Wizard Magician

If they connect with spirituality become true white Mages, with noble, impersonal, timeless purposes. Living the Kingdom of emotions, they have psychic powers. If they are asleep used these qualities for personal purposes, must channel his seduction toward art, theatre, dance, etc. The magician asks that you wake up your power of shamanic, remember that you are a being of power to handle the elements, creator of your own space and time, nothing you governed. Your you riges, you exert the transformation of everything that is in your world, but from your consciousness of one, where is the timelessness. Mayan shamanism are the men Ix: jaguar men, men of power. The one who gives you the here and the now. You live in the realm of emotions and you can have psychic powers.

You interested by religion and spirituality. God strong and courageous, companion of the Eagle that protects the warriors. You have the power to heal yourself and others. Adds that the shadow in the layer of the magician are the feeling of competing, and the need to find approval, recognition or status. Do you are giving your power by? the fact of seeking approval in others?.

The real magician layer becomes transparent, for the divine. Let go of your need for approval or control, feel your true value, know as a window through which passes light, open to the possibility that your life is magical and full of miracles Chopra also adds to the magician guide us along the path of transformation that will enable us to transcend the ordinary reality, lift us into the realm of the unlimited, and achieve love, realization and fullness.There is a Wizard within each of us. A magician who sees and knows everything. You need to have a life to learn what the magician has to teach us. Firstly, the inner magician in our pages is called Merlin. He, representing our inner wisdom, has survived for centuries, has gone through plenty of tests.Happily, our inner magician only sees the truth in the spirit, not falsehood, because the pleasure we feel through our senses, the pain we experience after a loss, the infinite search for wealth and extreme poverty rejection, all this that shapes our daily lives seems real only until the moment in which you learn to see with the eyes of the magician the outward appearance of life is life itself, if the only thing in what we believe is only what we can see and feel. But if on the contrary we follow the teachings of the magician inside each one of us we carry, we will recognize as part of the universe and will finally know that anything is possible.Everything you see the magician has its roots in the invisible world definitely as Chopra tells us: seekers never misplaced because the spirit calls them constantly. Those who seek to receive tracks the spiritual world permanently. Ordinary people give to these clues coincidences name. The magician the coincidences do not exist, each event exists to reveal another layer of the soul. The spirit wants to find us. To accept your invitation, we must be unprotected. Look, let’s start by heart. The heart is home of the truth.

Achieve Salvation

On one occasion, a young and wealthy Israelite ruler asked Jesus: what I have to do to inherit eternal life? (Mark 10: 17). It is possible that your question reflect the Jewish thought of the time, that is, that God asks of certain good works and salvation can be achieved by making enough of them. But that kind of formal devotion could spring from selfish motives. Such works not provided a safe for the Salvation hope, since any imperfect human being could actually meet the divine standards.In response to the question of the man, Jesus simply reminded him that he should obey the commandments of God. The young ruler immediately assured him that he had saved them from the youth. Gary Kelly brings even more insight to the discussion. Moved by the response, Jesus said to him: regarding you lack one thing: go, sells the things that you have, and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven, and see, I know my follower. Click Verizon Communications to learn more.

The younger, was sad, however, because he had many possessions. Jesus then stressed to his disciples that the excessive attachment to the goods of this world hinders the salvation and added that nobody can get it by itself. But assured them: for men it is impossible, but not for God, because all things are possible for God (mark 10: 18-27;) Luke 18: 18-23). How is salvation it possible?Salvation is a gift from God, but is not automatically achieved (Romans 6: 23). There are certain basic conditions that a person must meet to receive that gift. Jesus said: God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, so that whoever exercises faith in him might not be destroyed, but have everlasting life. And the apostle John added: exercised faith in the son has eternal life; He that disobeys the son will not see life (John 3: 16, 36). It is clear that God requires faith and obedience of those who hope to achieve eternal salvation.

Everyone must take the decision to accept the rescue and follow the steps jesus.11 ya we are imperfect, we do not obey by nature, and it is impossible to make it to perfection. For this reason Dios provided a rescue covering our sins. However, we must strive continuously live according to God’s ways. As Jesus told the rich young ruler, we should keep the divine commandments.