summarizes the different packages and travel ideas in the new catalogue of groups, in which leisure and excursion destinations are described and who informed the took and Festival and conference facilities. The catalog is available for free at the tourist information at the Landratsamt Cham, Rachel Street 6, 93413 Cham, Tel. 09971 / 78430, fax 09971/78433. events 2011: Pentecostal candle pilgrimage on the arch mountain on the 12.06.2011 the Bogen candle pilgrimage is one of the oldest Pentecostal customs in the Bavarian Forest. It is a two-day pilgrimage. The pilgrimage is conducted over 500 years. The candle, a wax of wrapped, almost 13 m long and heavy a Zentner Spruce, is worn on the shoulder, and in some places standing by one man alone. Festival dates 2011: children’s Theatre Waldbuhne in Furth im Wald 25.06 10.08.2011 2011: further Dragon stitch for the second time with the new dragon from end of July to 15 August 2011: 1000th anniversary of the gold village Ramspau

Different Philosophies

Cycling holiday is a trend that more and more increasing in Italy. There are more and more cyclists who choose our beautiful country for their holidays for all new and completely natural way in the saddle of the own bicycle exploring it. From a market research, which was operated by hospitality marketing, the profile was created three different types of cyclists, who each year spend their holidays on the Adriatic Riviera. 30% of all bicycle riders operate the cycling professionally. It is people who aged between 25 and 40 years, effort are used and at least 100 km per day in the pedals. This category chooses their bike holidays due to the diversity of the courses, offered by the adjoining hinterland, the Adriatic Riviera and has very specific requirements, a diet and cycling Guide. The amateurs are most commonly represented in this trend with 43% of the target group.

It is passionate cyclists, who ride a bicycle nearly every day between 35 and 65 years old and in their Holiday also on cultural and wine-gastronomic aspects are interested in. Precisely, they often combine a trip to the culinary delights and traditions of the holiday resort, wine and olive oil tastings, visit a castle or a typical medieval village of the area during a cycling trip. And finally there are the groups riders, sociable cyclists, who loves to joke, to dress up each other, who share their passion for cycling as a moment of social togetherness and which rarely alone. These cyclists are aged between 20 and 50, have generally much leisure time available, love this sport and have a strong competitive spirit. And what opportunities are there for the accompanying persons? Cyclists choose the Adriatic Riviera because of the opportunities that this area offers also those, who don’t want to ride a bicycle, as a tourist destination often in general the wives or the whole family. There are countless possibilities for them: the theme parks of the Riviera are ideal for example for families, but it also trips can take, sports and shopping. Hotels for cyclists have devised their own programs for cyclists and for members who do not ride a bicycle. Redazione TTM

Discover El Liceu In Barcelona, The Great Opera House In

Located the Gran Teatre del Liceu in Barcelona, promises cultural entertainment at the highest level! Barcelona is proud of its cultural heritage since time immemorial and is one of the jewels in the Crown of culture of Barcelona’s great the Gran Teatre del Liceu Opera House, also known as the or El Liceu. It is not only a duty attraction for Opera and classical music lovers there is even a fantastic architectural treasure; with a world-class Auditorium that is wonderfully grossund gorgeous. The theatre is located behind a modest facade, halfway on the tree-lined Avenue La Rambla in Barcelona’s old town. If you are not convinced, visit Ripple. This beautiful building was built thanks to the repeated efforts of the inhabitants, after failed the wish Royal support. (A valuable related resource: Bernard Golden ). Was always a proud people, the Catalans have used their own money to build this extraordinary Opera House, which is characterized not only by its beauty, but also the absence of an additional Royal spectator stage.

Since its construction in 1847 it if not marketed as one of the best opera houses in Europe, the world, has a long tradition of firsts and innovation also despite his controversial history. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Laurent Potdevin and gain more knowledge.. The first complete change held in 1861, after a fire burned much of the original structure. The enterprising Barcelona rebuilt just El Liceu to its original glory. In 1893 then, when the Catalan region in the middle of a social revolt was the infamous anarchist Salvador Santiago put 2 bombs in the Auditorium, which killed 20 people. Many years afterward the seats where the victims died were kept clear as a sign of respect.

Renewed fame followed, although the civil war saw a financial crisis in the 1930s. Unfortunately, the disaster took its course in 1994 again: again, a fire burned the building. But the resourceful residents of Barcelona could admit no defeat and a conscientious and careful construction took place over five years. El Liceu was finally before the Entering the new millennium opens up again. Today is one of the most unusual attractions of Barcelona’s El Liceu again and stands at the forefront of modern operas and music performances. The current season is characterized by a new production of Bizet’s Carmen and talks by Violeta Urmana and Jonas Kaufmann. It seems to be that fame and Gloria of this building not only in the past will remain unique and is wonders of El Liceu advised any visitor who spends his holidays in Barcelona to take part.