Bombay Business

I remember the sense of peace, which, despite not being an easy time in his life, possessed my whole being during the first trip to India. Perhaps the desire to experience this peace again and pushed me to agree to a two-week trip to Bombay – my second visit to this country. Subconsciously, I always tried to compare their past experiences with the present, but nothing worked. From the first visit were some emotions and no specific memories. I would like to re-acquainted with India. The contrast between the endless streets of poverty and the luxury of my hotel – the first conscious feeling. When I arrived, walked the rain.

Out of the box number is visible on the trash heap where people live. Without hesitation Bernard Golden explained all about the problem. In the middle of this garbage is huge, about ten meters in diameter pool. When the rain is over a flock of children poured into the street. They swam in the pool and swam at the improvised boats made from fragments of foam. Goal my trip – interviewing the Indians to work as programmers in our company. Scott Mead helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Those who come to the interview are not like those who bathes in a puddle. The level of candidates is not bad, but it is significantly lower than that of Israeli programmers with similar experience and expertise.

The very order of the interview, also very curious. It all starts with questions about family, school, hobbies … Applicants are responsible willingly, telling details not only his background but also biographies of their parents, brothers and sisters. Those who have passed the technical part, asked about the strengths and weaknesses of their character. And to my surprise, they answer the questions honestly. The two-week stats showed that about twenty percent of the candidates receive a job offer and approximately ninety-five percent of them take it, regardless of the wages that they had requested and which they were offered.

Prenzlauer Berg Berlin

Exhibition at the Berlin Bank halls: the wedding comes with new ideas. On 2 September, the exhibition to emulate opened recommended”in the Berlin Bank halls their goals. Adrienne Goehler curator and project manager of Jaana Pruss stand for cross-border, sensitive and political projects that are unparalleled. Every Berliner and every Berliner who were Bank halls and the exhibition, which will be October 10, warmly on the heart. Also Berlin tourists are welcome to, is to get lost it so far but still very sparsely in the wedding district, although here, far away from there to discover Mitte and Prenzlauer Berg Berlin real, true multicultural by BoomTown. “So as it would be: at Center of fountain of health Doner or Kofte eat a guided tour of the Berliner Unterwelten, in bath street, visit the exhibition in the halls of the Bank, coffee in the cafe on the shore, who visit smallest Max Street, resting in the in search of the lost happiness”, a walk through the mullerstrasse and the Turkish vegetable market behind the Wakefield Town Hall.

Sounds good? If you want more then it can stay also in the wedding: not only the Holiday Inn at Center of fountain of health is available, many private landlords to provide modern and comfortably furnished apartments. So on to the large gallery tour in the Soldiner KiEZ, tango show in the LPaz, short films in the cinema at the shore or or or… The wedding is one of the busiest corners of the capital. See for. Fox and Martin’s communication, M. Martins

US Green Card Lottery

The green of the Green Card Lottery of the US immigration emigrate via green card made easy! Young Start-Up company in advance makes it easy now a company based in Austria United States fans a green card, and thus a uneingeschranke work and residence permit, to receive from the United States authorities. What is behind this? The Salzburg-based company offers a “Green Card Lottery”service for private individuals. This service includes the submission of all relevant regarding the Green Card Lottery data in the system of the US immigration. In principle, is the registration with the US Green Card Lottery for every person free of charge and can be done online. Many people that have made this step ready already learned how quickly a disqualification this is performed. Form error as obstacle of the emigration of low shape or period errors meet out to get a disqualification. Faults in the green card application those affected are not informed about a chance of winning for the year as a whole is thus has passed since the draw of the green card winners is carried out only once a year. The Salzburg-based company, however, guarantees a safe participation in the Green Card Lottery. Experienced employees who are trained on this topic not only questions relating to the green card and the corresponding Green Card Lottery but submit the applications of potential green card winner in the system of the US immigration. Odds of winning will be increased this the chances of winning at the Green Card Lottery increases, especially if you pay attention to the high rate of disqualification of almost 30%. “We help everyone who draws a migration into account, to be used as a green card winner needed only a spark of happiness ultimate” says the Managing Director of the young Start-Up Company (

Tourist Industry Issues

1) The tourism market is much competition in the market with very competitive work easier than where it does not, because competition creates market, people get used to buy your services, and on the whole task is as built up against the competition and stand out against its background. 2) "My clients do not allow me to set high prices" Tourist business is not a market standard products (even though the market is a matter of quality of potatoes). Tourist market allows you to define the conditions of what you want! that in the end your business! The question is whether you give a standard product, ie something that can be bought from a neighbor but cheaper, or do you give a different or more for the same money? After all, this service guarantees peace and withdrawal problems gemoroya with the client, and it is expensive. Philip Vasan may also support this cause. 3) The customer refused our services, when it is ordered. It is unpleasant ..

it's expensive .. BUT have you seen what happens when you're at McDonalds drop a tray of food just bought? You are the same your order! Why? Because the company's reputation in the eyes of this particular client depends on such trifles, and so now because the company loses a small kakieto money, the customer will come back and buy more! And also in the tourist business – if the client refuses to, if he did not like the rest, try to do everything that he was pleased with your services! Then he will return to you again and again knowing that even if something goes wrong, it does not throw, it will listen and try to do something .. But most just need to be understood, not even solve the problem and just realized! And this is one way of how to bind the client. 4) Every new season battle for customers Yes! For those who do not lead your customer base every season is a struggle! For those who are working on the system each new season as possible. By keeping your customer base you can easily secures the normal load and normal level of orders. And at this time can be invested in more new customers. 5) The customer comes only when he wants to go kudato seasonality does exist, but offering Chiron set of tours and trips you replace one other seasons. Seasonality is just not an issue, seasonality plays in your favor, because you always can offer something new, just you need to tell customers about your offerings! To do this, and need a database.

Etosha National Park

A trip through Namibia with its large animal wealth, great colors and the immensity. Some of you knew already in Namibia, others are already planning a trip or have already with the idea to undertake a journey through one of the countries in the southern or Eastern Africa played. Since the flight times from Europe to Africa but very long are between 10 and 12 hours you must plan, worth a trip after about 2 weeks. This time should and must one take, so that you can see something also of the visited countries, and must rush not only from one to the next high point of the trip or Safari. Currently Namibia offers so many places with sights that are worth to start, since travel time in the nu are over 2 to 3 weeks.

The aircraft are mostly from Frankfurt and Munich to Windhoek, capital of Namibia. There, start and end most of the round and group tours. Namibia is suitable not only for guided group tours, as a small group, you can also easily rent a vehicle and explore the country on their own. Should be here but the country know something, or to obtain information in advance. From Windhoek is then usually with a four-wheel drive vehicle to Swakopmund, a town in northwestern Namibia 34 500 inhabitants. It is located directly on the Atlantic Ocean in the Namib desert. Although only 10% of the inhabitants of Swakopmund of German descent, the impact on city life is no mistaking.

Many residents of Windhoek in the summer before the big heat escape to Swakopmund. You can see this in the rain construction activity which continues to the North the city grow. A further attraction of Namibia is located in the Sossusvlei. Here you will find the highest dunes in the world. In the language of the NAMA is Sossus”Blind River. The Tsauchab River disappears usually into nothingness, therefore also blind. Only during major rains it carries water and sets the vlei”, a beige salt clay pan, under water. Further, it enters the Etosha National Park. It is located in the North of Namibia and includes 22 275 km. The eastern part of the Park is freely accessible for tourists. The western portion, however, may enter only in the company of special guidebooks and be navigated. This is one of the reasons why is worth a guided group tours through Namibia. National Park is on the way back from the Etosha to Windhoek still the Waterberg plateau on the plan. The Waterberg biosphere is a big approx. 48 km from Windhoek. Many providers of guided group tours through Namibia offered variant as camping or lodge. Depending on the desired comfort you must be with himself here variant between the more expensive Lodgevariante and cheaper camping safely decide a bigger adventure factor.

July Compartment

So, we started our journey on July 12 in car luxury train to Kiev. I had to buy tickets to the suite, for compartment to a specific date to do. Finally, personal experience convinced me that luxury in Ukraine – an empty name, since car practically does not differ from the compartment, but lack the top shelves in the compartment, providing a more fancy clothes and the presence of liquid soap in the bathroom. Thus the cost of space is four times higher. Ie the same whole compartment, but without the upper shelves costing twice as high. Upon arrival in Kiev we were in for an unexpected revelation: on the eve of departure, I decided to call the Aerosvit and clarify everything was in order with the e-ticketami – still not close the flight. And it turned out that instead of July 14 ticket with us on the 19th. When a month ago I bought the tickets, I was in a hurry because I wanted to buy the tickets cheaper, the LOT, for example, a value in the morning for an hour each increased by one hundred dollars.

And when a few hours the cost of the cheapest ticket came to 1,470 dollars for the three (two adults and one infant 7 months old) from Kiev to Toronto, I decided not to bathe with transfers and buy for 1530 dollars on a direct flight tickets to my email. In order not to miss in this case, I did everything quickly: put the money on current account Privatbank and began booking tickets on the website my email. Request filed on 14th July. Apparently, at this point I gave the server, which is 14th and no tickets are automatically tripped 19th. As I in a hurry, and I still had a lot of work on that day, I almost did not much checking, all confirmed and purchased tickets through Privat24.