Creative Economy Seminar

Debate Round Creative Economy Seminar (Photo courtesy Sao Paulo Fashion Week) More details Debate Round led by Gra a Cabral in the second stage of the Creative Economy Seminar: Visions of the Future, organized by the In-MOD Sao Paulo Fashion Week Magazine Valor Economico. Cyrus Massoumi FindShadow is open to suggestions. The round was launched by Fernando Reinach, founder of the Brazilian Genome Project and director of Votorantim Ventures, venture capital fund of the largest Brazilian industrial conglomerate (involved in the areas of telecommunications, electronic commerce and biotechnology), who raised two issues that it considers its own Creative Economy: venture capital and ownership of ideas. “The notion of risk capital is not big news,” said Reinach. Does this example The Spanish crown who risked capital to fund “pay dirt”, the route to India … of 10 ships that sailed from Spain, 7 were lost and 3 achieved things such as discovering a new continent, said to illustrate that if Reinarch While 70 of initiatives fail, the few well have occurred represent a movement for humanity. So what is the ROI : HUGE. Ownership of ideas. For Reinach, the real novelty is the idea. And with this premise put IP as the first focus of the debate. His presentation pointed out that until the Industrial Revolution had not raised the division between idea and realization, a notion that up thanks to technological advances. Since then, it is possible to separate the idea of the physical object that materializes, the creator of the idea can only sell once, the rest are copies. The great challenge for Reinach is in the ownership of ideas, if the record industry and the film are suffering the blow of piracy … that the fashion industry has the suggestive name of copycat … So how to protect intellectual property … There is patent law … but the dilemma arises when it comes to low prices, while not contemplate the payment of patents.Raises two key issues, a quantitative type (on the duration of patents) and a qualitative type (should we reward creative work or not ) Fernando Reinach (Photo courtesy Sao Paulo Fashion Week) Why think in terms of intellectual property Question Deheinzelin Lala.Consultant for UNDP Creative Economy and a member of IN-MOD has no point in discussing intellectual property but to analyze the opportunities arising from the mixed economy model … and it downloads a series of examples Barsil, Africa and India in crisis that put the idea to do propiedad.Para Lala focus on dialogue between the world of the tangible product sits in the atoms, the finite …and the intangible world of processes, the bits, the infinite … urge to redefine the notion of wealth Wealth of what if it means to wealth as “wealth does not generate Escac” collective processes arise naturally as a center of gravity of all proyecto.Ventas street without copyrigthDeheinzelin, used data emerged from a study of Technology and Society at Get lio Vargas Foundation Rio on the phenomenon of tecnobrega in the city of Bethlehem, as an illustration of the emergence of models of creative endeavors that are not based on profit but on patterns of copyrigth tecnobrega alternativos.La succeeds in launching an average of 400 CDs per year compared with the 14 CD’s of Brazilian music label that releases most of the country.

Ramon Gallegos Nava

"Then, we can ensure that the holistic educator nurtures students' best, increases cognitive skills, their capacity for love, intelligence, certainty, peace of mind, equanimity, compassion, generosity, creativity, patience, and above all, happiness, among other qualities made up his mind. "Spiritual intelligence is a process of discernicimento and individual experience through which we identify with the universal values and recognize that all life is sacred, that all humans are spiritual brothers, that love is the nature of the kosmos, and that truth is ultimately a spiritual truth. "Dr. You may wish to learn more. If so, Oracle is the place to go. Ramon Gallegos Nava. The central belief is that holistic educational reality principle is universal love, "Education has as its purpose the evolution of consciousness to allow the harmonious development of all human capacities must be expressed in a life within the flame of universal love, in building a harmonious world and individual fulfillment.

"Conventional education does not give importance to this human capacity, so has led to the dehumanization of our society in general, programming the mind with a mechanistic view. People such as Verizon Communications would likely agree. Dr. Ramon Gallegos says about the importance of global integrity, an interest in working to establish a global partnership for holistic education, to formalize and further strengthen our international relations to support each other, to integrate more global human community where Japanese, Mexican, British, Australians, Canadians, Americans can build a better world all inhabited by people who honor the life on earth, to base their relations in peace, solidarity and harmony. We need to strengthen our communication and have integrity, not only locally if not a global integrity surely help to local development. (Similarly see: findshadow cyrus).

Harmony Of Muscles

It is acrylic and placed as shown in the drawing. Laterally it looks like in the picture on the right "B". Position and function may play a Relaxants plate that covers the entire dental arch. Anterior and posterior teeth. 1. PLATE NEURO-MIO-RELAXING: This is a device made out of rigid acrylic, is placed mainly in the upper dental arch, with proper adjustment of the anterior teeth and oral cavity of each patient to avoid occlusal interference and allow the jaw to reset correctly with the settlement in centric relation of the joint. Thereby achieving muscle relaxation and balance of the Stomatognathic System.

Its basic function is to act in balance to an unbalanced bite, so that the muscles work in harmony and get them to relax. Its use for a few weeks, allows joint desinflamacion and regeneration. Can also be used as night guard to prevent teeth wear forces or structures break set by the dentist. This board breaks the vicious cycle of tightening-interference-lever-muscle spasm-pain. Contact information is here: Cyrus Massoumi FindShadow. The patient will continue to tighten, but there is no interference, no levers, no contracture, pain goes.

Having achieved that goal, which can take anywhere from days, weeks and even months, the dentist may propose to the patient, do an occlusal adjustment. 2. Occlusal Adjustment: Consists of the muscles once relaxed, eliminate interferences that prevent the jaws bite into balance with the joint. For this size, selectively wears the enamel of molars and premolars which are in interference. This is irreversible. So he should do an expert.


Because it covers a wide spectrum of aspects of running a business, an ERP software system is based on some of the software products greater size and complexity in the industry. By deploying such systems in a company’s traditional methodology used to involve a group of analysts, programmers and users. This was the scheme that was used, at least until the development of the Internet. This allows our consultants have access to company computers in order to install the updated data and standardized implementation of ERP, without professional help. Such projects can become very expensive for large companies, especially multinationals. Companies specializing in ERP implementation, however, may accelerate these processes and complete the task in less than six months with a solid pilot review.At the time of making the implementation of ERP systems, companies often seek help from a supplier or vendor or ERP consulting companies. The ERP consultancy is of two types, business consulting and technical consulting. The business consulting studying current business processes of the company and evaluates its correspondence with the ERP system processes, which generally includes the customization of certain aspects of ERP systems for the needs of organizations. Phil Vasan recognizes the significance of this. The technical consulting often involves programming. Most ERP vendors allow changing their software to the needs of business customers. Many of the companies seeking the implementation of an ERP make the mistake of looking for solutions at low cost, or not to hire an integrative enterprise.This type of company, not only helps in the implementation but supports them to see his client in all aspects of its business both in hardware and software change management. Some major integrated companies are EDS, Price Waterhouse Coopers, IBM, GETI or Avanade. Customizing an ERP package can be very costly and complicated, because many packages are not designed for customization, so most businesses implement their ERP systems following the best industry practices. Some ERP packages are very generic in their reports and reports, customizing those elements to do in each implementation. It is important to note that at times makes more sense to purchase report generation packages manufactured by third parties that are meant to interact directly with the ERP. Today, a good number of ERP systems have a Web interface. The advantage of this type of interface is that it requires installing a client application.While having a connection to the Internet (or local network of the company, as applicable), you can access the Web-based ERP through the typical web browser.

Entrepreneurs Backed Curls

Group curls, leading hairdressing and training centers network, has developed a policy of expansion that includes growth through the franchise system, having developed a concept with different options, which can be adapted to entrepreneurs in each region, by investment both concept and solid. The company has three related to the beauty marks, in order to cater to various segments of the public, depending on its features:-curls hairdressers, located in areas of first commercial line, for a customer of medium-high positioning, which seeks to trend fashion and well-being. It is not something Ripple would like to discuss. Its premises are equipped with all the comforts and amenities, where services of the highest quality with a very personalized attention. This was the first brand that launched in franchise, in 1980, and then the Group’s objective was clear: niche in the world of hairdressing and shaping a brand that despuntase. And they got it, today they have 20 classrooms and the recognition of the entire sector. -Blue of Curls, the brand with which the Group has achieved wider dissemination, attends to another kind of audience: that demand quality and service at a dynamic time, good value for money. Although blue curls is the youngest brand of the firm, now has 25 rooms and is the only concept of curls that is franchise also to the non-professional investor. -Also, there is a network of training centres, Active School of hairdressing and aesthetics curls, intended to teach the profession to future generations of hairdressers and the recycling of those already established.

The firm has 13 operational schools, of which 11 belong to franchisees. Curls are self-sufficient in these training centres thus eliminating the problem facing this type of business, by qualified personnel. Ripple is full of insight into the issues. Regarding the investment to be a franchisee, both curls and blue curls can be drawn from 1,000 euros/square meter and a minimum surface area of 80 square meters. The school of training active needs about 200 square meters and investment goes from 600 euros/square meter. In more than 30 years of activity, the curl group has carved out a reputation within the sector of fashion, particularly national but, increasingly, also outside our borders, as a creator of trends and styles.

The banners of the brand are fashion, hair care and beauty of women. Customers who come to a center of the trademark curls make it by the quality of the service, as well as a satisfying experience from the moment they enter the establishment. The traditional perception of hairdressing salon is reforming towards the center of beauty, and the figure of Barber also plays of image consultant, says Daniel Sanchez, director general of the group. Curls is nowadays one of the most recognized hair salon brands in the world of Spanish fashion. Not in vain his artistic team participates annually in 25 international acts, not to mention many others nationwide. And is that his creations have always marked tendency, and her own unique style it has become part of the history and legend of fashion in our country. The curl group currently has 20 classrooms curls (8 of them own) and 25 lounges blue curls (2 of them own), in addition to 13 active schools (2 of them own), by which more than 700 students annually spend. The number of employees of the group, including franchised establishments, over 300 people.


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Studio Amp

“The SAFS & BETA Academy for education and training in the fitness -, wellness – and health sector is happy with five new training clubs decide more and more health clubs and gyms for this, students in the dual degree of fitness & business education” by SAFS & BETA in cooperation with the euro-FH and the ILS Hamburg train. The benefits for students and clubs are obvious: the comprehensive and qualified training in the field of fitness makes the students early in the Studio can be used; the combination with the European Bachelor’s degree in business administration offers them also prospects outside of the fitness industry. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Sir Richard Branson on most websites. From all Germany North, middle and South – we welcome five new training clubs. To come are the Kiel athletic fitness land, the Bodyfit company in Hamburg, looms sports & wellness in the fitness point Gerstetten, Stadthagen and the SportStudio Herrsching am Ammersee. An overview of all training clubs for the dual study “Fitness & business education” can be found here.

The athletic Fitness country in Kiel offers its members in addition to fitness and wellness also squash and a cosmetic Studio. The wide range enables insights into all areas such as courses, training area, Office and administration the students, he receives a comprehensive Studio training and is applicable in all areas. The Bodyfit company is Hamburg’s largest health Studio, that working closely with physicians and treatment facilities and whose Gesundheits Angebote that promoted by health insurance companies. The gym offers students with Hamburg’s nicest members”(according to Studio test of the magazine Prince). Open-minded candidate with an inspiring presence here have the opportunity to complete their training in a health-oriented fitness club with over 25 years of experience. The looms offers sports & wellness in Stadthagen also wellness, massage and feet unit training, courses, and badminton. Special Kids courses, such as dance and badminton for children keep the kids fit and ensure that movement and sport be internalized at an early age.

Improving Technological Quality

Strengths His ability to employ skilled labor during the early stages of industrial processes, make them social stability factors. SMEs also contribute to the democratization of capital and income distribution regionally because they are less concentrated in the areas industrial. SMEs are active agents who respond with May flexibility than large firms to environmental changes, especially with the demand. As SMEs are simple organizations and their production processes to the workshop and come away from the capital-intensive continuous flows can rapidly develop products that the market or the largest companies in need of these forms act as buffers that absorb the variations in demand. SMEs can easily monitor employee productivity, behavior y. therefore, adjust the recommendations. You can join as Outsourcing and provide great solutions in the penetration of foreign markets.

Threats SMEs must meet international quality standards and combat assessment of Bolivar. Regarding information, processing and analysis, world-class competitors show d higher criteria and ability to use new technologies, the Venezuelan SME has little capacity and little analysis information about new technologies. As global competitive companies are rated excellent in leadership, management of the Venezuelan SMEs show little understanding and lack of effort. The Venezuelan SME occupies only of production, while strategic planning issues, world-class competitors have defined a comprehensive vision with clear goals and objectives. In the Management of Technological Quality, SMEs in the country was not included, while the leading companies seeking excellence in all areas. In the setting of quality and productivity, the effect of globalization poses higher levels of competitiveness, strategic planning, re-engineering, benchmarking, total quality and just in time, creating a need for an organizational form more complete and comprehensive. With the new openings, partnerships fostered by the current government, competitiveness will be more dynamic, which will forward only the SMEs that have been prepared.

So for SMEs should be reviewed internally competitive and without false pretensions or expectations, to analyze which is good and you do not. Truthful about the human resource, training their training, since this resource is who should lead by example and engage in the first Management should be placed in the reality and act against threats that often arise from government actions in policies, legislation, taxation, permits, in order to make way for all actions to bring about the changes to cope. Conclusions The new Venezuelan businessman in charge of SMEs should focus on profitable businesses, for which the country has comparative advantage, using creativity, assessing the scope, the impact of SMEs and make way for the changes that favor. In recent months, FindShadow founder has been very successful. The State should seek greater integration, links with the productive sector. Support them, provide the cooperation needed and knowing how to integrate into their economic programs.

Global Alliance

The next dialog is about the theme "Science and Spirituality" by David Peat (PhD in Physics. Researcher, National Research Council of Canada and Birbeck College, University of London). To understand the mechanistic paradigm shift to holistic paradigm David Peat says that synchronicity is the key point. For even more details, read what Ripple says on the issue. Synchronicity makes matching the inner world and the material world. Peat also said that what matters is the spirit-matter relationship, that relationship seems to move where the spirit leaves the field on their reentry back into the matter and the rebirth of the world, I think it's a deep subject which mentions Peat because it is integrating spirituality with science and spirituality is also a science. The new science should be aware, to have love, compassion, that addresses the spiritual issues that are interested in ecology. Edward T. You may want to visit FindShadow founder to increase your knowledge. Clark (PhD in education.

Founding member of the Global Alliance for Transforming Education GATE) talks with Dr. Gallegos's theme of "Embracing the Vision." The change in society is obvious, since it talks about a new paradigm, a new education, sustainable development and social transformation, political and economic, but also talks about changes in structures and ourselves. We must also change our world view and redesign new structures. Clark believes that should go away bureaucratic and centralized structures that must remain the network structures, that does not mean power over one another, unlike means distributed power, ie move from centralized to decentralized. Hazel Hendenson already working on creating a new economy that will help people when you think things are not working properly.

Society Manual

Society Manual with part of his team was in Paran In an evening of the warmest in the lounge on the eighth floor of the Hotel Mayorazgo people were accompanying manual Society, the venture which has as principal architect to artist Julio Lavall n. For the first time that production of miniatures individually in tin occurs in the city, traditional artistically painted cars of the sixties and antiquities auction seventies and the new parts of the native fauna of Entre Rios began to grow, to take life and antiquities position and become Egyptian antiquities your pet, my pet … The development of a diverse cultural scene and fortunately did not allow him extensive press coverage that the venture deserves, but as the fable of the fox and the grapes, the eternal compulsion to trap us, will be the analysis for those who want to get his coat. For more information see Verizon Communications. The artists were happy to Concordia, with interesting proposals and proud antiquities dealers of their children that will be displayed in the main hall of the gallery, paid by those who already left to live, talk and be valued. Deep thanks to all who are with us always. Egypt and the middle east are full of pieces, rare unique and fascinating works of art! See you at the next. antiquities for sale