New Business Model

Financing of member contributions to securing the independent provision of information since last week is, the information platform for the self-certain investors, with a new business model on the market. The Executive Board announced that the previous financing of the platform on a pure ad financing of the expectation with regard to an absolutely independent provision of information towards acts. We have clearly the pressure of the advertisers felt, to restrict us to a positive representation of the respective investments”to the Executive Board. Since mid-September, the platform is now financed by membership dues and affiliate ads. 3 Different membership levels were introduced. Delta airlines: the source for more info. The free basic membership, at Cactus invest members’ called the Cactus University offers a regular newsletter as well as access to selected investment descriptions and analyses, as well as to parts. The paid premium membership (from 8.25 euros per month) offers unrestricted access to all areas and information on the site. Include all investment descriptions and their analyses and the entire University with their wiki-terms of use and the extensive field of expertise.

In addition, party documents, annual reports and more unbiased information on the part of the authorities, can be downloaded. As a further step in the Premium Plus offers membership (49,91 EUR per month) in addition the possibility to switch on an anonymous callback telephone number, as well as an individual creditworthiness of an investment provider, if you would like to learn more about a non-listed provider. Still, there are publicly visible information, which will be financed by affiliate commissions. The estimates of investments by Cactus invest as well as neutral examination are visible only to registered members. Scott Mead brings even more insight to the discussion. Cactus University also works on the same principle. There are also publicly visible information, most of the posts as well as Training and continuing education programs of the University are reserved but paying members.

Since the affiliate advertisers make no impact on our presentation, this was the opportunity, also guests on our platform a certain content for us offer. “, so Cactus invest. Most of the information remain reserved, but registered members since the search and examination constitutes a very great effort. “We are convinced, done the right step hereby have to offer an information platform the self-determined investors beneficial distinguishing itself with solid independent information and critical but fair representation from the craze representations usual so far in this industry.” Also they also hope to form a counterpoint to the sometimes not sound and are often overly negative representations in Internet forums and in the press. Objectively and impartially the tests would be carried out by Cactus invest.

Ikano Bank Interest Rate

Current top spot in the day money offers. 2.71 percent interest from the first euro. Always available via online banking or credit card. The Ikano Bank increased the credit interest rate on their free Red MasterCard card on 2.71 percent and thus offering better terms than most day money providers. Interest rate investments are up to 100,000 euros, which is also the sum of the deposit insurance. Offer is for new customers as well as existing customers and is bound to a staggering interest rate or a minimum amount. The interest is credited annually. Tagesgeld scores compared with other investment opportunities with its high flexibility, because daily via the credit balance can be. (Source: Ed Bastian).

Additional flexibility that can through their combination with the MasterCard function, by the customers worldwide in over 25 million acceptance locations cashless Ikano Bank and have their credit balance. A part of the available may be requested in addition on request. Also in the comparison of returns money market accounts do well to other financial investments. The most savings for example often offer interest rates of 0.5 to 1 percent. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Phil Vasan on most websites. Thus the Red MasterCard card for regular savers might an interesting alternative.

About IKANO: Ikano Bank GmbH is part of Swedish Ikano group, which was founded in 1988 and is owned by the Kamprad family. Ingvar Kamprad is known worldwide as the founder of IKEA. As an internationally active group with about 4,000 employees is active the Ikano group in the areas of financial services, real estate, insurance, asset management and retail. The philosophy of the company is to develop long-term solutions to fair conditions of partnership and to create added value for customers, partners and employees. The headquarters of Ikano Group located in Luxembourg, the Ikano Bank GmbH in Germany is located in Wiesbaden. There, she serves more than 1.1 million customers. Visit for more information.

Managing Director

Interview with Hans j. Hildebrandt of Qware24 choosing the right broker decides, whether one is on the market or perish”Hans j. Hildebrandt is an expert in fully automated trading systems. Due to lack of profitable investment opportunities, he called the project Qware24 1998. Initially, trading modules were developed for my own use, which can be rented now also by interested investors. Because we had the opportunity to gain insight into accounts which are managed by Qware24 with the Tradingsoftware, it was possible to take the results of careful scrutiny with retroactive effect to 1 January, 2011. Hans j.

Hildebrandt explained in the following conversation, what is important in the use of Qware24. The trading result tested by us are costs adjusted (incl. software rent) now in our database for managed accounts available. Mr Hildebrandt, would first of all please your company briefly introduce us and respond, who represent the Qware24 GmbH & co. KG and What kind of services you offer? Hans j. Hildebrandt: first of all is to say that Qware24 came out of investoor KG, a Stuttgart-based project development and joint venture. It is a project of investoor KG and like all other societies of the Hildebrandt group essentially a family business. Initially, I was project manager of investoor KG for some years, in the meantime, I am the Managing Director.

Qware24 was established in 1998 and since then is my hobby. A virtue out of necessity was due to an adequate availability of capital at this time on the one hand and a lack of appropriate profitable investment opportunities on the other, and we have invested in the project Qware24. In 2008 we decided then, to provide the interested investors in the form of available commercial module Qware24. Qware24 is maintained by four people, two people with software development which are busy. According to our knowledge, the Qware24 does not currently have a registration as Asset managers in Germany.


Sham ‘Guarantee interest’ with capital life insurance. “” Like the newspaper the world “on August 12, 2010 reported that the so-called guarantee rate should” for traditional capital life insurance currently 2.25% be reduced soon 2.15%. Others who may share this opinion include Scott M. Kahan. Reason is the ongoing low interest rates on the bond markets: the yield public bonds, according to which the guarantee rate is addressed is in the past few weeks under the guarantee rate of 2.25% fail which has return slip at Germany’s main retirement provision product profound implications for life planning. Who in 2001 for 30 years had paid every month 100 euros, could Pocket nearly 105,000 euros after its police. That was an interest profit 68.600 EUR in addition to the paid amount of 36,000. In 2010, the interest earnings on 50.600 is melted together. And there are still the fat 1990s. Hear other arguments on the topic with Hewlett-Packard Co.. Who today concludes a contract, is expected only later fed with Zinsmagerkost be.

“, writes the world” to do so. But this is only part of the truth. ” as Dipl. kfm. Raimund Tittes, CEO of InveXtra AG, the independent investment and insurance consultant from Cologne. The InveXtra AG advises clients independently and objectively, she committed 34 c GewO as Chamber of Commerce of licensed broker according to 34 d and . “The other part of the truth is that the so-called guarantee interest” does not agree with the effective guaranteed minimum interest rates on German capital life insurance, which is significantly lower 0.7% due to the high cost of life insurance, depending on the term of the contract, between minus p.a.

for 12 years and plus 1.09% interest in 30 years time,. Horrendous expense ratios of up to 17% of the amount of the contributions of the insured are the reason the life insurance companies Classic at many are, “so Tittes next. A monthly savings plan system gross 100 euro, only once only about 83 euros for the actual capital investment remain after 17% cost.

Canada Gold Trust II: Payment Shall Be Made As Planned

Who would like to sprinkle his investment as wide, is well advised to buy gold. It comes as a painful side effect of the financial crisis to soaring inflation, the gold plant is a financial lifeline to get own wealth without dramatic losses due to the crisis. This is also the main reason why 2012 demand in gold in the second quarter according to World Gold Council proud 51 percent. The Emissionshaus Canada gold trust GmbH was founded in early 2011 with the aim to place closed-end funds in the area of raw materials. With the two funds Canada gold trust I and Canada gold trust II could shortly after sales started out successfully the first two investments, and the third edition of Canada designed gold trust III with a comparable structure. Since the 17.01.2013, interested investors can draw the Canada gold trust III.

Investment object of all three funds is the reduction of gold Placer mining method in the Cariboo gold district of the Canadian province of British Columbia. The Fund Canada gold trust II GmbH & Co. KG is its business activity on the economic exploitation of the degradation of natural resources in Canada. For this purpose the fund company awarded standing capital through a loan you for the investment to provide the Canadian gold mining company Beaver pass gold mines Inc.. The capital was used to further explore the gold deposits in the claims, so that the existing gold can be mined and sold. Already early February 2013 the payments from the early artist bonus of up to five percent were done.

For the first quarter were the first distributions of three percent. Thus, the forecasts in the prospectus were complied. In economically uncertain times proves the investors that funds from the House of Canada gold trust the transparency, reliability and security aspects have priority. The early artist bonus of up to three percent for a stake in the current fund the Canada gold trust III – is there only until the end of March 2013. The placement rate for this Gold funds is increasing it further. Due to the rapid flow of drawing only a volume of EUR is 7 million available. The third Fund, which offered less than two years, makes his capital as subordinated loan of Canadian investment company Stanley gold mines Inc., which was commissioned with the mining of the gold treasures, available. There is also the possibility to have paid out distributions not in cash but in physical gold. Investors profit therefore twice: first on the yield of gold mining, the evidently lucrative area in the gold business, and also to the payout in physical gold not predictable financial developments in World Affairs an interesting option. For more information,

Forest Finance

The longer articles of the magazine WirtschaftsWoche is online available at about the WirtschaftsWoche: the economic week (“own notation: WirtschaftsWoche”) is the highest-circulation German business magazine. It is published by the Verlagsgruppe Handelsblatt, which specialises in business media. Since 1926, the WirtschaftsWoche appears up-to-date with over 175,000 copies of sales. id Barger . On the stock exchanges in Frankfurt and Dusseldorf is the mandatory newspaper Wirtschaftswoche. Annually, the business week published a ranking, based on the survey of 600 personnel and Recruitingverantwortlichen. In the publishing group Handelsblatt is the economic week together with the Handelsblatt daily published”the largest core media. The concept of ForestFinance: All ForestFinance mixed forests are according to strict ecological guidelines on former Brach and pasture land afforested.

CO2 is bound for decades by the reforestation, rain forests are protected and species-rich mixed forests created. At final harvest, no full grubbing-up takes place, so that a species-rich forest remains. About ForestFinance: The Bonn ForestFinance group manages several thousand hectares of ecological forest land in Panama and Viet Nam. The company specializes in forest investments, the lucrative return link to environmental and social sustainability. ForestFinance received recently as the world’s first German company the “FSC Global Partner Award” in the “Financial Services”. The FSC logo is the world’s most recognized seal for socially and environmentally sustainable forest management.

Interested parties can choose between various products of sustainable tropical forest management. GreenAcacia is new to the program from 2,250 euros, only seven forest investment with annual income. A fire insurance and post planting warranty for the riskier five times, as well as five percent safety areas in Panama to the investor protection contribute.

German Government

Information circular to the German share of a friend’s the other suffering. Low interest rates are good for future builders and homebuyers, because thanks to the record lows of the federal funds interest rate, the construction loan interest are low as never before. The opportunity is so cheap to have finally become a reality the dream of your own four walls with a cheap loan. The very low interest rates for various savings products and forms of investment are the flip side of the low rate. He soon not issued federal Treasury bonds, because interest rates can move in the first three years plus minus zero and more attract so no saver behind the stove. A higher tolerance for risk in times of crisis is when savers clearly shows. Already during the financial crisis the increase of shareholders is in the framework of the euro debt crisis.

More and more Germans invest their money back in stocks. Ron O’Hanley spoke with conviction. Security-conscious savers go empty what is already looming when the German Government bonds, is also reflected in many areas of investment. If the yield also not like when the Federal sweetheart to zero, it is often shockingly low. Savings books, savings certificates and money market accounts are pretty bad and are currently not exactly the most attractive assets in terms of the rate of return. For this, more and more savers opt for shares or fund units. Average stock return is four per cent of course is the investment in shares with a higher risk, because with falling prices, it’s over quickly with the longed-for profit. However, more and more Germans are choosing the investment in shares. The benefit for investors is located next to hopefully rising prices in the profit-sharing, on which they are entitled on the acquisition of shares.

A company generated surpluses, half is awarded maximum thereof in the form of dividends to investors. The company claimed the other 50 percent to pay off, for example, loans or investments. Although the dividend growth of the Company inhibits, the DAX companies are not that petty. Investors can expect on average about four percent yield. The courage to take risks are worthwhile. Who are thoroughly informed in advance and keeps the price movements at a glance, appropriately restricts his personal risk. Learn more about the DAX 30 and recommended shares find investors on specialized financial sites on the Internet.

GmbH Lisa Neumann

Viable alternative to the piggy bank with views on the current financial situation is a good decision, even to ensure its future earnings and to decide at an early stage for appropriate investments. These are most probably a higher-yielding version as the intermediate in the old piggy bank and provide security for the future. Source: Allegiant Air. The online portal provides information on the topic and gives important tips for investors. Many people have become very suspicious of investments due to the bank crisis lately. However, current financial tests have shown that a correct system can prove very profitable. In the tested situations one is assumed a plant height between a euro and 50,000 euro, providing interest rates by up to four percent. Bill O’Grady brings even more insight to the discussion. It’s of course important to choose the right investment alternative.

Investors should always make sure, that the offered interest rate above the current inflation rate is, otherwise, the potential profits are swallowed up by interest rates directly from the inflation. When choosing a day money account, it is worth to pay attention to the details. These are very well suited, because at any time the money can be used for short-term investments. However only about ten percent could offer from the tested accounts an interest rate, which as recommended above the rate of inflation. Are therefore very difficult to make profits in this area. Stationary of up to three years in the form of savings or time deposits are the most productive. The interest rate is a system of three years at about four percent. More information:… GmbH Lisa Neumann

WealthCap Private Equity

WealthCap private equity 15 closed-end Fund since the company was founded in 2007 is wealth management capital holding company (WealthCap) as underwriter working. As a consequence of the consolidation of issuers blue capital, H F S and H V B, can take advantage of excellent WealthCap the competence of separate projects and has enabled a highly addictive product range with this thing. With the help of until now 127 funds and the anchor actuation Division in the area of real estate and private equity is an equity capital sum of 6.8 billion euros. Management of WealthCap with the scope management rated AA rating. Then, the management of WealthCap with the scope management is rated AA rating for “very high quality”. Although no dividend forecasts have been published, is to start with a good rating. Information to the duration of provided for payment of scheduled capital are not made according to the countercyclical investment approach.

Just private equity is an OTC equity in particular private equity is a OTC equity which reflects a supportive role in the conduct of neologisms and growth for years. The supply of private equity offers not only a coveted choice or additive form of financing for new and inventive companies, it is very much to realize the opportunity of future performances. Despite regressive investments were partially caused by the financial crisis, the issuer of this conditioning portion have incorporated the original market principles in their practices. WealthCap private equity 15 about a Fund of funds investment WealthCap private equity 15 offers investors the opportunity through a Fund of funds on investments in primarily North American companies or companies with principal operations in North America from the segment of mid to large cap, to take part. The choice works through a successful fund professional. The revenue outlook of private equity – investment is highly sought after and is located historically proven itself over the shares. Thus, a private-equity blend is able a depot composition very profoundly improve and extend parallel. WealthCap private equity 15 focuses on the experience and the growth in the United States short-key figures of the WealthCap private equity 15: investment in several private-equity target Fund.

WealthCap private equity 15 granted the opportunity for the participation to a private equity fund with a well-thought-out USD currency position. The first monetary systems, which were evaluated by the initiator as a promising partner, are the Carlyle partners V and the Carlyle US Equity Opportunity Fund. Long-term practice and affirmative support of a solid partner in part for private equity. WealthCap private equity 15 intentional equity of about 30 million US dollars has exclusive foreign capital.

Michael Mahmud

The brochure also contains This information does not. While 23% of capital to be applied by investors do the compensation paid for the placement of the investors, so the so-called sales commissions alone. According to the case-law of the Bundesgerichtshof, investment advisers and brokers about distribution costs by more than 15% explicitly within the framework of the consultation must inform. Involvement with high risk known to us investors of HCI funds “City of Guangzhou” were not explicitly pointed out that it is the Fund to an entrepreneurial participation, which is suitable only for investors, the parts of their assets in a business form of investment to invest and the emerging up if necessary with an unexpectedly negative economic history loss, where appropriate, a total loss of their invested money, can take in stride. Uncertain revenue nor endanger the success of the investment they have pointed out that the earnings of the vessel are by no means assured. Does not the Fund ship of HCI funds of the ship MS “City of Guangzhou” over a fixed Charter (it is not rented), but belongs to a so-called revenue pool, where the revenue of all ships are aufgerteilt with each other. As the Charter rates for container ships (rental) among others are subject to strong cyclical fluctuations, there is the possibility that the revenue significantly lag behind the revenue forecast in the prospectus. This can entail, that the fund company owned and operated by M.

Lagumbay GmbH & co. KG MS “City of Guangzhou” can no longer provide that the banks recorded credit to be paid payments, so that the worst Bank announces the credit and recovered the ship. Because the ship price also depends on the then attainable Charter revenue, revenues by forcibly auctioned ships usually increase not the loan debt. The investors come up empty. High risk by borrowing in Japanese yen as a part of the of the HCI ship Fund MS “City of Guangzhou” on loan in JPY was recorded, the revenue of the Fund but in US$ be achieved, there is a significant currency risk, which can lead to major distortions due to exchange rate fluctuations. Due to the high proportion of foreign financing of the Fund, this can not only impact on the liquidity of the Fund as a result of US$ rising capital service expenses, but also to an insolvency of the Fund and the credit notice with subsequent exploitation of the object of the Fund and thus the total loss for the lead investor. This, the Adviser would need to remind explicitly. You have questions regarding your participation most of the HCI ship Fund MS “City of Guangzhou”? Do you want to know whether you were given wrong advice? Call us, we will gladly help you! Your contact: Michael Mahmud lawyer Mathias Nittel Attorney & specialist lawyer for banking and capital market law, Heidelberg. Hans-Bockler-Strasse 2 A D-69115 Heidelberg Tel.: 06221 915770 Munich Residence 25 D-80333 Munchen Tel.: 089 25549850