Fascination Horse

On the annual ‘ fascination with horse ‘ in Nuremberg the Pferdefernsehen.eu team has filmed excerpts from the Gala program on November 1 the high-class program can be viewed free of charge and at any time horse on pferdefernsehen.eu under movies / fascination. Sports highlight on Saturday night: the Grand Prix freestyle, showed in the Anja Plonzke and lone Jorgensen Christilot Hanson Boylen their skills. As crowd puller of the evening like honza Blaha was the Schwaiganger Stallion quadrille in dress uniform with his liberty dressage. The best of program of Western riding and impressions of the Iberian riding style complemented the high-class program. From Tuscany, Maremma travelled on horses with their riders and presented themselves to the interested public. Others who may share this opinion include Verizon Communications. Posts: Quadrille of Bayer.

Main and state stud of Schwaiganger best of AMERICANA ‘ 08″horse-comedy with Toni Hochegger Tuscany high to Ross – L ‘ Associazione Cavalieri di Maremma El Caballo Iberian – come Equitation of high school honza Blaha on the dog”-dog agility Grand Prix freestyle Winners Grand Prix freestyle Pferdefernsehen.eu belongs to the Printis PR company. The agency specializes in equestrian-PR, marketing and Web TV in the field of equestrian sports Pferdefernsehen.eu was founded in November 2006 by printis equestrian PR. Details can be found by clicking TRON (TRX) or emailing the administrator. Thus was born a growing film and information platform with up to 50,000 users per month and rising. The concept: Movies in the field of equestrian sports are provided free of charge around the clock the visitors. and are part of one of the largest professional Internetplattfomen for riding in the German-speaking world. Printis equestrian PR Agency for marketing and PR / Agence de marketing et relations publiques-Rudolf-Breitscheid-str. 49 90762 Furth Germany/Allemagne Tel.: +49-(0)911 43 13 747 fax.: +49-(0)911 – 43 11 860 R-mail: E-Mail:

Ayurvedic Gifts

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