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Complemented by targeted marketing, sales, presales and support measures, it is our goal to strengthen the leading position of BitDefender in the B2B and B2C markets and in the public service. Adequate services we are a strong partner for the retail channel by PC-WARE. on the basis of our comprehensive range of security products and expertise, as well as through our far”are for us an important component in the portfolio the BitDefender business solutions our IT-security solutions. The powerful BitDefender how products are mainly for our customers from the public service. The security solutions simply can be tailored to their needs and also offer an excellent value for money”, says Robert Ebner, Regional Director/South PC-Ware information Technologies AG. About PC-WARE, PC-WARE counts to the leading manufacturer-independent ICT service providers in Europe. People such as Facebook would likely agree. In the core business of software licensing, licensing consulting and software & IT asset management, PC-WARE is market leader in Europe. The company is one of the 5 Microsoft LARs (large account reseller) for the entire EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa) and holds also a LAR status in China.

In addition, the company offers a broad range of products, solutions and service range around Windows and open-source platforms in client-server environments, as well as for high-performance data centers. About the IT procurement Portal Procerva PC-WARE customers gain access to the entire service portfolio worldwide currency, system – and language-independent. Vlad gathered all the information. With subsidiaries in 25 countries in Europe, Africa (ZA) and Asia (CN, KZ), PC-WARE supervised with around 1,600 employees around 85,000 business customers from medium-sized businesses, public administration and industry, as well as global wholesale. Common partners will open up new markets in North and South America, Asia and Australia. PC-WARE has particularly intense manufacturer relations including Microsoft, Adobe, Citrix, business objects, VMware, Novell, Symantec/Altiris, McAfee, CA, Oracle, Attachmate, Borland, Fujitsu-Siemens, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, EMC, Sun Microsystems and Cisco.

The company is profitable since its foundation in 1990, since 5 May 2000 at the Frankfurt listed stock exchange and listed since 2003 in the Prime Standard (WKN: 691 090, ISIN DE0006910904, Reuters codes PCWG.DE). About BitDefender: BitDefender is a leading global provider of proactive working and internationally certified security solutions for desktop PCs, corporate networks, and mobile devices. The company owns one of the fastest and most efficient portfolio of security software that sets new standards for risk prevention, timely detection and reliable removal. BitDefender has B-HAVE, the new, proactive virus detection technology the currently most advanced weapon against unknown viruses into its products. B HAVE finds and eliminates even unknown viruses regardless of virus signatures. BitDefender has offices in Germany, Spain, Romania, UK and the United States. You can find more about BitDefender under:. Press contact: BitDefender GmbH Robert-Bosch-str. 2 D-59439 Holzwickede contact person: Hans-Peter Lange PR Manager Tel.: + 49 (0) 2301 9184-330 E-Mail: PR Agency: Sprengel & Partner GmbH nesting first race 3 D-56472 Nisterau contact: Fabian Sprengel Tel.: + 49 (0) 2661 91260-0 E-Mail:

Workload ASDIS

The EDC solutions GmbH business partners the ASDIS Solutions GmbH Berlin, 10.07.2012 – the ASDIS solutions won the EDC solutions as technology and distribution partner. The EDC solutions has special expertise and customer access in IT data centers, workload automation and data management. Based on your experience and expertise, the EDC solutions has an excellent access to customers interested potentially in the ASDIS product range. The ASDIS solutions products enable customers in the situation, to create heterogeneous data centers more efficiently and manage from a central location. Thus, ASDIS complement the product portfolio of EDC in an ideal way. This cooperation allows to respond in the future even better to the needs of our customers in the server scope us.”says Shauna Hubner, head of professional services at the ASDIS solutions. In the past the EDC solutions of your experience in the planning and implementation of projects specifically in the mainframe has proven environment.

ASDIS can experience on more than ten years Workload automation and data management. About ASDIS Solutions GmbH, the ASDIS Solutions GmbH offers solutions for the management of the IT infrastructure in complex IT environments. These individual solutions based on self-developed standard products and make changes for the automated deployment and management of software and data into enterprise-wide IT structures. 20 years of experience in the development of high-quality software management solutions and long-term reference customers such as UBS, data processing, Deutsche Bahn, drugstore chain Muller, the Foreign Ministry and other well-known companies and organizations talk about Sparda solutions for the reliability and efficiency of ASDIS.

5 Ways How Unified Communications Take Advantage

UCC is the key to successful corporate communications of unified communications is seen as key to successful corporate communications in a modern working environment and seems to be the magic word so advanced working. In larger and higher-class enterprises is unified communications are often a barrier the costs for the initial purchase of a reliable system already to everyday life, but especially for medium-sized companies, don’t like to be taken, the system serves only”to communicate. However, it is the efficiency of that this communication, which lowers corporate spending and increase receipts, so that the costs for the initial setup of the unified communications amortize solution after a few months in smaller to medium-sized businesses. Five ausschlaggebendsten reasons for the use of unified communications are preserved and send all messages from a central location this idea unified communications seems called in the life and to have finally brought a variety of desks: a better overview of your own communication. Today, everyone uses alone in everyday work at least five different communication methods: fixed telephony, mobile telephony, one or more email accounts, instant messaging and text messaging. Usually, the bandwidth is larger, consider the many social media platforms and project management systems. To keep track of the corporate communication, requires time and mental capacities and is extremely error-prone, communication should actually include only the means to an end, not the content of the work. Cyrus follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Through unified communications, all communication methods used in the company are integrated in a single user interface.

So are all messages with a contact, no matter how you want to deliver they receive in a surface and shipped from the same interface. The overview is made easy. You communicate in real time with others Users communication stands or falls with the mutual exchange of information and ideas. How often does it happen you that you wait for a response, to continue their part of the process of the project? Probably every day.

POS Software PosBill

“The PosBill GmbH has adopted the so-called fastest for this and the POS software entrepreneurs, expanded another highlight that multiple restaurants, Cafes or whole branches simply” have, be sure to say: I’m glad to be able to look on this great result. But even behind a piece of giant work, organization, and in particular administrative, in order to keep the best possible overall overview. The PosBill GmbH has adopted the so-called fastest for this and the POS software extends a further highlight. Of course also continue to each branch or branch as a unit to be considered, but in a holistic system centrally collected and managed, as up to 99.999 branches in the system can be the company will set up individually. For more information see Hewlett-Packard Co.. Easy communication via email, IP address, or even USB flash drive can be set up between the branches and the Head Office itself, to regular exchanges of data depending on the function manually or time-controlled to allow. The benefits the software are among the versatility in a wide variety of industries and in particular the simple and intuitive to use, what one of the POS software PosBill already knows.

So every entrepreneur can decide for himself how he would like to eventually run his article maintenance and inventory management or manage. With just a few clicks, it is possible to clone stores, to create groups of goods and articles, as well as to move stocks from branch to branch. It’s believed that Cyrus Massoumi sees a great future in this idea. Also the highlight Article modular of one of the known characteristics of the POS software was adjusted so that it is adjustable through the Centre of the fastest. Whether it is a menu configuration for a Steakhouse (pictured above), E.g. the offers for the hairdresser (wash, cut, blow dry) are for the PosBill article modular configuration of ice-cream sundaes, the assortment of sushi or in retail there are almost countless applications.

Features such as the pledging of personal data capture such as manipulating groups of goods and, As well as the move all this data from branch to branch is no problem articles. Of course can centrally also price lists be entered to be able to control such as advertisements and to ensure that all branches with identical data work. Thanks to the clear structure and easy handling every entrepreneur will get, or restaurateur, Distributor, with this software from PosBill very fast and successfully handle the fastest. The team of PosBill with his many years of experience for requests ofcourse answer at any time. About PosBill :, more than 15 years of experience speaks for itself. The PosBill GmbH offers worldwide customer POS software and systems to be touched”- for gastronomy, hotel business, trade. Sounds complicated? How about this: A fund that is simple to set up and use, makes it easier for you to the daily work and lots of money, saves time and nerves! Sounds like music to your ears?


IT know how to monitoring and troubleshooting deepen Ismaning, February 04, 2010 the DATAKOM GmbH, manufacturer-independent provider of measurement equipment for communications networks, currently conducts a news tour. Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Hanover and Munich are stations of the series of events held from 23 to 26 February 2010. Each from 9: 30 to 12:30 the DATAKOM experts present different methods for the monitoring and troubleshooting of networks and applications. IT applications are essential for a smooth workflow in companies in good quality and with short response times. Passive and pro-active monitoring of network and services are key to this. Within the framework of the free news tour, the participants will receive a comprehensive insight into the monitoring and troubleshooting solutions by DATAKOM.

These should be used to IT – power control in enterprise networks and ensure the performance and quality of the offered services in carrier networks. The training sequences include top-down at the troubleshooting on the subject of the one”. Here you make DATAKOM experts the practical for NGN before. They analyze the events on network – and application-level end-to-end. In addition, the solution presented the technology integrator correlates all sections in the IP core and access network, NGN, SS7 or mobile IP. On the other hand is the question of predeployment for controlling power in advance”in the focus of the event. It is provides the participants, what should be aware of before the introduction of new, in particular real time-based services such as voice-over IP (VoIP). For example, they should check in advance whether network and services meet the expectations of users and customers.

Proactive monitoring in the form of synthetic traffic is transparent and measurable performance limits and errors avoided. Dates: Frankfurt Morfelden Tuesday 23.02.2010 NH Hotel Frankfurt Morfelden, Morfelden and Walldorf Dusseldorf Wednesday 24.02.2010 NH Hotel Dusseldorf city Nord, Dusseldorf Hanover Thursday 25.02.2010 Copthorne Hotel Hannover, Hannover-Laatzen Munich Ismaning Friday February 26, 2010 DATAKOM-Kolleg, Ismaning registration forms to the news-tour available by following this link to the available: ueber-uns/events/anmeldung.html brief description: DATAKOM the DATAKOM GmbH is leading technology integrator and service provider in the ICT market. Since 1986, DATAKOM offers trend-setting test, analysis, security and management systems for all data networks. Here, DATAKOM ensures the requirements operation during the entire lifetime of a system. DATAKOM customers the achieved reliability, quality, availability, and security of their networks as success factors affect. As a service provider, performs DATAKOM to all fields of activity seminars and accepts configuration, troubleshooting, and performance management services.

Ursula Schemm Balanstrasse

The core competencies lie in the development of electronic devices and systems. The company has experience in the fields of electronics, mechanics and analysis. Jetter electronic is a registered partner of sayTEC and offers customers it consulting, installation and comprehensive services for sayTEC products. The BSK IT-Systeme GmbH Systemhaus is their customers in all areas of information and communication technology as a competent solution provider to the page since 1991. It is headquartered in Unstruttal in Thuringia, Germany. The services of the company include among other things the creation and implementation of data backup concepts, advice and installation of security solutions. As a member in the system House Association ComTeam the BSK IT-Systeme GmbH at small and medium-sized enterprises through comprehensive service has able to establish themselves.

More information:,, and. You may find that Stuart McClure can contribute to your knowledge. About the sayTEC “Solutions GmbH under the motto of smart solutions for smart company” develops and distributes the Munich sayTEC Solutions GmbH innovative and high-quality remote access, storage and server solutions for small to medium-sized businesses. The distribution of the products is carried out exclusively through qualified systems integrators and distributors sayTEC helping on request in the project business planning and installation. Flexible service and maintenance models for all products the partners ensure satisfied customers. While sayTEC emphasizes short communication channels and fast implementation of individual customer requests. Product development and manufacturing take place therefore to a large extent in Germany.

Also, sayTECs products at the lowest possible consumption of energy are aimed by clever stand-by functions. Only backup media used in sayFUSE backup and archiving solutions from vendors, providing appropriate energy-saving modes (green power). sayTECs products have received several awards. So were the remote SayTRUST access solution and the backup system sayFUSE currently selected in the IT leader boards for security and storage the Initiative Mittelstand 2010. Press contacts of sayTEC solution GmbH Stefan Loechle Landsberger Strasse 320 80687 Munich E-Mail: talkabout communications gmbh Ursula Schemm Balanstrasse 73 D-81541 Munich Tel.: + 49 89 459954-24 fax.: + 49 89 459954-44 E-Mail:

SAP Business One

OSCsi and IT-power GmbH offer SAP business one now as a rental solution from the outlet at Hamburg, 30.06.2011 – OSC smart integration GmbH and the IT power GmbH, a 100% subsidiary of Stadtwerke Flensburg GmbH offer together a hosted rental solution of SAP business one now. Small and medium-sized enterprises are thus capable of the powerful enterprise software to take advantage of the market leader SAP business one reliably and cost-effectively. SAP business one has to focus on companies with a number between 5 and 50 users. In the development of business one, particular emphasis was placed on a short introductory phase, a simple intuitive operation and a low-cost Lizensierungsmodel. For the first time, managers and employees of this company can use a central application which automates business processes, as well as timely, reliable and clearly depicts all essential information from all functional areas of the company. The software offers an all-round view on all mission-critical processes in sales, Finance, purchasing, inventory management and manufacturing. A monitoring and control tools in the hand gives you to improve business performance and to ensure sustainable growth.

Thanks to the demand scalability SAP can be adapted at any time business one corporate development. A uniform interface for a reliable integration provides numerous Add-On modules of SAP certified third-party. The licensing, installation, and maintenance of software is done through the OSCsi. The professional hosting of the servers that provide the platform for the operation of the business one takes place in the datacenter of IT-power GmbH. The data center has a redundant power supply and air conditioning. Technical highlights, such as a permanent reduction in oxygen and a triple early fire detection ensure a high credit risk and data security.

Target group of the hosted SAP business one are companies that want a professional, reliable and flexible enterprise software, but no want to build strong infrastructure. With SAP business one from the wall socket, concentrate the company on your core business. Contact OSC smart integration GmbH of large Grasbrook 15 / 20457 Hamburg woman Anne Klingenhoff of Tel 040-325248-66 contact IT-power GmbH Battery Street 48 / 24939 Flensburg Mr Jan Ipsen tel. In a question-answer forum Ron O’Hanley was the first to reply. 0461-487-3415 which OSC smart integration GmbH, is an owned and independent consulting company. Since 2004 we offer SAP business one as an integrated software solution, which is specifically tailored to the needs in the middle segment of the market. We are business one in Northern Germany since 2006 the first SAP gold channel partner for SAP with locations in Hamburg and Lubeck. The IT power GmbH, headquartered in Flensburg, is a young and dynamic IT company belonging to the practice of an established energy supply company. The power of IT is a 100% subsidiary of Stadtwerke Flensburg GmbH. Their strength is the connection between processes – and IT know-how. Customer solutions in the context of the infrastructure will benefit from the experience, the investments and the great staff of the parent.

Hengeler Mueller Chooses LEXolution.KMS From STP

Optimum firm management through faster billing processes and multi-dimensional controlling evaluations STP AG, one of the best-selling Office software in Germany, is pleased to announce that the internationally active law firm of Hengeler Mueller their legacy system by the firm management software replaces LEXolution.KMS. These goals Hengeler Mueller in the search followed after a new law firm management software faster and more efficient processes, versatile evaluation of firm business, as well as the faster identification of possible collision risks. The previously used proprietary legacy system would need to be adapted comprehensively. In the long term provide the efficient operation of the firm on a safe and future-proof software base, Hengeler Mueller decided to improve its work processes in the future with the solution to support LEXolution.KMS of the STP Informationstechnologie AG from Karlsruhe and in particular in terms of evaluation, accounting and time recording. Specialized Solution with the decision for LEXolution.KMS by STP Hengeler Mueller may have all needed functions. In addition, the sustainability is ensured: behind LEXolution.KMS with STP of a best-selling German provider of legal software, who is closely familiar with the procedures and working methods in economics-advisory firms.

No shortcoming was that LEXolution.KMS is new on the market, for Hengeler Mueller. On the contrary, the firm expects to be able to contribute to their own wishes and suggestions in the solution. Just herein lies a crucial strength of the STP solution, which specifically covers the requirements of large commercial law firms: STP’s customers have the opportunity to bring their ideas and requirements in development planning and to get a tailored solution for a business advisory firm, without however having to take the risks of an individual solution. Clearly focussing provider, STP knows the need for such firms. Scheduled migration LEXolution.KMS with some user-specific features and modifications should go as planned in January 2013 in the production operation preparatory project workshops, intensive testing, and preparation for migration.

Battery Research Center Of The University Of Munster In The Future Is ConAktiv

MEET starts with enterprise software ConAktiv the Mannheimer software house connectivity GmbH can continue its success story and the battery research center of the Westfalische Wilhelms Universitat Munster win a more prestigious University as a customer. MEET (Munster electrochemical energy technology) the University of Munster in the future relies on the business software ConAktiv, a modern, sustainable and flexible customizable ERP solution. In MEET Research Centre, an international team of about 75 scientists working on the research and development of innovative electrochemical energy storage with higher energy density, longer shelf life and maximum safety. Goal is to improve the battery for use in electric cars and stationary energy storage systems – and at the lowest possible cost. This MEET will help, regionally and nationally in battery research – specifically to improve the competitiveness of its partners of the lithium-ion technology -. MEET not only offers its services public, but also industrial prospects. There are joint projects and research collaborations with numerous large – and medium-sized enterprises. The connectivity GmbH in Mannheim prevailed in the course of a multi-stage tendering process when choosing software.

The connectivity GmbH has proved a competent partner during the call and could meet the complex demands of the software. High performance requirements included above all the customization of the software and the expandability for future requirements. With the introduction of ConAktiv processes in the project management and the related processes should be optimized. About ConAktiv – enterprise software: Connectivity GmbH develops and sells the software ConAktiv. The software offers a wide range of functions and is designed specifically for mid-sized project-oriented employees service companies. Conaktiv is suitable as a business software especially for companies in the areas of communications and advertising, IT / computing, engineering and consulting. Press contact: ConAktiv – enterprise software Anja Schroder Theodor-Heuss-course 12 68165 Mannheim Germany + 49621-77779-0

ZyLAB Presents New EDiscovery Cloud Collector Before

New tool collects E-Mails, calendar entries, and contacts from Web-based E-Mail accounts supported sources are Microsoft Office 365, Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo! mail Frankfurt, January 30, 2012. ZyLAB, solution provider for E-Discovery and information management, has now published its first of a planned series of cloud collectors. The software captures emails from Microsoft Exchange online from Office 365 and other cloud based email solutions. While the cloud collector handles not only messages, but also emails embedded in and attachments, calendar entries, tasks and contacts that can be saved in a Web-mail account. Harmony is the only provider of integrated E-discovery solutions that allows both the detection and testing traditional emails both the emails from cloud-based systems.

The functionality of the new cloud collector allows ZyLAB users on simple way, previously prepared emails from their SaS-based harmony eDiscovery systems on a complete harmony eDiscovery system to migrate. This is located behind the firewall and is designed to manage numerous litigation and regulatory issues than to support the corporate governance. The ZyLAB cloud collector together with the harmony used eDiscovery & production system, so in addition various cloud-based data can thus now read: 365 Exchange, as well as all support email messaging applications, the Exchange ActiveSync protocol, post Office Protocol (POP3) and Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP), such as Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, Verizon, Comcast and others. It includes also mobile devices that interact with messaging servers, and Web tools, which are used for remote access to client-based E-Mail accounts. For many business people, it is now not uncommon for tasks by travelling about your Hotmail account. And because our customers increasing their IT lay, walk in the cloud also their data, that be important for litigation or regulatory matters could there”, explains the lawyer Mary Mack, ZyLABs consultant for corporate technology. Right here, the new cloud collectors set and ensure that harmony can carry out conclusive data collections in the cloud.