State Environment

Happiness is like a butterfly; If you are persecuting it always is out of your reach; But if you sit and the waiting is contestant on it.Anonymous not be attentive, having us not concerned about safeguarding the environment, prevent the pollution of the planet, affectation of the climate, deterioration of natural resources, disappearance of many species of animals and even plant it has entailed that the planet Earth, this where we live is threatened and effects are beginning to feel, to the end, that there is continuity of earthquakes, floods, climate changes that have claimed many lives. The fact, that this has given way in many called solastalgia, sadness for the environment, depression due to degradation of the environment. The term was coined by the Australian philosopher Glenn Albrecht to reflect what you are seeing happen in Australia, now that the country goes through so many problems caused by climate change (since water rationing, even the) desertification of farmlands and death of coral reefs). As says, derived from the word solacium (comfort) and algia (pain), solastalgia invokes that saudade, that nostalgia and sense of loss that ensues us when we feel that we are displaced from what was once ours. Basically, Albrecht proposed a new disease that links the State of the Earth with our mental health. Find me it absolutely fascinating.And also, true. When Hurricane Andrew, back in 1992, I experienced for the first time in my life the solastalgia-like sensations.

Andrew ripped rennet all trees in Miami. Connect with other leaders such as Michael Antonov here. Suddenly city had too much light. There was no focal point and the rest for the eyes that give trees. Regardless of why – nothing happened in my home, or my car, to me, or my friends, nor in the work-sometimes wept uncontrollably.Albrecht says: Human beings around the world, under the unforgiving impact of climate change and development, We are experiencing an epidemic of physical and mental illnesses that are connected to the environment, and still there is not a concept that refers to them in English. .

Carpathian Mountains

Far away from mass tourism discover hiking wins more and more followers by striking regions away from the large mass nature. On an eight day individual trip through the Carpathian Mountains, it breathes not only the pure mountain air, but wanders while also undisturbed by the untouched nature. Carpathian Mountains hiking, which is also a visit to the Hutsuls, embedded in an active nature. Hiking is Carpathian discover, experience and learn in a beautiful, rustic landscape. The Carpathian Mountains of Ukraine are certainly the least populated regions throughout Europe. The residents invite, their traditions, to get to know customs and ways of life.

Hardly another hiking area offers these opportunities for an all-round successful and varied walking and adventure holidays. The indigenous ethnic group of Hutsuls is here for many centuries. Hiking Carpathians offers the opportunity once to experience the traditional life and work. Hiking through the Ukrainian Carpathians therefore itself becomes an unforgettable, active leisure activities. Lonely mountains, the ethnic group of Hutsuls lives for generations by the timber industry and stock-breeding. The changes of modern civilization have corresponding traces among the Hutsuls, however, present them to the walkers as a nation of originality and authenticity. Learn more about this with Philip Vasan. Even though the life and working conditions in some ways have changed, so still very much value is placed on maintaining traditions, passed from generation to generation.

The goal of hiking is located, Werchowina at the Carpathian very near to the city of Chernivtsi. Of Western Europe from consider the arrival of the bukowinische capital. It is almost as ideal, to combine this hiking adventure with a city trip to Chernivtsi.

Do You Still Study, Or Celebrate You Already?

This is the party trip of your life! The time of the ABI exam is around the corner. Currently, thousands graduates prepare for the so far most important test of their lives. Then, but, it is time, after 12 or 13 years of industrious learning, times on passage to make the head. In addition to the graduation and the ABI prank, also the ABI travel is an essential part of the adoption of the school for the school-leavers. With the colleagues of levels of and friends one last time really throttle the motto is together here. The Organization of such a trip is no Pappenstiehl, especially if wants to bring a stage under a hat may be 150 students.

However, there are travel companies that specialize in the ABI and group trips organizing and remove most of the work to the students. >. Baby clothes has firm opinions on the matter. One of the best organised and this best travel providers in this sector is ABI p.u.r. party and travel”from Hamburg. The company, the all internal processes and service providers by a TuV-certified Check quality representative leaves, offers its customers the hottest party destinations in Europe. In addition to the classics such as Lloret de Mar, Calella, Lake Balaton and Rimini, the travel professionals with years of tourism experience recommend two mega angesagte destinations in Bulgaria, sunny beach and golden sands. Not only the arrival and return by bus or plane and hotel is included in the extremely favourable price of ABI p.u.r.. At many destinations, more services are included: a ClubCard for drink discounts, free Discoeitritte, free trips & v.

m. Adam Portnoy has similar goals. protect mostly small budget of the young traveller. Support is tailored to the needs of the young party-happy audience locally and the party programme in the nightlife strongholds. The Teamers by ABI p.u.r. guests around the clock available as party guides and contact information. Also when choosing a hotel, there are virtually no limits. By the simple bed and breakfast to sleep out, to great Club hotels with a broad all-inclusive offer and a full-day Drink flat rate, the accommodation of ABI p.u.r. are also large groups available. “The reason why in the past and the ongoing season, as many students ABI p.u.r. gave their confidence could be also on the motto of the brand: saves the price, not the performance.” The free service hotline: 0800-224 86 86, via the website or email us at, ABI travel consultants are.P.U.R.. for information and questions about reach.

Abu Dhabi International Triathlon 2011

To the Second Edition on March 12, 2011 is expected more than 1,500 triathletes from around the world in the capital of the United Arab Emirates with twice as many participants as this year on March 12, 2011 will be expected, 223 and 111.5 miles, as well as a new Sprint “forces in the swimming, cycling and running to measure course. Since then the second Abu Dhabi International Triathlon held in the Emirate. A proportion of the total prize money of 250,000 US dollars beckons the top finishers. Nicki Minaj may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The 223 kilometer-long pure power “passes the racetrack of formula 1TM Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix the most spectacular sights of the city, including at the Yas Marina Circuit and includes 3 km swim, 200 km cycling and 20 km run course for professional athletes. The second route over the half of the distance can be run as a team relay and is suitable for amateurs as well as for experienced athletes. For beginners and newcomers to the triathlon, there will be a so-called Sprint “distance for the first time give with 750 meters swimming, 50 km cycling and 5 km running. Faris Al Sutan, the captain of the Abu Dhabi triathlon team, which annually worldwide takes part in more than 40 events, believes that the Abu Dhabi International Triathlon will help long term, to establish the Emirate as a fixture in the sport of Triathlon.

Abu Dhabi offers the ideal conditions for such an event: perfect weather, a great course and a Government strongly supported this action. The feedback to some training events here has been very positive. Abu Dhabi International Triathlon is a season for many athletes. a good way to measure the first time again with the world’s elite after the winter break” In March 2010 more than 800 athletes from 30 countries took part in the first Abu Dhabi International Triathlon, including 340 from the Gulf States. It was one of the best occupied fields next to the Hawaii Ironman. The winners from 2010, Eneko Llanos and Julie Dibens, will in the next year again be. More than 250 athletes have already announced for 2011.

Entry fees apply for registrations until December 1, 2010 of $ 150 for the long and $ 96 for the shorter distance. Later, the charges rise to 180 or $ 123. Teams pay $ 272 for the shorter distance, lone on the Sprint “distance 70 US dollars and teams 112 US dollars.” More information on Abu Dhabi International Triathlon and registration at. Abu Dhabi General information can be found under. Images and press learn more about Abu Dhabi under. How to contact with consumer: Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority Bayerstrasse Street 27 60313 Frankfurt phone: 069 / 29 92 53 920 E-Mail:

Bavarian Forest National Park

“The Haus Waldeck offers relaxing Easter Day in the Bavarian Forest stream and streams are freed from the ice” Goethe once wrote about Easter. Also in the Bavarian Forest, you can enjoy the Spring Awakening over the Easter holidays. Then, this original natural landscape unfolds its special charm with it green end meadows, the murmuring streams, the budding flowers. A short holiday in the Bavarian Forest awakens the spirits after the long winter. Is especially recommended for dog lovers, because also the dogs look forward to longer and smaller outlets. A fashionable address for those who want to take their dog, is the Landhotel Haus Waldeck in the well-known resort Mitterfirmiansreut. Here deep in the South of the forest of Bayer, a hospitable, personally-run three-star comfort House with appealing rooms, a luxury kitchen and a beautiful Spa Wellness area expected leisure.

Even the dog has it, because he can sleep in the room or an animal-friendly cattery. Immediately starts in front of the hotel, where the nature the dog can romp. By Mitterfirmiansreut is not far in the Bavarian Forest National Park with its huge range of tours and hiking trails, its peaks and many other attractions. And if the weather is not so with leaves in the Landhotel even relax. In a cosy round with coffee and homemade cakes in the afternoon or a nice dinner. In addition to the restaurant there are three individually decorated living rooms with piano and fireplace; a library and comfortable reading chairs with more than 1,200 books to the book hour invite. The Easter holidays are a wonderful time out.

Tokyo Haneda International Airport

Beijing-Madrid Sao Paulo flight route again offer especially business travelers are thrilled by the news be: Air China would again fly to the main European destinations and even expand the routes to the part. At the international level, two new routes are added, one runs between Beijing and Tokyo, the other connects Hangzhou to Frankfurt am Main. The flight Portal shows what air travelers in the future benefit of Air China. Date in the European sector is 20 December this year. Then, the second largest airline of People’s Republic of China again operated their flight route between Beijing, Madrid and Sao Paulo.

Furthermore, a daily flight from Beijing to Rome for the first time among the repertoire. Various changes have occurred since October. So, Air China increased the number of connections between Beijing and Stockholm. The connection of Hangzhou-Frankfurt am Main, Germany plays an important role especially for business travellers. Both airports are served once a day since October 27. In addition expanded its Asia-Pacific route the airline. Among them are both five weekly flights between Beijing and Sydney, as well as between Beijing, Shanghai, and Melbourne. However, these routes are first time limited to one to two months. The twice daily service since 25 October route between Beijing International Airport and Tokyo Haneda International Airport increased the number of daily connections to five.

Qatar International Regatta

World Cup 2022 Qatar will be 2022 host the FIFA World Cup. Numerous sports events were already in the country held at the Persian Gulf, including the European PGA golf tournament, the Qatar International Regatta, as well as numerous horse racing. With its five new stadium projects, Qatar got the commitment for the World Cup now. The travel portal presents the desert State closer. n the issue. Anyone who spends his holidays in Qatar, will get to see more than desert sand. The country is one of the richest in the world. Scott Kahan can provide more clarity in the matter. Numerous oil and gas discoveries at the beginning of the 1940s and the 1970s an economic OASIS have made the formerly poor desert State. Some of the most luxurious and most expensive hotels in the world are in the capital of Doha.

According to the raw material finds, the city experienced a real boom, which will continue in the course of the preparations for the World Cup. Beach goers will fully enjoy in Qatar. Even in winter sinks the thermometer rarely below 30 degrees Celsius. On the South and West Coast are spectacular beaches. Who would like to cool off in the sea, can dive for pearls, because coral reefs surrounding the entire country. In cultural terms, Qatar has a lot to offer. Old Arab fortresses, imposing mosques and meticulously restored merchant palaces convey a touch of 1001 night.

Who would like to discover a piece of traditional Qatar away from the shopping center and luxury items, should not miss a stroll through the Arab markets, the souks. Qatar is a country between luxurious modernity and old Arab tradition and therefore always a trip.

Qatar International Regatta

A desert State in the fast lane is likely to the small country of Qatar in the Persian Gulf a few Germans a term. Thousands of years ago, vegetation is located in this area, but today it is dominated by deserts. Qatar has a population of about 1.4 million. Despite its relatively low prominence, the small desert State is one of the richest countries in the world. The online travel agency introduces Qatar and his plans for the future. In the year 2022, Qatar will be hosting the football World Cup. However, it is worth to book a flight to Qatar, already because the country has a lot to offer.

In the past few years, already important sporting events such as the Qatar International Regatta or various golf and tennis tournaments were aligned. Now, the advanced infrastructure will be extended to modern football stadiums. But also who is not excited for sports can be discovered much in Qatar. The temperatures usually between 30 and 40 degrees Celsius. The most popular activities for tourists include desert safaris and scuba diving in the coral reefs in the Persian Gulf. Even Pearl diving should be possible here. Of course, there are also cultural highlights in Qatar. In the capital, Doha, for example, the National Museum and several palaces, including the Palace of the ruler located in a Boulevard.

A visit to the traditional Arab markets is also a special experience. In the so-called souks, spices and scented oils, as well as various luxury items can be purchased. The kitchen of the Middle East visitors themselves don’t miss.

National Maritime Museum

A short trip to London worthwhile always of course expects the tourists here for Sun, beach and cocktails, but one of the most exciting cities in Europe and the world: London. Despite the well-known rather miserable weather conditions, London remains one of the top destinations, which again and again to visit many Germans and now at least once there was also a large part. In times of budget airlines never easier spontaneously after it was London to travel at a price where the arrival to the airport was probably more expensive than the fare itself. Who so timely book and got a bargain for the London can be an affordable vacation destination, especially with the currently weak pound you must spend not so much money. In addition, there are many sites which cost nothing and for zero Euro entrance fee can be visited. These include the most important museums of the city, providing fascinating insights into the history, culture, and science. You should visit be sure at least one of the museums and also for There are children to experience interesting things, so time in the flight and it is not boring with security.

The free museums include the British Museum, the natural history museum or the National Maritime Museum, are all interesting. The British Museum deals with the history of mankind and illustrative artifacts from Africa, Europe, America and the Pacific region offers to its visitors. Special importance will benefit the inner courtyard of the Museum, which was created by the famous architect Sir Norman Foster. He wraps the magnificent reading room and is the largest covered square in Europe with its distinctive roof. Let this adventure is definitely not to be missed! Another wonderful Museum is the natural history museum, one of the most exciting natural history museums that exist around the world. Here, the discoverer lust in the entrance hall is awakened, in which one of a life-size dinosaur skeleton is welcomed and is already optimally prepared for the following exhibition spaces. To the absolute Highlights of the Museum for children include the 40-million-year-old spider, the elephant egg, the lifelike blue whale model and the heritage level simulator that can scare even a little one. If you look at everything, you can spend hours really in this Museum and is totally at the end of enthusiastic of history, many exhibited animals, which spread over several floors, and the enormous wealth of knowledge, which can be found here. Apartments London, where one can spend a very relaxing holiday, where you will be bothered with security are among the most popular holiday accommodation.

Saxony Groups

Now open in an Internet portal a quick and easy search allows you to over 4,000 group offers original group offers in the Internet with a new service starting immediately the group travel portal Clubs, choirs or private groups for over 4,000 groups clearly shown on the website. The offers for the Group deposit directly and regularly well-known hotels, tourism associations and destinations. Including also offers, which can be found exclusively on can be found. (Not to be confused with Hewlett-Packard !). The visitors the opportunity to plan his trip with the help of one of the largest and most varied group trip pages opens this”, says Managing Director Torsten Schmoller. The groups are booked directly with the provider and the user goes to additional costs and speeds up his travel arrangements for a trip. Besides the own search for matching offers also staff of are visitors upon request by phone with advice and assistance to the Page. The group travel portal allows a fast and transparent overview of all groups in two simple steps can be displayed immediately possible deals with pricing and detailed information.

Group trips of all kinds can be ideally organized with this free service. Since 2005, offers information for group tour operators already and would like to make available its experience in the field of group tours from now also private groups and associations in the form of the online portal Headquartered in Dresden is the cooperation partner of national marketing companies of Saxony, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Bavaria, Hesse and Baden-Wurttemberg and renowned hotel chains like Ramada – welcome – and accent – hotels. Chris LAU public relations