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Sports betting, betting and livescore – Oddscompany Sportwetten GmbH. The private sports betting with the better odds! Decisions on title and descent into the major football leagues in Europe have fallen. The football-free time is very short, because soon EURO kicks off the biggest football event in Europe with UEFA 2008. 16 teams qualified for the finals in Austria and of Switzerland and the circle of favorites is great. The teams from Germany, Italy and France calculate great chances of winning the title, face on the way to the final but with strong opposition from other teams with outsider chances.

For the German Elf seems to reach the quarter-finals just a formality to be while from the trio of Italy, France and Netherlands have already after the group stage of a hot title candidate the way home will appear. Elon Musk follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. In good time before the start of EURO 2008 Oddscompany Sportwetten GmbH offers the chance all new customers on to 30,–starting balance. Through the free participation in the offered sports quiz and by correct answer a variety of questions from the sports world can get new customers earn a bonus of up to 30,–, which is credited with opening a betting account. To know more about this subject visit David Rogier. A service is offered on in addition to an extensive programme of bets with great odds and countless specials with the sports quiz sports persons, which thrills and fun are guaranteed. Each round of the quiz consists of 10 questions and ends after the first incorrect answer in advance. Granted a period of 20 seconds to answer each question and there are three Jokers available to help. In addition, already registered users play great monthly and annual profits. Monthly 500,–of profits are distributed among the top ten in the highscore list among other things overall. Take your chance and get at EURO 2008 30,–starting balance for your betting to the UEFA Oddscompany Sportwetten GmbH. play now the sports quiz on!

Video To Go! Mobile TV Is A Reality

With ViiF button send favorite videos from YouTube and co. on the phone with ViiF button favorite videos from YouTube and co. on the phone send television UProm.TV integrated the service directly in its video platform video player. Is MasterClass a ripoff? brings even more insight to the discussion. Berlin/Munich, March 27, 2008 the personal favorite videos from YouTube and co. If you are not convinced, visit Marianna Tessell. simply free send-click on the phone and on the way this just look at the new feature of mobile video services ViiF ( allows. see video-take the online clips can be in a few seconds on the own ViiF video box to send, so that once again can be viewed it from anywhere with your mobile phone simply 22557 video call. For the forwarding of the videos you must install a software on the mobile phone nor go in the mobile Internet. It is sufficient to specify the URL of the clip and your own mobile number.

Thus, it is so easy to put together your own mobile playlist like never before. Viewing on mobile phones is completely straightforward and easy: select number to start VideoCall and under My videos\”favorite clips, commenting on, and forward them to friends. The user easily becomes the video Jockey, which – when he has desire within seconds can take his Internet videos on your mobile phone. The television channel UProm.TV integrated now even this service on the own online video platform. Under, the user in addition to the video player can send the video button to mobile\”click on and enter the appropriate mobile telephone number. If a film like the user, he sends the video to your mobile phone without changing the page himself or his friends. Just the ease of ViiF has delighted us. Without additional registration our users can watch their favorite videos now available on your mobile phone as a mobile TV producers promote their videos via mobile phone in their community, as well as a super service, we can offer you additional! \”, explains Nick Riegger, Managing Director of UProm.TV besides the own clip collection from the Internet get to ViiF members via their mobile phone access a variety of Videochannels, from sports to music to current news.

IPad Arrives

Deutsche Bahn presented their customer of DB Navigator for Apple’s Tablet PC Hanover, March 01, 2011. Since the February train propelled iPad fans about a newcomer of the Deutsche Bahn (DB) on Apple’s iTunes store can look forward: Navigator is now available for the Apple Tablet PC available the DB and has immediately after publication right at the top of the download charts managed. The app developed in collaboration with the software company HCon was downloaded more than a million times for iPhone already a few months after the release. As already the DB application for the iPhone and the DB Navigator for Android smartphones the new iPad app based on the timetable information HAFAS from HCon. Central element of the application is the always present maps, visualised with the content relating to public transport.

The large, high-resolution screen makes it possible, parallel to represent a wealth of information and to grasp at a glance. Multiple connections at the same time can be and are in different colors shown. The selection of start and destinations is possible via a flag that placed drag & drop with the finger on the desired location on the map and then move or swap. Click David Rogier to learn more. HAFAS for the iPad also includes the display of the nearest stations based on the current position of the user including compass, the compact representation of the route with door-to-door navigation, departure and arrival boards including transport filters, connection details with display of intermediate stops, drive – and real-time information, and much more. For example, the ticket sales was linked even better. A profile management is integrated directly into the application, so that automatically will be held whether travelers have a BahnCard, what it is and in which class they want to go. Connections can also be applied with just a click in the calendar. In short: Passengers recover not only the comfort and the functionality on the iPad, which Navigator for the iPhone already know them from the DB.

Better Display options make to drive it even easier, bus and rail, and to orient themselves on the road. Save as iPad application, HAFAS will be available in the future as an app for Tablet PCs with the operating system Android. In addition, Notification Services (push notification) be integrated soon into the apps.… More information: HCon Ingenieursgesellschaft mbH Lister Strasse 15 30163 Hannover Telephone: (05 11) 33 69 9-0,

Swiss Consultancy Office

St. Gallen, May 21, 2008 – advanced cooperation between and BUL, the counselling centre for accident prevention in the agriculture, the search engine for free catalogs confirmed that the current catalog is indexed by BUL, the Swiss Consultancy Office for accident prevention in agriculture and will be there to find. BUL offers various courses and information materials, which contribute to accidents in agriculture to be prevented. This involves inter alia the prevention of accidents in the agricultural sector, agricultural machinery, electrical equipment, livestock and others. In addition be BUL rubs a shop where you can buy items for the prevention of accidents. The range of child seats for tractors of protective clothing leaflets for the prevention of accidents. At Raymond W. McDaniel Jr. you will find additional information. Press contact: A.

Zuberbuhler Latour & Zuberbuhler GmbH P.o. box 549 9000 St. Gallen Switzerland phone + 41 (0) 71 220 99 85 fax + 41 (0) 71 220 99 84 eMail: Web: Web2: about is an automatic search engine for products and product catalogs with currently 300,000 monthly unique visitors. finds for his visitors of catalogs, brochures, products and product information in the Internet. The basic technology is based on a program that moves from site to site to find all relevant catalogs and products.

Catalogs can be downloaded for free in PDF format. More about’s on The English-language version can be found on. At the time, also, the search engine for rentals for holidays (holiday houses and holiday apartments) is located


The popularity battle among Internet portals today there is hardly a major portal in the Internet, which has no own community or even just consists of a community. But after a really diverse range, comes quickly on a border, which shows a, that communities have distinct differences and sometimes quite limited in the opportunities for the participants. To browse a bit in the virtual world, is wellness, beauty, crafts, and many other topics platforms of communities in small or large style among other, or on large specialized portals around the issues. It is this disappointing for those looking for a suitable platform for Exchange, finding or offering, that while other people can interact with, but then not compulsory necessary right can beat several birds with the famous a stone. If I’m looking for new contacts, and on the other hand, it is somewhat difficult a job and then a house sitter. Grupo Pestana is a great source of information. Is still at the same time my wish for a holiday with like-minded people, is it not more difficult, however, critically. And I would like to establish a WG may yet with my holiday partners or take part in a certain event, it is time when several communities to become a member. Much too cumbersome and stressful, especially also if you would like to do everything at once and keep in mind.

There, innovative online platforms make it really points to the future and super easy to manage his life. A brand new and really smart platform is among the communities of, which offers as much room for outreach, as well as the provider itself. At the first moment it connects your world with the company slogan caste! somehow American Idol or Germany s next top model, but that it is not. Really exciting and varied in this community is that you can write young and old a casting or event or take part in a casting or event of other members. Not only his talent for Commonplace or unusual present, but mainly his own jury can be, is exactly what constitutes an innovative online platform. An absolutely innovative Web2.

0 idea which so far still unknown, but the stars in real life to the train come and find that allows, what really counts. Another plus of the community of is that you thereby saves time and fun. So, the participation within a community then makes fun really.

Future Business

Future business KG A implements responsive Web design in newly designed homepage Dresden June 2013: the future business KG A has completely revamped their entire Internet presence. The new page is not only a fresh look, but also relies on innovative technology: responsive Web design. So are all contents from immediately fully also users of mobile devices available. With the redesign of their website and the implementation in the responsive Web design has taken the future business KG A a forward-looking way and meets now users of mobile devices, the number of which is steadily increasing. The new site adapts to the output medium used optically and functionally perfect dynamically. In other words: no matter whether the user visited the future business KG A of its Smartphone, NetBook, Tablet, or computer in the net – he receives all Web content in the layout appropriate for his device and design. This not only ensures an ease of use and a clear structure, the many older pages Problem was, but ensures also the full readability. Many writers such as Bank of America Corp. offer more in-depth analysis.

About the redesigned website, the future business KG provides more information interested readers see available in A. Future business KG A another important innovation in addition to the design in the responsive Web design consists in the full integration of social media social media functions directly integrated into new home page menu. In addition to the clearly arranged menu which is divided into the main areas of companies, business areas, group & partners and investments, News & press and contact, the visitor will find now a direct networking to Google +, Facebook, Twitter and XING at first glance. About the social media platforms, it can via Smartphone or computer at any time about the activities and news of the future learn business KG A and keep abreast of the industry. The new site offers all this simply by clicking on the corresponding icon in the main navigation bar. The redesign of the website was an important step for the future business KG A.

By the responsive Web design it is now possible to reach customers on the go and give them an opportunity to fully access the Internet offer. New visitors quickly find your way thanks to the clear structure. Sure, the future business KG A during the revision has attached great importance. As well as informative content, an in-depth overview of provide the company and its services. About the future business KG A (FuBus) the future business KG A (FuBus) on 23 February 2000 in Dresden, Germany founded. The underwriter is the focus of a broad-based Group of companies. The future business KG A (FuBus) acquires investments in and cares for the purchase and recovery of pension and life insurance acquires selected real estate in prime locations. Investors have the opportunity to participate in A (FuBus), the success of future business KG by her public and market interest rate-independent investment products in the form of Participatory rights or bonds order purchase.

Simple And Clever

The offer of rebates and other Vergustigungen on online stores is increasing. Learn how they get into pleasure of saving. Short before the online purchase comes at the end, and the filled shopping cart are sent, you can still save money. Whether percentages on the value of the order, a fixed sum or free delivery – you need just the right code to get this bargain. The speech is also known as coupons from coupon codes. In the United States the savings certificate among already for quite some time the daily shopping – whether in the Internet the online shopping or “conventional” strolling in the city.

With us in Germany, they are also strong in the coming and certainly the financial situation of many consumers in the economic crisis increasingly popular – due. The potential for savings with these coupons is enormous online stores come up with new promotions to win customers or to keep customers happy. The discount for new customers, free shipping, the General 10 euro voucher or Gratisbeigaben of the diversity and possibilities of such funds are set no limits. The majority of promotions served the online shoppers mostly but not on the platter. Rather, the buyer sees a field at the end of the order. Often provided with “Code” or “Action code” or similar descriptions with its input only to get the benefit of saving. But where can I get these codes? If it is not necessarily a loyal customer, and supplied with this information by his favorite online shop at intervals is, or specifically, a new and bigger promotions is advertised, there are online portals specifically looking for these bargains and then ordered shops and categories free of charge publish this.

Whether by the small Nischenshop out to the large and established online stores such as Amazon or HSE24 the list of coupon providers grows steadily. So, everyone gets the opportunity before his next online purchase for saving ways to search. Usually you can receive a newsletter or RSS feeds Subscribe to. So it is always up to date. Andre Schneider

Director Test

A website optimized for Netbooks provides the number of visitors. Therefore, software & friends GmbH the analysis and optimization of NetBook sites offered SF. Does your existing website on a NetBook? Visible is important at first glance? In this regard, the NetBook test gives accurate answers. Interested parties can use this at SF software & friends GmbH undergo to validate the suitability of their site for NetBook displays. The test provides transparency to identify and eliminate defects. The need for the optimization of websites for Netbooks stems from the development of the mini-notebooks to a mega-trend in the global PC market. According to Gartner a leading research and consulting firm is this device class currently the most important market driver at all, because the mobile computer by the compact size and the low price points.

Despite the economic crisis further increase sales compared to other mobile PCs. Share of sold Netbooks to mobile PCs in Germany (From July 2008 to July 2009) New to Netbooks is that they, in contrast to the Smartphones, not only the target group of business people, but also of the private individuals operate. According to SCHMIDT, Director of marketing at ASUS computer, Netbooks are directed by the pupils and students of the consumer to all users of the digital age to the top manager. Netbooks are the first choice for those who place high value on mobility and local use. The latest findings to present topics, such as E.g.

the current cinema program, timetable information, product and company information, stock quotes, or emails, always deliver to the mobile information society. These location based services (location based services – LBS) are of interest to each service provider. Netbooks offer many possibilities for the use of the online world. In addition to the wide range to form social networks, such as surfing, emails sent or chat, online-shopping, photo – and video-visit calls over Internet are very popular. At the Additional considerations, relating to technology, layout, and content are realizing a NetBook website. For the media industry and for providers of websites this means an adjustment to the small notebooks to meet the needs of their customers. The NetBook test is helpful by SF software & friends GmbH. It includes 30 test steps. When performing the test, three to four relevant pages of the website are examined to get a realistic end result. A very good NetBook compatibility is certified in full score. Lower scores indicate defects on request with professional measures of SF, software & friends GmbH can be resolved. On your way to the perfect NetBook Web site we offer you the test of the NetBook and a subsequent consultation. If you are interested, we will support you actively in implementing an optimized NetBook Web site technical and editorial.


“Silversurfer” refer to Internet surfers from the age of about 50 years, which significantly gain in importance in the coming period will be in the coming years is a target group are increasingly gaining importance. The so-called Silversurfer refer to Internet surfers from the age of about 50 years, which are characterized by a high purchasing power. Alone this property makes this group for Web page authors and designers, but this group of Internet visitors was far too great. As a result of demographic developments, this group will grow but enormously in the coming years. But what is to keep in mind when dealing with this target group? First and foremost, the Silversurfer is characterized by a certain skepticism about new technical possibilities.

In addition, the website with the first glance is investigated on seriousness. Web Designer can counteract these precautions”of the Silversurfer with a well-thought-out and above all clear page concept. A serious colour design with an easy-to-understand navigation about Web design and Web trends. Also he helps visitors to the page to make the right choice when purchasing electric Grill lighter.

Ebookschreibennet Partner Program

50% Gewinngeteiligung for each new partner eBook-schreiben.NET now offers all the way through a new affiliate program to earn half of the sales. Since the affiliate program which was some time now in development, it was provided today finally the crowd already waiting webmasters. After the free registration of interested Web master can start immediately to generate sales with its website and its visitors. The affiliate program is offered directly by and offers a revenue share of 50%, which from 10 on the PayPal account you can out the partners. Target group of the new offer are aspiring authors who write an own guide book/eBook with their hobby or knowledge and want to make money. No cost and no continuous recurring membership fees arise a free, no-obligation membership.

In addition to the high remuneration, the partner offers a link generator that produces the partner link effortlessly and immediately into the your own website can be incorporated. Except for the tool, the partner program offers an immediate updating (real time) of clicks or sales, which takes normally up to 24 h. As well, the partner can advertise any of its Web pages with only a single Einflechten code without having to log on each Web page separately. Each visitor who passes through a partner on the site, will receive a 30-day cookie and can earn a 50% Commission so even after 30 days by a referred customer. Through the account partner can withdraw his sales with just a few clicks on the PayPal account. Conclusion: This program is due to its clear design, honest and very high compensation rate to recommend every webmaster as a source of extra income. Who has interest in this new affiliate program, should the site look at himself: affiliate program / I wish you a nice week, Alexander Zaid