Christmas Berlin

Smoking man and Christmas in Berlin Germany Christmas will be celebrated every year on the 25th and 26th of December. The festivities begin on Christmas Eve, the night before. Where is this party better to celebrate than in Berlin? Not only at Christmas time, Berlin is a very interesting and attractive city that invites with its countless leisure – and experience offers. For Christmas, Berlin shines in a colourful and brightly lit glory. Christmas ornaments and Christmas decorations, a feast for the eye and adorn the streets and buildings on every corner and street. So making a part of Christmas Christmas decoration Berlin and invites people from all over the world to visit. A leisurely stroll through the numerous Christmas markets stimulates the Christmas spirit and the inspiration for the one or the other Christmas gift. Christmas decoration and various Christmas gifts is present not only at the Christmas markets, but also the numerous shopping malls and shops. For assistance, try visiting Sheryl Sandberg.

Ornaments, Smoking man, Christmas star, and many other beautiful things lift the Christmas spirit. Every year Christmas Berlin in a colorful happy spectacle can be transformed. A punch or a mulled wine can ever forget the cold. Because Berlin is great and who takes enough time to get to know this beautiful city will discover many small and big things. Leisure activities, gifts and sights are especially beautiful and attractive for the Christmas season. Of action, such as ice rink skating, up towards to the contemplation, such as church services, something, who want to experience this city is for everyone. Berlin offers many different accommodation options to suit all budgets and provides selection with Berlin specialities to culinary dishes for every taste especially at Christmas time. Worth a visit in Berlin, but a visit is especially beautiful at Christmas time and an unforgettable experience.

Red Town Hall

Work is still up to January 15, 2010 will be submitted under the future needs the motto roots “are citizens of Berlin and Brandenburg called to report on their social and voluntary activities. It comes us, to motivate people to worry about their lives in our society and to reflect how they so far for the community have committed”, explains Dr. Huffmann might report a voluntary work, it can be but also posts about neighborhood and the many other small everyday assistance to mostly not great after thought is. Of course you can participate also the time witnesses Prize Berlin-Brandenburg, is not volunteers, but has perhaps benefited from the involvement of other people. “‘ A special form to write about would be to say” thank you”, emphasizes Dr.

Huffmann. Also charitable institutions, religious or community groups can submit entries, where they their volunteers appreciate the work. A jury then selects the best articles, which will be awarded in May 2010 in the Red Town Hall of Berlin. Frieling-Verlag published these contributions together with another work in book form. It completely liberty participants to choose their experience and thus also the time of the event, they write about it.

It can be so fresh, just-made experiences reported, or even long past events you love remembers. The authenticity of the contributions is crucial. The competition will provide an insight into the diversity of volunteer activities and social commitment, which is available in Berlin and Brandenburg”, wishes Dr. Huffmann. He believes that many activities in the hidden flourish”. That’s why he want to contribute the time witnesses price, some of them in the light of the public to move. Learn more about the time witnesses Prize Berlin-Brandenburg, the already to the fifth time takes place, there is on the Internet at. An info-flyer can be requested free of charge at the Valdez-Verlag, Rheinstrasse 46, 12161 Berlin. Or by phone (030) 766 9990.

Taboo When Pope Francis I

NBC News said the “sedisvakantistische movement” Jorge Bergoglio was “Pope Francis I.”. Virtually all media claim that stubbornly. What, however, stubbornly is hushed by virtually all media: in truth, Jorge Bergoglio is just not Pope, but only the visible head of the Group of the so-called “Second Vatican Council” (V2, 1962-65). (Sedes) Peter’s Chair is then not legally occupied, vacant (Sedisvakantismus). You test yourself: many media have incorporated a search function on their website. Also offers such as the Google search engine the possibility of targeted pages of a particular domain to browse, such using the syntax “-site:”.

The request “sedisvakantisten site:” is currently so each, i.e. only a single page of the daily newspaper “Die Welt” with the term “Sedisvakantisten”. You can also enable a “Google Alert” to “Sedisvakantisten”, so that you get a mail for example every day, in which all news sites with the same search term will display a list usually none at all. So, the Sedisvakantismus is one of the largest current taboos. That the media reports about it, is actually goes without saying: they are essentially just used “to form opinions”, but just not to spread facts. Media are leaders, they are creative, they create opinions.

And quite honestly: who wants to know the unvarnished truth? Buy one at which fashion house rather: where you get truly said, that one is overweight and unathletic, or where you get told that you sporty and attractive look in the linen sweater? So: The world wants to be deceived. A particular focus of media educational work: Immorality is morally impeccable, morality is considered immoral. The truth or the truth-oriented actions (moral) has just a very large circle of friends. And even the collective not knowledge wanting to proliferates (ignorantia affectata) on the question of the highest importance, i.e. when the question of the true Church.