Building trust within the group is important, both to foster attitudes of solidarity and group size itself, as if to prepare for a job in common, for example, an action that can lead to hazards or work that involves a creative effort. Confidence games require a certain minimum conditions to acquire its full meaning and interest. One game, instead of stimulating, may show a lack of trust that are in the group and therefore, games, the group needs to know. Play is always voluntary. Kiat Lim may find this interesting as well. You can not force anyone to do, even in subtle ways, that others also have. Each person has to see their role in the game and it is possible that the development of this stimulus to that. For the game takes place in good conditions, the group must be silent.

Noise, laughter can be a major interference in the process of confidence. Experience has shown that there are three common mistakes in the use of these games: 1. The diversion of the game to the competitiveness or to the joke. 2. A model to be adjusted. The game is a unique experience for the individual and the group, and as such is not right or wrong, but has its own dynamics and value according to participants. 3.

Not taking into account people who do the game. The group is to promote conditions for confidence building respect for the person who plays. Unlike others, the assessment is essential in these games, because: – The situations experienced during the game can affect the group, one way or another, depending on the experience this. – The game, or some circumstance of it in particular, may also have a personal impact (eg causing feelings of frustration at not being able to do well the game …) The assessment takes the task of explaining the tensions or new experiences identified in the game, as well as making conscious influence on the group. Building trust involves creating a favorable climate in which knowledge and affirmation gives way to a feeling of correspondence. The degree or the nuances of that trust account settings interrelationships between each participant and the other, and the group as such.

Business of Fixing Refrigerators

A few days ago to me came up, though not very original, but a profitable business idea to start a small business. Everything started with the fact that we have broken refrigerator and we called a friend of the wizard. He could only come under evening. He made everything very quickly, replaced some of the insulated and for the work he took no small money. We talked and I just hit, why not start a cold business? Master a little over 30, he already has his home and machine, which bought engaged repairing refrigerators, and recently opened his own shop. Said that on orders of no end, every day from morning till evening to wander around the city Well, in general we have here is a conversation turned out. Facebook is often quoted on this topic.

No, I do not suggest you go learn to refrigeration, although all professions are important, all professions are good, or as it says. If you go to study in a refrigeration, it will be most that gorge on ordinary paper, but we did business want to do and get the big bucks. Well I will not write too much, and go directly to the idea. The idea is the organization of the company to repair refrigerators. Immediately say, that this idea fits well small towns, where there are not many service centers and other workshops.

Well, like in Moscow or St. Petersburg, where almost every corner of the service center of such a business to develop difficult but still possible. Click Sheryl Sandberg to learn more. Only the development will living conditions of competition. But in a small town, the service centers are not so many, and not all of them are specialized, take up everything, from computers, microwave ovens and finishing For implementing the idea need accommodation, not necessarily in the center of the city, and not necessarily with the euro renovation. For assistance, try visiting Kiat Lim Singapore. Orders will be accepted by phone, and the wizard will visit the site and if possible to repair the same place. If the equipment does not be repaired on site, then transported her to the sweet-shop, and that we need instead of the office. In addition to this the first we need a working staff, a person 5.7 is enough. 5.4 will be on the road, but 2.1 will do repairs on the stock. As need a means of transportation for workers, more appropriate, any passenger car or freight gazelle, capable, if necessary, to carry a refrigerator up to a warehouse. Further, in general as in any business: advertising, customer search, well and the actual work itself. How much can you earn being engaged in such business? Average figures, taken in one of the firms to repair refrigerators. Putting two garage converted a studio. Staff – 3 people Transportation – one of Cargo gazelle schedule – every day except Sundays from 8 to 18 Cost of small breaks, which are able to replace on-site – from 500 – 2000 A more serious breakdown in transportation engineering at the warehouse – from 3500 per month Orders – 80 – 150 Gain – 300 000 rubles per month for three men and one gazelle, a small town is big money.

Business Opportunities

Do some research what business opportunities does your idea to avoid failure. Choose a project that excites you, if you look only at possible sales you can get, it will be very difficult to cope with the beginnings of your business, which will surely be more than the costs and benefits have to invest much effort to advertise and promote. If you find a business that you're passionate about, besides making money you'll be enjoying your work, what could be better?. Purchase a domain and a housing contract: if you want to give a serious image to your visitors, registered a domain name for your business and hire a professional hosting service. Stay away from free pages and addresses terribly long that offer such services, this will only scare away potential buyers. It’s believed that cloud computing sees a great future in this idea. Furthermore, prices of these services are quite affordable, but do not choose the first hosting company to see, looking for information to choose an appropriate.

If you hire services company with poor waste time and money. Create a distinctive look on the internet: try your idea, though not original, it seems. It offers a unique web design to your visitors, create an attractive slogan for your products, choose an equally attractive and make your business look different from the others. Clayton Morris wanted to know more. Keep an eye on your position in search engines: The big mistake is that once companies have a good product to sell and have assembled an attractive site, think that the visits come as if by magic. And the truth is that this is not the case, most of your website visits come from search engines like Google, and those visits would not be significant unless you get to be in the top of search results when someone searches for something related to your business. You can hire a company to do this for you, but you can also do things yourself, like or sign up for directories.

Quality Management System

Many companies in Russia think about the quality management system certification according to international standard ISO 9001:2000, but do not always understand the benefits of this. In this paper, I as an expert and consultant in the field quality management to reveal some possible benefits that an organization can receive certification after a management system. First of all, we note the main point to be taken into account that the requirements of international standard (the ICJ) concerning the ISO 9001:2000 management system organization, and there are no requirements for the quality of your services or products. System requirements of ISO 9001:2000 – a requirement to correct organization of the company's management and decision-making process, production and support services, systems collect the required information and reporting to managers. System (and accordingly the management system after certification) are based on the Deming cycle, Shewhart-PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act), ie Planning – Implementation – Testing – Impact. And so, what are the advantages of certified companies from non-certified? INVESTMENT ATTRACTION If your goal is to reach international markets and attract foreign capital, a certified quality management system is a minimum guarantee of stability and financial soundness of the enterprise. For investors, the predictability time is very important company. And when the system is certified, some aspects of doing business can be clearly and are more likely to predict.

ORDER IN THE HOUSE If you have decided to certify the management system of your organization in compliance with ISO 9001:2000, then you want this or not, you have to restore order in their organization. That understood by the procedure? 1. The documentation 2. The interaction between units 3. Perhaps check out Gary Kelly for more information. Improved accountability of employees for the quality of the work 4. Establish planning and reporting 5. Documentation business processes that lead to their transparency and accountability 6. The most important thing to establish a system of interaction with customers as well as the first principle of quality management "Customer Focus" SAFETY ORGANIZATION Very often negative statements about the implementation of quality management system and the main reason is that when implementing a quality management system greatly increases the number of documentation.

The Muscles

Now when I sit at home, harder to force myself to call, and sometimes even write, save for a day or two. I'm responsible only to themselves – it relaxes. Helps when the tune itself that if call right now, it is likely a favorable outcome, for example, new opportunities. And wait for more – and the possibility of uplyvet to another. So the main thing – do not produce a perfect impression and get ahead of competitors over time.

Can not set up a call within minutes. "And from Tatiana" Yes, I remember, it was scary because he denied, rude, etc. But in fact this fear is more far-fetched. Very helpful when I was a little retooled and began to start with establishing a relationship. That is called not to sell, and then to get the information: what needs of a person, whether he, in principle, what I propose. If you can not make calls like that, without provocation, you can just keep in mind this idea that I do not impose, but I share with the person the information he needs. AND it is very important to be sure: 1) that my product is the best (to know all the differences and advantages), that is, to some kind of marketing analysis.

And if I know about any shortcomings and weak points, we need to calculate, they fundamental or not. If not – do not be afraid of questions, and consider what to answer them. 2) know that I offer my product at the best price (if the price is higher than analog, then accurately determine for themselves what I am getting amount of advice and support of the client, with the knowledge that I gained). That is, people can, in principle to buy the company cheaply, but then he himself will go over the product itself be yourself program, etc. And if you do not fit? I have always changed, and so he himself will have to address these issues. "And the advice from Geda I really helped these tricks (I offered to provide office furniture, the plan was – 150 calls per day) Smile in the mirror before Call-Relaxation of the muscles before the bell-clear plan for discussion at the crib, and, of course, lots and lots of humor, I even wrote a receipt, much as I should ring up seems to relax helps a ritual that makes Call into something ordinary, permanent, not stressful. If you still have questions on this topic, or you have your own opinion, then welcome to our topic

Virtual Money

Development of computer technologies has significantly increased our capabilities. To date, any connection is not a problem, the availability of programs such as icq, skype allows people in different parts of the world to communicate online. Also, it was possible to make any payments, the house, especially useful if you need to make urgent payments. Electronic money Webmoney helps solve problems quickly and without any additional worries. Rapid exchange of Webmoney allows for a few seconds to get rubles, dollars, another currency. To pay for purchases or services currently do not have to go to the bank branch (often defined, which is in the wrong place), you just simply go to special Internet site and make all necessary payments. So, to get your favorite thing in the online store now need only mouse clicks and a profitable exchange wmb make purchases even more accessible.

Currently, payments by electronic money are becoming more popular. Yandex, Paypal and other systems used by millions of people around the world. Electronic money can be exchanged for any other at various points exchange. Each of them has its own calculation, registration, a percentage, for example, conditions are very advantageous. Using the rapid exchange of Webmoney you have the ability to pay its expenses, not tied to a particular bank.

Liquidation Of Companies

Founders (participants) a legal person or body who made the decision on liquidation of the company must within 3 days from the date of such decision, in writing, notify the authorized state body (Territorial tax body at the location of the liquidated legal entity) to make the single state register of legal entities information about that entity is being wound up. At the same time a decision is made on the establishment of a liquidation commission (hereinafter – Commission) or the appointment of a sole liquidator determines the order and timing of the liquidation. Liquidation of the enterprise is held for about a pattern: Those who made the decision on liquidation shall appoint a liquidation commission. The liquidation commission shall publish in the press reported that the leadership of the legal person has decided to eliminate. The liquidation commission shall determine the debit and credit debts. The liquidation commission shall draw up an interim balance. Commission sets deadline for submission of financial claims, satisfies claims of creditors.

The Commission is the final liquidation balance sheet, which is the basis for the exclusion of legal entity from the state register of legal entities, ie, the basis for the liquidation of the company. .

Russian Federation

If this condition is not satisfied, the payment period is shifted to the moment when the supplier does not provide the required documents. In the contract the delivery of food products not allowed to ban people change in the obligation under such contract by assignment of the claim service buyers of food products in advertising of food products, marketing and other similar services aimed at the promotion of goods may be provided solely on the basis of contracts for the repayable rendering of services. Inclusion in the contract for the supply of food conditions on provide these services to the supplier, as well as contract supplies of food by forcing the conclusion of the contract of compensated rendering of services is prohibited by law. As part of antitrust regulation of the new law prohibits vendors and business networks: an obstacle to access to the commodity market or exit from the commodity market of other economic entities; violate the established normative regulations of pricing procedure, the counterparty to impose conditions: – the prohibition on contracting supply of food with other economic entities – liability for failure to obligation to supply food to the conditions that are better than those of other businesses engaged in similar activities – to provide counterparty information on contracts with other business entities engaged in similar activities – of making payment to the trading network for the right to supply food (in the functioning or offered by commercial sites) – a Introducing fees for changing assortment of food – to reduce their supplier of food prices to a level which provided the establishment of trade allowance (margin) to their price will not exceed minimum price of such goods when sold by business entities engaged in similar activities – compensation for a supplier of food losses due to loss or damage to such goods after the transfer of ownership of such goods, except if the loss or damage occurred through the fault of the provider – for reimbursement of expenses not related to the execution of the contract the delivery of food goods and the subsequent sale of specific batch of products – a return to the supplier of food products, not sold after a certain period, except if the return of such goods shall be allowed or provided by the legislation of the Russian Federation.


A little later, when attention is first segments captured, direct communication to the massive task forces, and supported by the opinion of innovators your messages very effectively to achieve the goals. Sometimes entire sectors of outliving its relevance under the influence competition of substitute products. Traditional print today under serious pressure Internet. Nevertheless, some players in this market are Capability maintain and even business development in the vacated competitive segments. For example, the appearance of a pocket-sized glossy magazine – a great idea to increase loyalty in the segment of public transport users who are not getting smaller. There are many Other unique opportunities for businesses to 'falling' markets, and entrepreneurial talent and imagination – the key to this market secrets. How to make a pioneer of conservative? Basics of the propensity to innovate or conservatism are in the area of attitudes.

It is known that the installation is virtually impossible to transformation under external influence, thus turning an innovator in the conservative, or vice versa can only uncontrollable factors: time, lifestyle, social environment, consumer confidence, the stage of the life cycle and so on. Theoretically it is possible to influence only to be pledged with respect to the installation of new cash categories or specific products just entering the market, especially if the degree of novelty of these proposals are relatively high. Actually, the very purpose of the transformation described consumer types is questionable. Each of the these segments has its own function from a business perspective. Of course, the ease of making innovative and faithful conservatives bribes, but the union of these properties in a single person can not by nature.

Novator to those and it is only because they can easily throw the past and aspires to the new. Tory, on the other hand, balances the rate of progress and give chances to the same conservative producers. As far as relative innovation and conservatism? Very often, the lectures have heard remarks like 'I'm very conservative in dress and food, but buy every new model ski, because I'm a fan of winter sports! So who am I: an innovator or conservative? " From this model the segmentation made to exclude areas with which the user is connected at the level of profession, hobbies, hobbies or other special circumstances. Of course, a dedicated artist not pass by a new brush, but this did not correlate with psychological features of his personality. In general, the category of 'innovator' and 'conservative' are not relative. As mentioned above, innovation and conservatism, as risk appetite or excessive fearfulness, are caused by properties of nature, rather than the degree of involvement in the subject market. The results of the previously mentioned studies fully confirm this hypothesis. Instead of PostScript This article is the first material that is created on a new computer from MacBookAir of Apple, acquired by the author instead of the notebook Sony Vaio. Moreover, it is the first in the life of the author of thirty-five article, written in Operating System MacOS. Innovation – it's not easy:)

VAT Bonds Securities

VAT bonds – serial debt securities that entrench the right of its holder to receive from the issuer of bonds referred to in her term of its nominal value or other property equivalent. Often the issue earmarked – to fund specific programs or facilities, the income from which further serves as a source of income payments on bonds. VAT bonds provide an additional source of funds for issuer. Typically, income from bonds is higher than income at placing similar means in the form of bank deposits. Comparison of current yields on bonds and interest is the basis for the pricing bonds in the secondary securities market. Economic bonds are very similar to a credit, but does not require registration of collateral and simplifies the transfer of requirements for a new lender. Typically, income from bonds higher than income in the placement of similar funds in the form of bank deposits.

Comparison of current yields on bonds and interest is the basis for the pricing of bonds in the secondary securities market. That Do you know about trust? Let's face it. Assume that you have earned the same amount of 1000 or 10 000 $. If you can make money, you're not going to turn money into "pasiv, spend it on different things. You may want to maintain, increase it. And what do you do with the money? Which comes first thought? Put in the bank for deposit.

Yes, it's not a bad idea. But there is a "but"! Rates on the best contributions do not exceed inflation. And no multiplying capital. So what to do? And comes to the rescue trust. Asset management – is such an agreement by which the manager carries out the adoption of your assets (in this case, securities and money) puts them into all sorts of assets of the stock market and financial instruments. So what are the advantages of asset management? The main aim is to minimize risk, maximize income.