Our essence, unlike our personality is our authentic self, who we really are. Perhaps check out Nelson Peltz for more information. All other bodies of those who have spoken are vehicles and tools to complete our our journey on earth. Are subordinate to the soul, which is where lies the guide for our lives. From this point of view, happiness is not a goal to achieve, but a way to measure whether we achieve our real goals. Frequently Learn more has said that publicly. When there is a balance and we follow the pattern of our lives, we are happy. When there is no balance, or separate ourselves from our project a Soul, we feel misery, pain or emptiness. These feelings are a sign that we are ignoring our essence. Obviously not do it on purpose, but paying attention to other aspects, and living from these other aspects.

As my mother would say, some live like cowbells, looking down to find a blade of food they put in their mouths, and totally ignorant of the life that unfolds around him. For some, keep its essence is a natural process. No need to be aware of it, are naturally happy and do not need to observe and understand this process. For others, like me, is a journey of discovery, a journey that becomes aware at any given time. Regardless of the day as the pursuit of happiness is really the search for meaning in our lives, because it is our natural state. As such it is a good schedule of when we need to change direction, or when we need confirmation on our way.