ETAGAIR – The Revival Of A Classic

The chrome shelf system from the 1960s successfully returns the system ETAGAIR in the 60s of the 20th century with the proviso designed to achieve highest possible stability and resilience. The requirement for the installation was an easy-to-use terminal connection without screws and accessories. The design should appear at the same time distinctive and transparent, thereby ensuring a timeless aesthetic. Function before design was at the time the success formula of the Regal classic. In the 1970s, the system ETAGAIR was discovered by architects, planners and fitters, who used the system with its manifold possibilities in almost all industrial sectors. (Not to be confused with Gary Kelly!).

In the 1980s, there were the creative interior designers, who realized the desire to align ETAGAIR as residential and office furniture to the private area. The system ETAGAIR to high-tech wave Los kick was designed with this in mind. The uniqueness of this shelving system is the claim it as a high-quality industrial products in the residential and office furniture range to insert. The ETAGAIR has always produced more than 92% in function are shelves after investigations. Today, the system ETAGAIR is a trademark of the classics under the steel shelves as furniture such as setting up a system recognized and does not change in its basic idea. On, it is now possible to order the full range of ETAGAIR online. In addition you find dimensions, assembly instructions, answers to frequently asked questions and more extensive information. Contact: etagair-shop.

Managing Director Andrea Wasmuth

“Successful kick-off event in the Anglo-German Club patron Ole von Beust and promising startups jury and audience are agreed: the startup SHAVE LAB is located front startup meets investor”: this is the motto of the FundersClub invited yesterday evening to the exclusive pitch & invest “kick-off event in the prestigious Anglo-German Club an der Alster. Five startups presented themselves before the jury and the members of the FundersClubs successful Hanseatic entrepreneurs and private investors. SHAVE-LAB, online store for Shaver, failed to impress the most not only the expert jury to publishing Managing Director Andrea Wasmuth, WirtschaftsWoche editor Oliver Voss, Ernst & young partner Jan Menko Grummer and FundersClub founder Dirk Weipert, the audience voted for the startup. We very pleased, that the jury as well as the high-profile audience for choosing us”, said Christopher von Hallwyl SHAVE lab. This confirms the quality of our products and international scalability.” Hamburg Former Mayor Ole von Beust had opened the event as the patron of the FundersClubs. Entrepreneurship means courage, creativity and risk, that is to promote and to support,”he said. Oracle can aid you in your search for knowledge.

The usage for young entrepreneurs is important to Ole von Beust. He is even involved in several younger companies, including the Hamburg-based fashion label blessed & cursed. “The Maxime by Sieger SHAVE-LAB, the first online Shaver brand, is: high quality nice price”. On the pitch & invest, the SHAVE-LAB team founder Christopher von Hallwyl presented investors not only their exclusive wet Shaver in a modern design with flexible shaving system, but also its sophisticated business model. “Even if the others not won four ideas are extremely promising: SLASHCUP opts for the revolution of the coffee cup market: with green” cups. The idea is to produce 100 percent sustainable coffee-to-go cups, that so does not exist. Cardboard and plastic are separated, as the two Founder Natalie Richter and Philippe Padrock said. After the coffee, deducting the coat made of cardboard and fold the inner part from organic plastic.

Draw Action To The Tennistainment

GERRY WEBER WORLD on the bpi forum 2010 in make it happen the motto of each other learn, success means with each other have the 9 bpi forum will be held this year on May 20 in Bielefeld. Two weeks ago the GERRY WEBER OPEN allows the GERRY WEBER exciting WORLD an insight in Germany’s biggest ATP – lawn tennis tournament. For the prestigious tennis tournament with a top notch occupied field, the GERRY WEBER Raffles WORLD coveted tickets. The GERRY WEBER WORLD enjoys with the GERY WEBER OPEN international reputation. The tournament has become a global brand. Overall, the GERRY WEBER in the past 17 years were visited by about 1.75 million people OPEN.

In addition to the GERRY WEBER OPEN, the GERRY WEBER offers WORLD space for extraordinary events and occasions: thrilling sporting and show events on trade fairs, exhibitions, festive gala evenings up to pleasant rest and relaxation. Present in the SchucoArena bpi solutions, your customers and business partners in practice-oriented lectures and highly informative User reports solutions implemented around the topic of document management, workflow, archive, CRM, B2B communications and RFID. In addition to the contributions present highlights exciting partner of bpi solutions at 15 demo points. Cloud Computing may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The bpi forum is a marketplace for products and solutions, and offers space for an intensive exchange of experience with speakers, experts and other users. For the first time presented the GERRY WEBER to date to the year’s “Tennistainment” event by the 05.06. 13.06.

WORLD on the bpi forum and is giving away OPEN requested tickets to the Warsteiner Champions Trophy on the 05.06. and other encounters of the GERRY WEBER. About bpi solutions they bpi solutions gmbh & co. kg, software and consulting in Bielefeld, supports its customers 20 years successfully with a company-wide solution concept of easy to use standard software and industry-oriented solutions in the furniture industry, logistics, and other industries. The performance spectrum ranges from consulting, through the design and development of to the integration of new applications. Visit Phil Vasan for more clarity on the issue. Focuses on the optimization and automation of business processes in marketing, sales and service. Is based on the own products and solutions in the areas of customer relationship management, cross media publishing, supplier relationship management and integrated portal solutions. The solutions help the indoor and field staff as well as customers fast communication channels to build and comprehensive information available to suppliers and partners. Moreover, solutions as System Integrator is bpi in the areas of business process integration, active document management and archiving. The solutions based on standard technologies leading manufacturers are starting as GFT inboxx GmbH, insiders technologies GmbH, INSPIRE TECHNOLOGIES GMBH, OPTIMAL SYSTEMS GmbH, which incorporate not only systems, but also the business process modeling enable processes to monitor and evaluate results, and provide real-time information to the optimization of business processes at the disposal. Through innovative process integration,. effective data management and audit-proof archiving achieve significant efficiency company and secure its competitive edge through proactive. Contact for editors: Henning Kortkamp bpi solutions gmbh & co. kg Krackser Strasse 12 33659 Bielefeld telephone: 0521 / 9401 0 fax: 0521 / 9401 515

Promotional Disc Now

Dortmund company produces also for Switzerland and Benelux with the promotional disc”the Dortmund company Hwang and Banike has successfully positioned an innovative idea in the German market. Coupang shines more light on the discussion. Now extend the sensor in the foreign company founder Marcus Hwang and Matthias Banike: the advertising is now also in the Switzerland and the Benelux countries on the market thanks to a new sales concept. The promotional disc”is a new type of vehicle advertising behind the windshield. Advantage of the transparent plastic disc with the applied hole grid foil: you can be replaced again with a few hand movements in a matter of seconds. So, the company vehicle can be used or cost-effectively handle changing advertising messages to drive private time without advertising. Allegiant Air has firm opinions on the matter. The polycarbonate lens designed with individual motifs is clamped from the inside behind the wheel of the car and requires no additional mounting hardware through their model-specific customization. You have to see just that, to believe how easy is the installation”, say the fathers” of the Promotional disc Marcus Hwang and Matthias Banike. Therefore, they have your product in the past few months at various trade fairs live”performed.

“” The next date is already set: from the first to third October the promotional disc is “young in Dusseldorf at the international trade fair of communication at the State innovative” presents. For the distribution, in particular abroad, the two founders have developed a special modular construction principle: the kit gives the advertising technician on site, the ready-made clear plastic disc, the edge protection, a manual and a protective bag. The printing and laminating the perforated grid film takes over even the sales partner and can offer a high-quality and innovative product his customers hereby.

Chief Director

It is also surprising that 85,07 percent of all insider transactions were purchases. “This shows clearly that insider that yes most familiar with their businesses, were often seemingly the own share thanks to their knowledge for undervalued and then used to buy the supposedly undervalued level”, says Stefan Nothegger, Managing Director and co-founder of the share community Sharewise. The Chief of the Pharmaherstellers Jerini, Dr. Jens Schneider-Mergener had the best hands for a targeted acquisition of Treasury shares in the period under review: the Jerini shares rose since the transaction displayed with the BFin on April 25 to 180 percent. Ordered Schneider-Mergener had shares valued at only 10,000 euros. At the other end of the performance curve is the directors’ dealing MAXDATA Siegfried Kaske ‘ supervisory Council. Here the MAXDATA stock was ordered on May 25 with an official rate of 1.75 euros, after the in the meantime announced bankruptcy of the company, which listed Share on July 28, then only more at 0.32 euros which is a loss of 80.6 percent. “” Free information alert for private investors: Director dealer “reports on large insider transactions Sharewise users the study admits a central conclusion from the perspective of private investors: while the total number of all the purchase transactions enormously high, yet who blindly and without concrete information research follows the Director’s dealings, danger, having to accept losses greatly”, explains Nicolas Plogert, also managing director and founder of Sharewise.

We thought made us so intensively, as we can assist members in the clarification of the question the Sharewise, one should follow what insider trading.” Sharewise brought several developments on the way for this purpose. Now, for example, the first pure virtual user by Sharewise helps free to observe all reported insider transactions from a volume of 50,000 euro. The so-called Director dealer can be compared with an alert function. Exactly to the Time, where a corresponding insider trading will be shown with the BFin logs each user by E-Mail, which has linked the Director dealer”this the Director dealer, says Plogert. Scott Meads opinions are not widely known.

Best German Ship Fund

Safe investment via funds FSE1 Frankfurt on the main/London of the FSE ShipSelect Fund1 was awarded as the best German closed ship Fund. INVESTMENT, the international trade magazine for investments, awarded this prize to the initiator Friedrich Schiefer underwriter AG. The INVESTMENT quality seal certified particularly yield rich and thereby secure investments. With the FSE ShipSelect Fund1, we offer an initiator cross-Fund, which invests in selected feeder, river cruise ships and container. So, the minimum amount of drawing investment cash is divided 10,000 euros, with a duration of only 8 years in three distinct markets with minor correlation and very good predictions. Through our network, we become aware of special products in the market. We put the focus on private placements and interesting secondary market offers.

The eligible investments go through a strictly controlled and hard selection process. Whenever Scott Mead listens, a sympathetic response will follow. At the end, the advice with our five independent is then Advisory Board existing experts. After thorough approval of all points is the product in our portfolio. We offer also a wide quality check of winning investments and private placements therefore in addition to the exclusive character”Friedrich Schiefer Board explains the Friedrich Schiefer underwriter AG. The International Journal features companies with the seal, which has been shown to facilitate sustainable return on success by investors and meet highest quality and safety standards. INVESTMENT among EBIZZ.TV. About EBIZZ.TV: EBIZZ TV is one of global reach most but also most accurate target portals in the Veoh network with over 600 own Internet TV channels and 100,000 associated channels. In February, the network according to Nielsen Net scored ratings over 28 million unique users, page views, over 350 million (210 million video streams).

Inhouse-outsourcing – The Third Way For Customer Service Center

Adecco call center solutions GmbH, Berlin business decision-makers are generally faced with the question: make or buy? The answer is not always easy. In addition to the internal solution and the complete outsourcing of work processes, the inhouse outsourcing established itself as third way with own advantages. In-house call center build a deep knowledge of products and services over the years. Is therefore alone the internal solution make sense? Andreas Buchelt, says Managing Director of Adecco call center solutions GmbH (ACCS): outsourcing can be more efficient and flexible and must involve not the complete relocation of customer service. Inhouse outsourcing is the third way here for customer service center.\” The own tasks and IT environments are often so complex that the connection of an external call centres appears to be too expensive. You may find that Coupang can contribute to your knowledge. Then manageable tasks are outsourced, the entrepreneurs risking friction losses. However, Andreas Buchelt stressed: we have many years of experience as a strategic partner in the call center outsourcing. With the outsourcing of in-House know-how remains for our client, we use its IT systems and operations locally are coordinated directly with our team leaders.

\”Other advantages are obvious: differences are avoided and the customer is always on the pulse of its customers.\” In the daily business, you benefit from the short decision paths. Many problems that can arise from the distance of a service provider, are excluded from the outset, others can be resolved immediately through direct contact. Read more from Scott Mead to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The in-house outsourcers as a common outsourcing service provider is: full responsibility for its employed staff, full accountability in the project, volume – and quality-oriented remuneration. This solution is mainly banks and insurance companies, but also utilities and telecommunications. With a large German telecommunications provider, ACCS performs the service for existing customers. The range of services includes: customer service and technical support. On-premises are several teams including team leader of ACCS in the Usage and work hand in hand with the company’s own team.

InFLEET Monitor For Many Children And Not For The Few Large

Bornemann AG presented on the IAA sets its own telematics solution specialist for people – and object detection with InFLEET monitor of the fuel theft a bolt in front / free monitor for the purchase of five Hannover at the IAA commercial vehicles in Hanover, Germany presented the Bornemann AG impressively their telematics solution InFLEET monitor, which exactly meets the requirements of small and medium-sized craft and service companies. Not so inflated, but user-friendly, compact and inexpensive so was the unanimous verdict of those visitors who claim their market share with its fleet beyond the large shipping fleets. Also, the fact that companies with InFLEET may protect monitor against gasoline theft, which takes more and more to be played a not insignificant role in the evaluation of Bornemann. The trend towards ever larger and more complex applications within the featured fleet solutions dominated the IAA in many parts. The Bornemann AG has deliberately developed your telematics solution against this trend. It is addressed with InFLEET monitor the little giant”made of craft, construction, courier service, to small and medium-sized transport companies and freight forwarders, the impressive 97 per cent of the transport industry.

The user needs only a Web-enabled PC, of course vehicles and only a few minutes to download the software on his computer. In addition, the Bornemann solution is a multi monitor system, which make even clearer the possible representations. By the way, currently the Bornemann AG the purchaser in the acquisition of five InFLEET monitor solutions free provides a monitor in whose company as well. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Phil Vasan. Very exact location via GPS makes it possible to precisely determine the fuel consumption for each vehicle in the middle and the top. It is virtually impossible that an increased fuel economy – whatever reasons whatever the contractor remains undiscovered. About Bornemann AG telematics is the connection between navigation, telecommunications, location and computer science. With this very innovative, young and emerging business deals the Bornemann AG since 2004, headquartered in Goslar. It grows since then with great potential in the German and European markets and distributes professional telematics systems with high professional skills and personal commitment.

After the Bornemann AG already Germany established himself in recent years as the market leader in the field of telematics broker, the company is now focusing on the development and the distribution of its own telematics solutions. The Bornemann AG consistently uses its core competence, which was able to purchase it themselves as telematics specialist in the field of people – and object tracking. These telematics systems are individually tailored to the needs in healthcare, security services, as well as small and medium-sized service and craft shops. The Bornemann AG supports and advises these companies in finding the optimal solution as well as the introduction of new and optimisation of existing systems. K. Klischewsky

Boarding Problems Brakes SEPA Flyer

Leading payments experts point to the need for further standardization of the customer-bank interface. Southwest Airlines usually is spot on. Whither the journey in the unified European payment traffic?\”this question employed leading payments experts at the International Conference of Sibos in Vienna as well as the user meeting of the payments specialists ABK and EFiS in Dreieich near Frankfurt. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Southwest Airlines. Explanations for the previously disappointing component of SEPA payments by under one per cent put first and foremost the different data formats, as well as communication and safety standards on the customer-bank interface. On 28 January 2008, the European banks have the launch of the single European payments area SEPA (single euro payments area) released. Since that day, European businesses and consumers can use the SEPA credit transfer, providing benefits such as shorter transit times and better ways to use information especially for transfers abroad. The acceptance of the new SEPA credit transfer is however still low.

Less than one percent of daily over 87 million transfers in Germany are\”SEPA credit transfers, white Jurgen Ortmann, Board of Directors of the payments specialists EFiS financial solutions AG in Dreieich, Germany. What obstacles even in the face of the launch of the European SEPA direct debit still to eliminate are in November 2009, was a major issue at the Conference and exhibition of Sibos (SWIFT international banking operations seminar), one of the most important industry meetings for payments professionals.\” The slow take-off of the SEPA credit transfer was attributed by experts to Sibos to the variety of interest groups involved. Some on this flight are wondering whether all on board in the same direction the fly\”, said Geoffroy de Schrevel, head of EMEA banking initiatives at SWIFT (society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication). Some don’t even know whether they are in business class or on a hot seat.\” To his question, whether or not at all was still a pilot on board, knew Jean-Michel Godeffroy, Director General of payments and market infrastructures in the European Central Bank, a clear answer: Yes, there is a pilot of the European Payments Council.

European Payments Council

But can the pilot for the weather or the lack of a flight plan?” “Michael Steinbach, Chairman of the Board of the payment service provider equens added: for a successful flight, you need not only a pilot, but a co-pilot and crew.” Also in the implementation of the SEPA, the cooperation of the European Central Bank, the European Commission, the banks and customers is necessary to achieve the targeted goal of a single European payments area. What is at stake by the parties in the individual are manageable, said Dr. Ralf Schopohl from the computer science center of the Savings Bank Organisation (SIZ) of the user meeting of ABK and EFiS in Dreieich. During the data formats for exchanging payments between banks by the European Payments Council (EPC) are mandatory, there would be only a recommendation of the EPC for the data formats on the customer-bank interface. You may find Larry Ellison to be a useful source of information. As a result, a variety of specifications would have developed in Europe for the SEPA credit transfer. Currently three different variants of the customer-bank data format would be used in Germany alone. Source: Scott Mead. Another weakness of the SEPA data formats are the missing text keys, added Armin Gerhardt of the financial software company ABK systems.

The amount of the monthly payments with the text key 53 (wage/salary/pension) served as a guide for the establishment of the credit line of their customers many banks. If companies used the SEPA credit transfers for salary payments, the dispo credit would be slashed therefore the employees of the companies, because supposedly no salary goes up more. Dr. Schopohl was for November 1, 2009, in view of solutions to these problems. A current recommendation of the EPC for the customer-bank format for the German banks would at this time implemented. Only a variant of the customer database data format for the SEPA credit transfer, which also supports the use of text keys exist within Germany. Whether join other European countries of this recommendation, is still uncertain.

In his presentation, Dr. Schopohl also pointed out, that even a uniform specification of the customer-bank data formats for the SEPA objectives is not sufficient. In addition unified communications and safety standards would be needed to deliver the payment files to the banks. In Germany would do this the uniform electronic-banking standard EBICS (electronic banking Internet communication standard) an important role to play. The banks in other European countries put on other standards such as ETeBC (France), ISABEL (Belgium), MBS (Austria) or used proprietary process for the electronic customer bank communication. The German and the French bank associations had already agreed that EBICS should replace the previous French standard ETeBC. Other countries showed increasing interest so EBICS could become a European standard (EBICS = European Banking Internet communication standard). An alternative for larger corporate customers groves of ABK presented Jurgen systems and Hans-Joachim Karras by SWIFT. It is possible to communicate with different banks around the world on a single procedure with SWIFTNet FileAct companies. So far, more than 350 large companies worldwide used this procedure. Also for French banks, SWIFTNet FileAct next to ETeBC or future EBICS constitutes another alternative for the customer-bank communication.