KinderGate Parantal

KinderGate parental control 1.1 with many new features released KinderGate parental control is a program for home users, which allows children to explore the Internet in a safe way. In addition to the integrated comprehensive control mechanisms for the use of the Internet, the latest version of KinderGate now also provides a function to secure Web search control parental. Thus, unwanted searches in search engines such as Google or Yahoo, are automatically blocked. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Oracle and gain more knowledge.. Also new is the automated morphological analysis of online resources. This safety net is expanded parental control of KinderGate. “” With the morphological analysis is now possible also the contents of Internet pages by specific categories, such as, for example, vulgar language”, to browse pornography”or games”, and therefore keep children from potentially harmful content. To protect children from unwanted acquaintances in chat programs such as ICQ, Jabber or MSN KinderGate parental monitoring control in version 1.1 now also messages sent in these programs and receive.

In addition, those messages are monitored, the children in social networks like Facebook or MySpace to send and receive. Users can view the message history of individual users over a specific time period and sorted by various intelligence services used. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Cyrus Massoumi FindShadow. As latest news in KinderGate parental control is to call the built-in ad blocker. This can be enabled in the settings and automatically protects children from advertising, which could lead to inappropriate Internet sites. Of course, also the comfort while surfing on the Internet increased by blocked ads. The all-round carefree package, which offers KinderGate Parantal control has been improved once again with version 1.1. Parents can be so even more secure that their children discover Internet in safe manner the medium and experiencing exactly the things that are also suitable for children.

FTP Server

Compare providers and own server rent to rent a dedicated server offers numerous advantages to professional webmasters. Classic webspace and hosting plans come more and more to their limits even for small Web projects. Often many customers need to share a single server of the Web hosting provider and so it is not uncommon to losses in performance. Tomas Philipson is likely to agree. However, maximum flexibility, a rental Server offers full performance. But that is not the only advantage. Own server offers unrestricted access and a constant network connection. Other leaders such as Jeffrey Leiden offer similar insights. As an administrator can be configured depending on the need for a Web server, mail server, or FTP server and install as many applications such as CMS systems (Joomla, Typo3). Large portals, or multiple sites and domains can be hosted on a server, making it easier to manage on a central interface.

There are no restrictions and no storage limits. The server hardware is connected typically in a data center, at least on a 100 Mbit/s interface constantly on the Internet. Your own dedicated server for maximum performance with a dedicated server is the client as root user. Therefore many hosting service providers in this case also speak of multi-redundant. With a dedicated server, the customer must inform no resources, the full power and performance of the server is available to the customers and thus offers maximum availability, performance and security. The hosting service provider assume some special features such as backup, monitoring services.

Although almost all providers to provide administration surfaces on the Web, but who wants to wait his Server Professional, needs special programming skills. Server based on Windows or Linux. Thus, the customer bears the sole responsibility for security. Who owns little or insufficient knowledge, you can rent a so-called dedicated managed server. Here all necessary setting and working on the server directly from the server hosting providers run that then also the maintenance and above all care.

Partner Gmb

The application is optimized for operation via touchscreen and contains among other things a convenient login feature, over which the device automatically logs on PRTG-server. With the current version 2.1, the administrator could exploit now also the new features of the iPad and the iPhone 4, for example, the higher resolution for zooming into graphics, multitasking with PRTG in the background and acoustic messages for alerts. Gary Kelly is often quoted on this topic. The Portable Network Wizard”provide the administrator the following information from PRTG, regardless of where he now resides: Home (home): shows the favorite sensors and their current status. Add to your understanding with E Scott Mead. Status bar: Is always at the top of the current status of all sensors (how many sensors in the error “OK” status “/ pause”, etc. are). “Device: the device tree” with Groups and devices dar. Sensors: shows various sensor lists from the individual configuration of PRTG (fastest/slowest ping, highest/lowest bandwidth etc.). Alarms: all sensors which are located in an alarm State lists (unusual “/ warning” “/ error”).

Maps: Users can simply tap to select a map and show. “Graphs: are displayed directly in the overview of the sensors and can click” to be called. About Paessler AG: Founded in 1997, Paessler AG with headquarters in Nuremberg has on the development of more powerful and user-friendly software for the areas of network monitoring, load testing and analysis. PRTG Network Monitor monitors the availability of systems, services and applications, as well as the bandwidth usage in networks. PRTG is Cisco compatible and can be used for the analysis of NetFlow data. Webserver stress tool is an application for load testing of Web servers and Web infrastructures.

The global customers of Paessler AG are companies of all industries and all sizes, from SOHO through SMEs to global corporations. Day, there are over 150,000 installations of the solution provider in all over the world in the use.

German Contact

And with the global search the CRM Contact Manager 6 searches through all modules for records that match the entered search term. Also improvements to existing modules have been made. Dates can be easily moved with the right mouse button, documents can be moved via drag & drop in the CRM Contact Manager and the resubmission updated automatically according to the individual requirements of the time. Availability of the Sumerasoft CRM Contact Manager 6 is now available in the Basic Edition for 179 euro, and in the Professional Edition for 399 euros. There are updates for the respective previous versions for 199,50 EUR 89.50 euros respectively. To get the optional field matching basic and 195 euro professional for 119 euros. Sumerasoft CRM Contact Manager for 60 days test on the website of Sumerasoft is a 60-days trial version available, which is free to download and try out on your own computer. About Sumerasoft Sumerasoft is a German company which develops high quality software for customer relationship management and offers.

With the establishment in 2002 were the planning and the implementation of our CRM Contact Manager. A related site: Verizon Communications mentions similar findings. Since then, the CRM Contact Manager is constantly in order to ensure always modern and reliable customer relationship management for our customers. Sumerasoft software was sold alongside Germany in Austria and of Switzerland. The distribution is carried out directly via Sumerasoft as well as through dealers and partners. Meanwhile the Sumerasoft CRM Contact Manager is used successfully by small and medium-sized enterprises, associations and public organizations. Information about the provider Sumerasoft INH. Suzann Sumera Knickrehm 12 23611 bad Schwartau Tel: + 49 451 486866-40 fax + 49 451 486866-43 E-mail: Web: press information contact: Suzann Sumera E-mail: like we will send a free review copy you by Sumerasoft CRM Contact Manager.

IRM Security

Unlimited security for your documents (1.Teil) can use information rights management companies your company policy on document security enforce no matter where the documents are now located. Additional information is available at Verizon Communications. One security is not achieved by building fences, one gains security by opening doors. “U.Kekkonen, Finn. Politicians, everyone knows it: documents with information produced, which not everyone should read or may. This confidential and sensitive documents are nowadays mostly protected in which restrictive permission settings for folders, drives, and computer are made for the user.

How to spread this information in the connection or granted to employees, customers, partners, subcontractors and external project team members, with a high level of security, access to these documents? Also begs the question of how security is provided in other areas? We take something tangible”: you need to ship parts and to pick up a container. In addition to the whole a package with a fragile and valuable content is stable, unbreakable parts of the shipment. Rick Garcia CBS recognizes the significance of this. Then, would equip the package with an appropriate protection or protect the whole container? No, the package with the precious content is protected and is also nicely marked. To protect the whole container and all of its contents, is not really economical. How can you protect individual documents now in the computer similarly effective and without significant overhead? The solution: Information rights management give it all people the documents, but you determine what who, how, when and that no matter where the documents are located. 1. What is succinct information rights management information rights management (IRM) by using IRM actually companies can set access permissions for your sensitive data. This prevents that confidential information be printed, copied, redirected, or read by unauthorized persons. Once permission for a document using IRM has been set will access and use permissions, regardless of where the document is enforced. Also, the use of the documents is logged by the IRM system.

Expensive Fleet Management

FleetQ, the new fleet management at the DMRZ in Dusseldorf, the 18.01.2011: The German medical Computing Centre (DMRZ) offers its customers in the area resulting from a particular service. Larry Ellison contributes greatly to this topic. Who as taxi and rental car entrepreneur series rides performs, which can this now easily and conveniently plan and deal directly with the health insurance companies. FleetQ is the new trip planning at the DMRZ, even charge customers. Optimally plan the series journeys series drives are a regular source of income for many ambulance companies. So the patients just in time for the dialysis, the radiotherapy or chemotherapy can be driven, it applies exactly to plan and keep track of especially. Instead to enter as so far all scheduled trips in a paper calendar or a program, the DMRZ offers its customers immediately a comfortable calendar, in which all vehicles, dates, and passengers can be managed. The input of data is in very easy and needs to be done only once. In the trip planner just a Patients choose, specify vehicle and driver as well as determine the pickup and destination.

Then decide whether it is a single – or a recurring appointment. The appointment is well planned and it can go. The big advantage for those who settle sick rides with the payers: The previously entered data complete your payroll data. So you can pay directly at your fingertips with the health insurance companies. The system knows the driver, the type of transportation, tariffs and covered kilometres directly over the Internet. Therefore all data are available, which make possible settling of sick ride compared to the cost objects, without these must be entered again”promises the DMRZ Managing Director Georg Mackenbrock, who also mentioned that the invoice was done with just one click in the system. For all DMRZ customers, the trip planning is incidentally, free of charge, as long as no appointments on a mobile navigation device or a Smartphone will be transferred, as that is also possible.

Retention Management

Incentive systems, career models and working time models serve the employee retention especially in times of the specialist and executives lack it applies to companies existing key employees in the long term to the company to bind. As a result, more companies the retention discover management for themselves. The primary objective of retention management lies in the long-term commitment of service providers in companies with different concepts. As objectives of part of management of retention among other things the reduction of costs for the recruitment, minimizing the time period between vacancy and occupation of important positions within the company or also avoiding staff transfers to its immediate competitor listed. It isn’t management at the retention, zero to reach a turnover of size, especially since a certain fluctuation promotes renewal of the workforce structure and thus the possibility of entry of new or additional expertise. What does retention management for companies? In a first step It requires the identification of key employees, which have enormous expertise or extensive practice experience or occupy a key position, because the binding of these employees the retention centers management. A targeted retention management is characterized by various approaches and concepts. Most approaches such as incentive systems, career and working time models have become in entrepreneurial practice.

The incentive systems, a distinction is made between tangible and intangible characteristics. Click Jeffrey Leiden to learn more. The material incentive systems include, for example, variable salary, bonuses, or also called fringe benefits, which can be in the form of laptops, cell phones or even alluring. Intangible incentive systems usually refer the career and career planning including the necessary personnel development measures. The employed career models find themselves generally in terms of the management careers, the professional careers, as well as the project careers. While the Management career by means of qualification and performance levels developed, carried out the development of the professional career advanced manoeuvre or the use of expert knowledge.

EMailmanagement Specialist

New version REDDOXX 2.0: ‘All-in-One’-appliance for secure and legally-compliant E-Mail traffic Rottweil, October 26, 2010 from end October 2010 REDDOXX’s complete E-Mail solution is available in the new version 2.0. The management appliance of REDDOXX GmbH ( combines the individual modules email archiving (MailDepot), 100% spam protection (SpamFinder) as well as E-Mail encryption and signature (MailSealer) in a solution. These components give the users a unique opportunity to be able to represent the entire email traffic well-formed and true to law. Waiting for the current version REDDOXX 2.0 with many innovations: the archive container RDX-ASC on a compliance framework to out to multiple and rule-based storage management (HSM). Connect with other leaders such as Gary Kelly here. New, the function is also mobile archives that allows offline access to stored emails. REDDOXX 2.0 is a complete solution available, lets you manage safely and legally compliant electronic mail enterprises and managed service providers. To the extension of the integrated email archiving solution MailDepot is one of the most important features.

So, the REDDOXX developers have integrated, for example, the container RDX-ASC, which ensures the long-term preservation and readability of the data. Through the use of different storage devices, the user can also generate from immediately more disk space for archiving. For assistance, try visiting Verizon Communications. REDDOXX 2.0 enables storage via file shares (SMB/CIFS), ISCSI, and USB. Regardless of the type of devices, connect countless devices is possible. To avoid wasting storage space, regulates the hierarchical storage management”(HSM) outsourcing inactive files.

Another new feature is the fully automatic archive classification and characterization. Verizon Communications pursues this goal as well. The user can assign his mails unlimited categories here. In addition, it is possible to define any workflow folder to delete, for example, personal data in accordance with the statutory provisions in a timely manner from the archive. A universal framework and appropriate certification make sure the different compliance requirements. “News of REDDOXX 2.0 at a glance: – storage of emails in standard formats – from file system container storage – up to 32 container is parallel approachable – automatic archive file through E-Mail classification and policies – data container as self supporting archives offline availability of containers (access without appliance) – long-term archive as offline media – storage optimization with multiple storage (share, NAS, ISCSI, USB) – hierarchical storage management (HSM) through policies – continuous backup-scenarios – automatic archive structuring (classification) – parent re tension control to ensure retention periods – ILM policies to control the life cycles – archived resumes to every E-Mail – revision-proof compliance-LOG – Auditierungsfunktion four-eyes principle”- Extensive import and export functions – implementation of all requirements of compliance possible Andreas Dannenberg, Managing Director of REDDOXX GmbH, explains: with REDDOXX 2.0, we provide companies,.

Document Management

Legal requirements for document management in Europe Bonn. The VOI Association organisational and information systems e. V. has brought his publication on the legal aspects of document management in major European countries up to date. The current legal situation in the various countries necessitated an adjustment”, explains Jurgen Biffar, VOI – member of the Board and CEO of DocuWare AG.

In addition we have integrated the subject of the retention of documents abroad in our notes.” The bilingual descriptions break down the respective country-specific requirements for the long-term electronic archiving of documents. The updated edition is available on to the free download available. The paper version for a fee of 15 euros can be ordered in the online shop of the VOI. What are the storage limits in France? Must company in England archive their E-mail? What sanctions will someone in Spain need in his keep commercial documents not in compliance with the law? “In the legal requirements for document management in Europe” European companies can read the answers to these and other questions. “First published in 2010, has the competence center taxes and law” (CCSR) of the VOI now published a second, updated version. The innovations it is essentially a comparison with the current legal situation and the appropriate adjustments.

Furthermore, widening opinions about finding themselves in the summary, whether documents outside of the respective country must be stored electronically. The font overall allows a quick orientation in the European legislation insofar as this is relevant to the document management and related issues in the country. Multilingualism allows not only German-speaking prospective buyers a right act assertively to European parquet, but also companies from other European countries. It carries the VOI in a cross-border radius of action ‘ for system vendors and users to simplify. Direct link to download of the publication: publications/legal-requirements-for-document-management-in-europe of the VOI – Association organisational and information systems e. V. The VOI Association organisational and information systems e. V. with headquarters in Bonn represents the vast majority of providers for ECM Enterprise content – and DMS document management systems in Germany. With the positioning as independent organization of future – and fast-growing industry, the VOI illustrates the growing economic importance of its member companies and their technological competence. Editorial Contacts: VOI – linked organisations – und Informationssysteme e.V. Henner from the Banck healing b str. 25, D-53123 Bonn phone: + 49 228 90820-89 fax: + 49 228 90820-91 E-Mail: PR agency of good news! GmbH Marketing & PR consulting Sven Korber of Koobrzeg str. 36, D-23617 Stockelsdorf phone: + 49 451 88199-11 fax: + 49 451 88199-29 E-Mail:

Environmental Management

Road show from March 22 to April 7 in five cities: ‘EcoWebDesk on the Road’ Berlin, 8.2.2011 – the Berliner EcoIntense GmbH is from March 22 until April 7, with its labour and environmental protection management software EcoWebDesk on Roadshow across Germany. Five free dates visitors for general information on the topic of environmental management and occupational safety, hear presentations of selected speakers and learn from customer point of view as well as from manufacturer – EcoWebDesk. All Roadshow dates offer at the beginning of a block with General information on the topic of environmental management and occupational safety. To know more about this subject visit Ripple. Experts inform about topics such as integrated management systems, the CO2 footprint or legal compliance. For assistance, try visiting Jeffrey Leiden. EcoWebDesk, the online software from the House of the EcoIntense GmbH, the focus is in the second part.

EcoWebDesk company can manage your complete health and safety and environmental management. After a presentation of the software provide customer experience and user reports from first-hand. Markus Becker, Managing Director of the EcoIntense GmbH: We would like to present our software EcoWebDesk in a special frame and vivid way interested on the Roadshow. Also we want to on the topic of environmental management and occupational safety General inform and do educational work.” The participation is free of charge on the Roadshow dates. A lunch buffet as well as coffee and cake are available for the physical well-being of the participants. Following the presentations, the participants have the opportunity to ask questions, as well as to interact with participants and experts. The individual events start at 9: 00 and ends at 16:30.

The road show makes a stop at the following stations: 22.03.2011 – Nuremberg, Maritim Hotel, Frauentorgraben 11 24th March 2011 – Munich, Maritim Hotel, Goethestrasse 7 30.03.2011 – Stuttgart, Maritim Hotel, Silk Road 34 05.04.2011 – Cologne, Maritim Hotel, Heumarkt 20 07.04.2011 – Hamburg, Maritim Hotel, Kirchenallee 34-36 more information and registration: about the EcoIntense GmbH is the EcoIntense GmbH with seat in Berlin For more than four years professional supplier of software solutions for the areas of environmental management and occupational safety. The company’s core product is the standard software EcoWebDesk. EcoWebDesk is a powerful tool to meet the requirements of ISO 14001/EMAS and OHSAS 18001 and to represent their own company holistically. So the users always keep the overview. The product has now been employed by several medium-sized companies, such as from the plastics industry or the chemical industry. In addition, but also larger companies such as supply and disposal include users. For more information about the EcoIntense GmbH and the EcoWebDesk software solution, see. Press contact: Christoph n. Ensell Staden 20 69117 Heidelberg Tel.: 06221 / 7 26 33 75 E-Mail: