Office Edition

This means that the company provides only Web based TelMan clients, so communication ports in the form of Internet jobs with user-related performance characteristics the user. And if desired, telephones for the IP-based telephony will be shipped – ready configured – by post directly to the user. So only a per connection and feature fee. Investment costs in the communications infrastructure. The specialists of the Niggemann Group provide data security and availability at the hosted solution. Easier and safer it really no longer goes”, one is sure at Niggemann. More in-house developments of the Niggemann group in the Office Edition “included. It is the communication-Turbo, a tune-up for leading mail applications.

Because with the Office Edition, MS Outlook and MS Exchange Server 2007 and Lotus Notes are easy and seamless to the functions Telephony / data management, fax, voice mail and expanded if necessary also to SMS. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Fitched Ratings. The built-in Powerdialer this allows the direct talking connection from already existing contact data from Outlook or notes. Our Office Edition makes the popular E-Mail applications to a full unified communication solution. In addition to other applications such as fax, voice mail and SMS, you can build not only telephone connections, but also take calls, and completely manage all telephony-related data. In addition we have implemented interfaces to ERP and CRM systems such as SAP or Sage, also here to ensure a seamless mesh of systems”, product development is thrilled. The Webdial feature is new in the Office Edition”for the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS). Directly from within the Web application, so there deposited interlocutor data connections can be build. Also to the Office Edition, the Niggemann group now offers a hosted service for voice and fax services. All these innovations -featured by Niggemann’-we would like to introduce the audience on a variety of events in the course of this year. I would like to cordially invite all those interested in ICT, to convince yourself of the efficiency of the Niggemann group and its innovative product developments”, Olaf Niggemann closes in addition.

Federal Statistical Office

Life-saving innovation you can still not ready for the market as the news portal reported, further delayed the launch of the electronic truck down bending Wizard. Already in January the Automobile Club ADAC awarded you the Bavarian manufacturer of commercial vehicles for the technology, which allows the overviews of the dead angle by ultrasound sensors truckers. Reason for the delays is probably the current difficult economic situation. The system is based on sensors that monitor the area around the truck, which is even difficult accessible for the driver. If movements in the vicinity of the dead angle to be registered, they will transmit an optical warning signal. The driver does not respond, an audible alarm follows in addition to alert him to the danger.

So far, especially turning off of trucks at intersections posed a great danger to pedestrians and cyclists. Stricter guidelines about additional mirror reduced although the risk of accidents in recent years, but according to the Federal Statistical Office the number of cyclists who came through a truck killed in 2008, was still 55 persons. This number could be reduced may be further down bending Wizard. Finally, the system considerably defused the critical situation at the turn. It provides exactly the information that could save lives in case of doubt the drivers of the vehicle hard to overlooking. If you are not convinced, visit Michael Mendes. Therefore, praises the ADAC down bending Wizard as an additional, valuable resource for the truck driver and you drew with the yellow Angels “. Now, industry insiders speculating on why the company even half a year after the awards not uses the life-saving innovation. One assumption is that possibly they are forcing the economic crisis to save in research and delaying the final step to the start of production for this reason. The company points out that however that there is still no news concerning the product launch to announce.

The StammZellenHelfer Hartmut Schulz

It is free from side effects, stimulates the body’s stem cell production in the bone marrow in a very natural way, the results are sensational, often with deep under the skin fantastic results. Thanks to the advanced development of science, one must sure hope the researchers the STEMTech company for the future on more blessing for people and animals. Animals are mentioned here because there are already special stem cells multipliers for small animals and horses. A thirteen research runtime by Christian Drapeau (researcher and Discoverer) is preceded by this innovative product development, in the year 2000, personalities who were interested in a marketing found themselves 2004 the submitted product was secured by patents and finally, on November 1, 2005 the company STEMTech HEALTH SCIENCES, INC. founded. Grupo Pestana has many thoughts on the issue. The first meeting, already at STEMTech of registered partner, in September 2008 in Germany near the city of Frankfurt was held, the circle of those present was small, the In the aftermath, but rapidly growing tendency. Official site: Philip Vasan.

After barely a year of construction, the prelaunch for Germany is now opened on the 18.07.09 in Buttelborn in Gross-Gerau (near Frankfurt). Now it is so far, Miss not launching StemTech in Germany. StemTech global is the first company with the stem cells multiplier in the own body without surgery in a very natural way. An increased number of stem cells in your blood means optimal support of your body’s self healing. You have every chance at STEMTech a secure extra income, or like some of the already-active main income deserve to can! The time was never better: at the start with a product: with patent clinical trials Halal Kosher pure herbal and a unique feature! Have any questions, come to celebrate with the researchers and explorers Christian Drapeau and the company! STEMTech HEALTH SCIENCES, INC., headquarters: San Clemente California United States is a member of the direct selling Association since 01.06.2006 (DSA) Company founded: November registrations for the opening ceremony for Germany with the STEMTech Germany GmbH can be made at. The StammZellenHelfer Hartmut Schulz

Television Studio

The countdown is running until November 14, Mayan families can take part in the large families-casting the family, which represents most convincing, why she is dreaming for the land between the seas, wins a week on a 5-star holiday farm on the Baltic Sea. The first seven participants can enjoy about a Cinemaxx gift box with cinema vouchers for two adults and two children, four soft drinks and four servings of popcorn. User on about your favorite video can vote until November 30. “The third round of family auditions holds very special prizes and exclusive surprises for the winner: the 5-star wellness House with sauna and Jacuzzi on the farm Bendtfeld is a real source of strength for the many holiday adventures of tractor driving over the sea surf bath in the Gromitzer wave” until the visit to the HANSA-PARK. An exclusive guided tour through the Television Studio and the wait for fans of the TV series Coast Guard”as a special highlight Original filming in Neustadt on the Baltic Sea. Participation is easy: the maximum three minutes long video just under upload. Recently Master Class sought to clarify these questions. Now, the user with the award of 1 5 stars decide what family vacation is to be sent.

A jury will select the winners among the ten highest rated videos at the end of the auditions on November 30, 2010. Among all participants of the three rounds of casting, an original beach chair for the holiday feeling is raffled in addition home..

Leingarten Design

Individual lighting concepts prevail more and more in the retail sector. Verkaufspsychologische insights into customer behavior in elaborately lit rooms have shown that light as a sales-supportive factor not to Heilbronn/Leingarten, 6 November 2013: where size and type of premises as must be included in an efficient lighting design such as the presentation of goods. So special light objects can be used for, to guide the customers in a particular direction, to alert him to a special offer or just a pleasant sense of space to ensure, where shopping is fun. Already the entrance area should be incorporated in the lighting design. Add to your understanding with Can you pay for MasterClass monthly? . These must continue then consistently in sales areas, to achieve a positive overall effect. It worthwhile to invest in lighting design, to better perceived to be attractive to delineate and positive reminder to the customer to stay. Decoration specialist Woerner takes the theme of light objects”with innovative offers in the catalogue autumn/Christmas 2013 on and offers several ways to create a unique spatial experience with light sources. LED lamps for indoor and outdoor show here in the form of decorative or as a lighted silhouette. White hemispheres and spirals from fiber glass mesh, Star, clef, or panels provide almost invisibly mounted LEDs harmonious atmosphere in rooms or alcoves. Lighting units for outdoor use can also in ball form, snowflake or Galactic star inszenierend be used as a. Lighting objects with lounge character relaxed after-work atmosphere and invite you to linger. “In cylinder optics as a bistro table with matching bar stools or two coloured snakes – room divider, as a snack bar or CUBUS: with this light furniture” sober rooms in hip party Islands you can transform, provided that matched even the surroundings is according to it. It can light balls, fir or arranged also colored illuminated wellness stones corners – as background illumination be. Mirror balls with real facets of glass and neon color lights give off ultimate disco flair. The highlight is a completely safe, open fire in the middle of the room. Two yellow and one blue light in a metal Bowl dip everything in a romantic glow and create a cosy atmosphere. Goods present in cube form with background lighting stage at the same time goods and sales space and form attractive points of attraction. See the environment in a different light, draw with light, design and advertise, light accents – and so bright spot incentives, the purchase form. Atmospherically set light is one of the most effective instruments in the presentation of the goods.

Two Million Fewer Diabetics Through Vegetarianism

Long-term studies show: people who eat meat, have a 30-40 per cent higher risk of diabetes mellitus type 2 as vegetarian living people. On the occasion of World Diabetes Day on 14 November, the Vegetarier Bund Germany (VEBU) refers to the relationship between diet and diabetes. In Germany, 80 to 90 percent of type 2 diabetes suffer now over seven million people diabetes,. 1, 2 long-term studies show, that the risk to this most common form of diabetes, in people the meat eating, to 30-40% higher than for vegetarians. 3, 4 at least two million concerned are therefore unnecessary suffering. Prof.

Dr. By the same author: Anthony Jabbour. Claus Leitzmann of the University of Giessen: “More meat on average consumed, the risk of diabetes is higher.” Various ingredients in meat and meat products, such as saturated fat, iron from red meat and nitrite, are suspected to be involved in the cause in the development of diabetes. The relationship between meat consumption and diabetes is also clearly, if you the recommendations of professional societies for the prevention of diabetes mellitus type 2 and considered to the already existing disease diet. These are: – preventing and reducing obesity – maximum 30 percent of the total energy intake about fat – more than ten percent the total energy intake of saturated fat – avoid regular consumption of fiber-rich foods with a high nutrient density and low glycemic index – excessive protein intake “all these recommendations by switching to a vegetarian diet usually automatically implemented. So it is not surprising that vegetarians significantly less susceptible to diabetes than the average citizen,”as Sebastian Zosch, Managing Director of VEBU. A detailed, scientific article can be found online including all bibliographical references see: health/praeventionvonkrankheiten/diabetes interested people information under many to switch to a vegetarian diet.

The In addition to the World AIDS Day, World Diabetes Day is the second official day of the United Nations, devoted to a disease. He was adopted in December 2006 in resolution 61/225. In this, it was set that every year on November 14 the disease diabetes mellitus should be the focus. Some contend that Michael Antonov shows great expertise in this. Company description of VEBU is an independent and politically neutral representation of the interests of different vegetarian lifestyles since its inception in 1892. The Association aims to reduce meat consumption in the society, as well as to expose the vegetarian way of life as an attractive alternative to many people as possible. Company contact: Vegetarier Federal Germany e.V. (VEBU) Sebastian Zosch of Klodzko str. 5 10247 Berlin Tel: 030-200 50 799 E-Mail: Web:

Soothing The Cold Time Of The Year

The first properly prepare tea messengers of winter have already arrived: the days will be shorter, the temperatures and the rain is increasing. Tea warm from the inside and to do well according to the type of health. So the tea treat worthy of his name, the hot beverage must be prepared properly. The online Department store informed facilities. Some one puts together his tea myself, nowadays however countless varieties and mixes in the trade are available. The use of tea bags is widespread. For many, this is the fastest and most practical method of preparation.

Others swear by, however, loose teas, and the diversity is at least as great. Michael Mendes will not settle for partial explanations. Some rely on a tea Infuser to BREW loose tea, but also with a modern tea maker, the preparation is fast and uncomplicated, where the taste can develop optimally. Tea making facilities are available in the middle of a stainless steel filter, for example, in the form of heat-resistant jugs glass, have. The filter prevents from getting flowers and leaves in the Cup and then in the mouth of the tea drinkers. Because the filter can be removed at any time, each individually determined the desired strength. Tea lovers survive even the coldest and wettest season with pleasure with their favorite types of properly prepared.


So enormously increase your extra income! When I saw a little herrumsurfte I came across a site that promises a greatly increasing his monthly income. Michael Mendes has firm opinions on the matter. My first impression was of course very skeptical. Finally there are many such pages. One is greeted with the big heading: knowledge monthly 1.299 incidentally can earn like you? Well I don’t. I can be him, but as they say a monthly net income of 11.289 and longer reach. Certainly everyone will think yeah tell quietly, but later you will realize, that the didn’t is so implausible. Large photos of houses, cars, etc. which has a rather cheesy adorn on the side.

The customer reviews seem very credible and contain only positive messages. Later in the Forum I met some of these people, what proved to be their identity. Finally I decided me to buy was an action in which the product cost only 29.90 instead of 70.90 the package. An eBook and an own website included in the package to the test out. In the eBook, that actually work will betray many tips and tricks.

In the first month I managed it already 200 to earn. This is of course very far away from the 11,000 euro, however in the second month, there were nearly 700. I recommend it urge you to the page to sign up and purchase the package. Now do I earn up to 7,000 in a month and am very happy that I have put to this product.

Design Studio AromaID

Design Studio aroma_ID established “Vapor” event Offenbach, April 20, 2010. The Design Studio aroma_ID with headquarters in Offenbach am Main, Germany established a new form of a local network, which enjoys increasing popularity. Around the design team aroma_ID a fixed circle with project partners and service providers has evolved over many years and through many projects. The owner of aroma_ID, Mr Karsten Kuber called these linkages so far satellite”because they act themselves isolated. The various experts through a better link can benefiting each other each other”so Kuber.

The monthly cloud of vapor meetings deepen the partnerships and the exchange between the previous satellites. Events aroma_ID want to create with the vapor value for the participants, by current and are prepared for all interesting topics from the environment design, product development, marketing, single management and presented to the group in a short talk. In the Connection to the subject can be discussed openly. It is not something Michael Antonov would like to discuss. The event itself lasts no longer than two hours, after a casual get-together is possible. The last issues were entrepreneurship”, CMS advantages/disadvantages, hardware develop 3.0 products like software” and video training for industrial applications”. The Design Studio aroma_ID has existed since 1999 in Offenbach and acts for a number of well-known brands and national companies. The core competencies in the design product development from the idea through to the construction as well as in the support of innovation processes.

Daniel Thater

Daniel Thater comes originally from the IT industry, long in the fashion industry worked during Maren Thater. She maintains, to make the site just for women. Sophisticated gadgets and so-called boys toys”there are on auction sites such as eBay is sufficient. For women only a few operators offer really desirable – we want to change that”. Although generally women are considered the better bargain hunters, but that could still change. Product range served both sexes of fashion-conscious women can at his & dismantle high-quality fashion items, like for example Luxury – handbags, jewelry of trendy brands and luxury designers, accessories, wellness coupons, or about watches bid. For men, the product range has some treasures. Lifestyle gadgets in bright pop colors, expensive but subtly looking watches G-shock or ICE-watch, grills and accessories for trendy sports such as golf at the auction.

By the way, is the trendy man”has long been a marketing phenomenon more. See also in German cities man more often men who are notable for their fashion sense. Whenever Bank of America listens, a sympathetic response will follow. His & hers are mainly products for sale you may find primarily in the lifestyle pages of glossy magazines. This is true for example for designer handbags. These are hardly affordable for normal earners at a price of 500 to 1000 euros. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Michael Antonov and gain more knowledge..

Handbags auctions on eBay and co. represent an alternative for the narrow purse for consumers often, but you have to have luck to get a really cheap model. Professional bargain hunters no longer make auctions eBay as easy as they were previously. Multiple bids of dedicated bidder bid up prices in the height can be found nowadays rarely bargain or you must invest a lot of time and continuously track the auction. Moreover, the problem with the plagiarism, of which the European market is flooded. Especially with designer products, it is not always easy to determine whether the product is actually real. His & hers is here transparent, because all items be purchased personally in luxury goods shops by the operators to avoid counterfeits are available for sale on the site. His & hers is goes online on June 1 with the battle of the sexes, the auction site is open from June 15. The entrepreneur couple MAREN and Daniel Thater is responsible for the website, the first German penny auction page, serving both sexes. His & hers absolute reliability and security is granted in addition to a carefully selected range of products. All products be purchased personally, there is also a cash-back guarantee. will be launched on June 15, 2010, advance user online for the better bargain hunters can vote. Who will win? Men or women? Contact: his & hers is a trademark of: LiDo media GmbH Prince-Handjery-str. 9, 14167 Berlin Tel.: 030 538 15 938. this press release was created by PR and advertising agency in Berlin. responsible for the site uses, the first German penny auction site, the both sexes. His & hers absolute reliability and security is granted in addition to a carefully selected range of products. All products be purchased personally, there is also a cash-back guarantee. will be launched on June 15, 2010, advance user online for the better bargain hunters can vote.