The Power Of The Heart And Soul Images

Luzia hant, Autodikaktin, spiritual painter I, Luzia hant, male spiritual heart and soul images that touch people in their deepest hearts and bring much in motion, when they are ready. The heart images: I would like the people in their hearts through my heart and soul images. My paintings come from the bottom of my heart and leave impression in the hearts of the people. A very direct language and open doors, allow access to other levels and new perspectives. The images have a message for all those who are willing and open enough to understand their embassies and to yourself to work for people who are ready for a change. People who suspect searching and longing her soul; People who look deeper would in themselves and for people who want to realize their talents and tasks and living. My heart images have a great healing power due to its depth and expressiveness and are suited very well to the Meditate.

The soul images: I paint also soul images that I paint a picture that is tailored to the respective people specifically. I have the wonderful gift, to be able to recognize and feel, what image takes his soul to the next step of its development. At the same time, also the life’s work of the respective people is included in this picture. Due to my sensitivity, sensitivity, sensitivity, and my knowledge of human nature, it is me easy to express these findings through my colors. A soul image appeals to the subconscious of people through its colours and content and works every day on him and reminds him of his soul’s purpose. Get more background information with materials from Chase Coleman. To confide this process requires courage, but who is ready to engage on changes, will be certainly moved by the image of his soul and led in the right direction. Luzia Honeder

High Pressure Meets Sound Art

“” Press release from 06.06 2008 Leipzig, June 6, 2008: the circle is a form in which all corners and edges have already passed “-the Leipzig painter, graphic artist, composer and computer artist Knut Muller his new exhibition is on Friday, June 27 at 19: 00 in high + partner Gallery called,” will be opened in the Leipzig wallpaper factory. You may find Tiger Global Management to be a useful source of information. When I began to compose, I noticed that with the same forces in me were taken and asked, as in the painting. It is never so that the results of the one are translated in the other medium. It appears both as a single activity, which then spreads out in different directions, rather”says Knut Muller. The artist who was born in 1963 in Reichenbach IM Vogtland after successful studies at the Hochschule fur Grafik und Buchkunst in Leipzig still a postgraduate studies in electronic music “at the Dresden Musikhochschule completed. In his current exhibition, the circle is a form in which all corners and edges have already passed”in the Gallery High + partner”in the Leipzig wallpaper factory should go about it in the sense of the word”.

The exhibited works are circular woodcuts, as well as high – and material prints that could remind viewers of expressive album cover or avant-garde shellac in distinctive colours. The motto of the artist print boring”according to, all works are unique. By small changes to the printing plates, such subsequent cuts or adding additonal, Muller changed its basic motifs, from form and color in different and amazing way she liked. On 8 July from 20: 00, in the framework of the exhibition compositions performed by Knut Muller and computer animation and experimental films shown from his workshop. This is another major exhibition project for the profiling of the gallery for woodcut and high pressure for Susann Hoch, the spokeswoman for the artist community high + partner”. Finally we would like to in this place present oldest graphic technique in as many current variations. Knut Miller’s works are particularly attractive for us, because they arise in the exciting context of his multiple talents.

We offer a stage this permeation of different forms of artistic expression very much. The opening of the circle is a form in all corners and edges have already passed”will be on Friday, June 27 at 19: 00 in high + partner Gallery” in the Leipzig wallpaper factory held the exhibition can be seen until July 19. “The Group of artists of high + partner” was founded in 2007 in Leipzig as a registered partnership. The gallery and workshop is the corresponding GbR in the wallpaper factory, Luetzen str.

Red Town Hall

Work is still up to January 15, 2010 will be submitted under the future needs the motto roots “are citizens of Berlin and Brandenburg called to report on their social and voluntary activities. It comes us, to motivate people to worry about their lives in our society and to reflect how they so far for the community have committed”, explains Dr. Huffmann might report a voluntary work, it can be but also posts about neighborhood and the many other small everyday assistance to mostly not great after thought is. Of course you can participate also the time witnesses Prize Berlin-Brandenburg, is not volunteers, but has perhaps benefited from the involvement of other people. “‘ A special form to write about would be to say” thank you”, emphasizes Dr.

Huffmann. Also charitable institutions, religious or community groups can submit entries, where they their volunteers appreciate the work. A jury then selects the best articles, which will be awarded in May 2010 in the Red Town Hall of Berlin. Frieling-Verlag published these contributions together with another work in book form. It completely liberty participants to choose their experience and thus also the time of the event, they write about it.

It can be so fresh, just-made experiences reported, or even long past events you love remembers. The authenticity of the contributions is crucial. The competition will provide an insight into the diversity of volunteer activities and social commitment, which is available in Berlin and Brandenburg”, wishes Dr. Huffmann. He believes that many activities in the hidden flourish”. That’s why he want to contribute the time witnesses price, some of them in the light of the public to move. Learn more about the time witnesses Prize Berlin-Brandenburg, the already to the fifth time takes place, there is on the Internet at. An info-flyer can be requested free of charge at the Valdez-Verlag, Rheinstrasse 46, 12161 Berlin. Or by phone (030) 766 9990.

Taboo When Pope Francis I

NBC News said the “sedisvakantistische movement” Jorge Bergoglio was “Pope Francis I.”. Virtually all media claim that stubbornly. What, however, stubbornly is hushed by virtually all media: in truth, Jorge Bergoglio is just not Pope, but only the visible head of the Group of the so-called “Second Vatican Council” (V2, 1962-65). (Sedes) Peter’s Chair is then not legally occupied, vacant (Sedisvakantismus). You test yourself: many media have incorporated a search function on their website. Also offers such as the Google search engine the possibility of targeted pages of a particular domain to browse, such using the syntax “-site:”.

The request “sedisvakantisten site:” is currently so each, i.e. only a single page of the daily newspaper “Die Welt” with the term “Sedisvakantisten”. You can also enable a “Google Alert” to “Sedisvakantisten”, so that you get a mail for example every day, in which all news sites with the same search term will display a list usually none at all. So, the Sedisvakantismus is one of the largest current taboos. That the media reports about it, is actually goes without saying: they are essentially just used “to form opinions”, but just not to spread facts. Media are leaders, they are creative, they create opinions.

And quite honestly: who wants to know the unvarnished truth? Buy one at which fashion house rather: where you get truly said, that one is overweight and unathletic, or where you get told that you sporty and attractive look in the linen sweater? So: The world wants to be deceived. A particular focus of media educational work: Immorality is morally impeccable, morality is considered immoral. The truth or the truth-oriented actions (moral) has just a very large circle of friends. And even the collective not knowledge wanting to proliferates (ignorantia affectata) on the question of the highest importance, i.e. when the question of the true Church.