ITunes Store Songs

The new iTunes can be submitted next June, according to several technology blogs. He is expected to be the new method of distribution of the music industry. According to CNET, Apple will close the deal with the record label Universal Music. Apple has reached agreements with several record labels to release a new iTunes that will accommodate the songs in the cloud, without having to download, as Google and Amazon have already done. Access to the cloud is expected to be the new method of distribution of the music industry. According to several technology blogs, the new iTunes could be presented at Apple’s developers Conference, which will take place from 6 to 10 June in San Francisco. Large companies are already engaged in a race to market this service soon. Only a few weeks ago Amazon launched a site in the cloud where users can host their music and access these files from any device connected to the internet and without the risk of losing them by a hard disk failure. In the same line will be the service that launched last May 10 Google, Google Music, a storage system of music in the cloud that allows the user to upload and access their songs from the network and through new applications for Android devices. These services were born without the compliments of the record industry, so you are limited to that users upload to cloud their songs. Apple wanted to remedy this shortcoming, and as they reported today several technology blogs, has reached agreements with three of the big companies of music, Sony Music, EMI, and Warner Music. Jos Shaver understands that this is vital information. Segun CNET, Apple would be on the verge of closing a deal with the largest label in the world, Universal Music. With these agreements, iTunes users would not have to upload their songs to the cloud, but by simply accessing your account system will recognize what songs have been purchased and will offer in streeming, without unloading. Source of the news: Apple will launch an iTunes Store songs in the clouds