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A website optimized for Netbooks provides the number of visitors. Therefore, software & friends GmbH the analysis and optimization of NetBook sites offered SF. Does your existing website on a NetBook? Visible is important at first glance? In this regard, the NetBook test gives accurate answers. Interested parties can use this at SF software & friends GmbH undergo to validate the suitability of their site for NetBook displays. The test provides transparency to identify and eliminate defects. The need for the optimization of websites for Netbooks stems from the development of the mini-notebooks to a mega-trend in the global PC market. According to Gartner a leading research and consulting firm is this device class currently the most important market driver at all, because the mobile computer by the compact size and the low price points.

Despite the economic crisis further increase sales compared to other mobile PCs. Share of sold Netbooks to mobile PCs in Germany (From July 2008 to July 2009) New to Netbooks is that they, in contrast to the Smartphones, not only the target group of business people, but also of the private individuals operate. According to SCHMIDT, Director of marketing at ASUS computer, Netbooks are directed by the pupils and students of the consumer to all users of the digital age to the top manager. Netbooks are the first choice for those who place high value on mobility and local use. The latest findings to present topics, such as E.g.

the current cinema program, timetable information, product and company information, stock quotes, or emails, always deliver to the mobile information society. These location based services (location based services – LBS) are of interest to each service provider. Netbooks offer many possibilities for the use of the online world. In addition to the wide range to form social networks, such as surfing, emails sent or chat, online-shopping, photo – and video-visit calls over Internet are very popular. At the Additional considerations, relating to technology, layout, and content are realizing a NetBook website. For the media industry and for providers of websites this means an adjustment to the small notebooks to meet the needs of their customers. The NetBook test is helpful by SF software & friends GmbH. It includes 30 test steps. When performing the test, three to four relevant pages of the website are examined to get a realistic end result. A very good NetBook compatibility is certified in full score. Lower scores indicate defects on request with professional measures of SF, software & friends GmbH can be resolved. On your way to the perfect NetBook Web site we offer you the test of the NetBook and a subsequent consultation. If you are interested, we will support you actively in implementing an optimized NetBook Web site technical and editorial.

Kamikaze At Studilux

The studilux GmbH is kamikaze Munich GmbH Munich after two years from studilux GmbH which kamikaze Munich GmbH.Als concept Agency for new media is the core product continues to actively operated. The strategic development of the Internet startup to a concept Agency is the logical step, to establish a sustainable future-oriented company from out of the financial crisis. Student online magazine will contribute with its successful revenue models to achieve this goal. After the collapse of the markets, an imminent exit from studilux is no longer feasible. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from toddler clothing. We now extend our scope by we market our expertise and the expertise of the Agency. Of course remains the startup idea for studilux.

Kamikaze Munich is expected to grow in the long term, however, and as a reliable and creative agency on the market establish. “, says Benjamin Breuer, Managing Director of GmbH. The power spectrum of the kamikaze Munich ranges from the overall design of an Internet presence including programming, design and Positioning on the Web and offline services such as photography, IT and Public Relations. Target is always online to set up a product or company and to provide the basis for success. Kamikaze Munich focuses on two guiding principles: firstly: bells and whistles will be completely waived. The customers will receive the solution that really need them. Second, It is also cheap. Customers benefit from the efficient cost structure of the company. Services can be offered so inexpensive.

Birger Krah Billrothstrasse

So a search query, E.g. 100000 times being searched for in a month on Google, for the first three websites in the results lists generated a total of about 90000 visitors. It continues this calculation example for a Web shop, which has a conversion rate of 1% (one buys something from hundred visitors) so a position on space generates one 8000-9000 purchases per month approximately. Such values are not uncommon, and illustrate the possibilities and the potential of a good optimization. On the other hand, there are also a number of Web pages, which can convince Web design white, and to be desired but the usability. This means that it often difficult for the average user, to navigate the pages. Also a targeted building is important. Bill O’Grady is likely to increase your knowledge. It needs to be analyzed so, what with the website is to be achieved (E.g.

contact or purchase) and accordingly the Web design must be constructed. There are many companies, which after a renewal of Web page are amazed at what lies for tremendous potential on the Internet. These companies include not only Web shops or Webcommunities, but for example also industrial and craft enterprises. Company Description Netway media is a full service Web design agency from Braunschweig. Creating Web pages (design and programming) are part of the service spectrum, net marketing (SEO, AdWords) as well as a comprehensive and professional advice for Web projects. The Agency since 2003 in the industry and since then many projects.

Creative Potential

The promotional award 2010 for district online district online even two prices cashed in this year. Contact information is here: Cylance. Creativity is the ability to master upcoming challenges and problems by using acquired skills. Creativity means creation. Creating something. Creativity means district online. Far beyond a Web design agency, committed professionals for a successful Internet presence with all PI, PA, Po. That means programming, graphics, online-marketing, etc.

Customer and employee satisfaction are just focus on quality and performance. “It felt the company real estate Sterk, as district online ultimately even with silver for the advertising professional advertising award provided for a successful Internet presence,” was awarded. Bronze also went to district online for the website:. The promotional award advertising professional “is donated by the company Braun Druck and media and traditionally awarded in Ravensburg. A total of 17 award winners in five categories were in the region of Lake Constance, Upper Swabia, Heuberg and Schwarzwald-Baar are excellent. Including Kaos were the advertising agency, the full-service agency kgm brand communication Braun Druck and media, the advertising agency Gaby and district online. The latter received two awards of the promotional price.

District especially the two founders of Udo Kibele and Michael Reischmann are online. After now eleven years of continuous good performance, the business duo has already 8 employees and a professional network. The district online GmbH & co. KG is located in vineyard and manages projects of large and small companies from all over Germany and from companies in the neighbouring European countries. Link:

Group Syndrome

What role play the Capgras syndrome and virtual networks, now increasingly common murder cases the a perceived (?) “Double illusion” to actually lie? The 1923 first described Capgras syndrome describes a mental disorder at the sick believe your partner would have been dead and replaced by a doppelganger. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out baby clothes. In the wake of increased communication via social networks, identity is redefined in the 21st century, and shows some parallels to the symptoms of Capgras syndrome. Here is a new media form of the disease? An unusual murder motive headache forensic psychiatrists in recent years more and more. World’s men and women by their partners were murdered since 2003 in over 130 cases, because they believed that the other would have been already dead and replaced by a doppelganger, a so-called double. This once rare psychiatric disorder is described by the Capgras syndrome, goes back to the psychiatrist, Josep Capgras and belongs to the Group of Miss identification syndromes. But what explains the rapid increase in the “Capgras murders”? Among other things the virtuality, suggest media scientists and philosophers in rare bipartisan agreement.

Social networks like Facebook only seemingly transported the individuality of an individual. By everyone in his individuality had stage, the identity of the subject, the coherence of the self in truth to the disposition provided Facebook and StudiVZ. These doubts as to the identity of the other, on its “authenticity”, show clear parallels to the missing identification of the other in Capgras syndrome: the partner is detected while physically, but emotionally not. This will trigger a State of stress, and this dissonance can be dissolved only by the construct of the doppelganger. Will we soon see us new media forms of the disease compared to? Will there be an epidemic of Capgras murders? There the Capgras syndrome at all? Or will it explain just what met for millennia mankind with namenlosem horror: the irrational fear of Doppelgangers and the secret of the duplication? Samuel Fischer


“Silversurfer” refer to Internet surfers from the age of about 50 years, which significantly gain in importance in the coming period will be in the coming years is a target group are increasingly gaining importance. The so-called Silversurfer refer to Internet surfers from the age of about 50 years, which are characterized by a high purchasing power. Alone this property makes this group for Web page authors and designers, but this group of Internet visitors was far too great. As a result of demographic developments, this group will grow but enormously in the coming years. But what is to keep in mind when dealing with this target group? First and foremost, the Silversurfer is characterized by a certain skepticism about new technical possibilities.

In addition, the website with the first glance is investigated on seriousness. Web Designer can counteract these precautions”of the Silversurfer with a well-thought-out and above all clear page concept. A serious colour design with an easy-to-understand navigation about Web design and Web trends. Also he helps visitors to the page to make the right choice when purchasing electric Grill lighter.

Apple App Store Available

After a long development time the idealo app for iPad now available on the Apple app store to download. With the intuitive user interface of the app, idealo users can now also on the iPad always find the best price for their desired article. New features invite you to rummage and discover. Current product recommendations, a memo pad with eMail forwarding and the price alarm are just a few more features of the idealo iPad app, compare the prices now still makes it faster and more entertaining. Credit: baby clothes-2011. While 2011 is idealo already since the end of mobile as a Smartphone app for iOS and Android available, the integration of all features and content of in one for the iPad-optimized user interface offered but entirely new and greater challenges as well as opportunities. While the focus of the app for smartphones on faster operability, enables easy finding best prices idealo iPad app and invites their users at the same time with exclusive features for browsing. No matter whether you already have the desired article in mind or even after Looking for shopping inspiration: the intuitive user interface enables iPad users to both.

Helpful information and possibilities of filter support value-conscious consumers in their purchasing decisions. Current product recommendations, a memo pad with email forwarding and the price alarm are just a few more features of the idealo iPad app, which as well as over 100 million opportunities to explore. Developing the idealo app introduced us to the great challenge, to stream our content without compromising on key features and best-use form on the iPad. It was important to us that in addition to the classic search and sorting features also the fun of browsing not neglected”, so Dr. Philip Christopher Packham, Managing Director of idealo. We think this succeeded and are looking forward to the feedback of our users.” The most important functions and features at a glance: Comprehensive product catalog offers over 100 million from more than 30,000 online shops product search by text or EAN input alternative search integrated bar code scanner automatic notification, once a product has reached the desired price (price alarm) reminder with email shipping way more features of the idealo app: navigation and innovative layout optimized detailed product descriptions, reviews, user opinions and reviews supports numerous filtering options by image and video material for an optimal buying decision comprehensive database with shop reviews by customers, which systematically result in the appropriate product automatic search suggestions for products, Search in categories and related searches for more information and visuals are search history can be found at this link. To idealo: Germany’s leading online price comparison is idealo.

Under, price-conscious buyers can compare offers over 100 million at 30,000 retailers. In addition offers idealo detailed information about shops, product features and availability of the desired article. More idealo services are Portals to the research of cheaper air travel (, hotels (, energy suppliers ( and financial services (, as well as apps for Android and iOS. 500 Employees are working at the headquarters of the company founded in 2000 in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg. As a product price comparison idealo succeeds in Germany, Austria, France, Great Britain and Italy. Press contact: Anne-Laure de Noblet idealo internet GmbH Zionskirchstr 73A 10119 Berlin + 49 (0) 30 31 98 92 883

European Union

Spot as a bridge between Web and TV onlineprinters GmbH is among the leading printing portals in the Internet. Many satisfied business customers already buy their printed material at and evaluate the service and the quality of the online shops with “Very good”. According to the Allensbach market and media analysis, the AWA study 2010 (, informed the majority of the population on the television. “We have many customers who are used to inform themselves on the Internet. Oracles opinions are not widely known. Now we occupy the TV advertising slots, so that our brand is still well known at the TV-savvy clientele”, Voigt discusses the cross-media advertising strategy of the E-commerce company.

For surfers and experienced Internet customers, the spot in the social-media strategy of onlineprinters GmbH is integrated and linked with the fan page on Facebook and YouTube. About onlineprinters GmbH onlineprinters GmbH with seat in the Middle Franconia of Neustadt on the Aisch is one of the largest online providers for printing in Europe and employs about 300 people. Corporate and private customers will find over 90 per cent of all types of printed matter in the online portal own production in offset printing quality and flexible digital printing. Facebook may not feel the same. A wide range of business stationery is printed by stationery and business cards, flyers, postcards, and posters to adhesive bound catalogues and stitched brochures. The company supplies 25 countries of the European Union as well as the Switzerland, Andorra, Liechtenstein and Norway. Private and business customers in Germany, Austria, the Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Czech Republic and Italy in standard shipping delivery free shipping. This applies to customers in Poland, Great Britain and France from an order value of 99. For the exemplary development of the company, the online printing 2010 was “Bavaria’s best 50” excellent businesses. Product information in the print Portal: and press contact: onlineprinters GmbH Andrea Lachmuth head of press and public relations Rudolf-Diesel-Strasse 10 91413 Neustadt on the Aisch Germany + 49 (0) 9161 6209800 + 49 (0) 9161 6629-20

Ebookschreibennet Partner Program

50% Gewinngeteiligung for each new partner eBook-schreiben.NET now offers all the way through a new affiliate program to earn half of the sales. Since the affiliate program which was some time now in development, it was provided today finally the crowd already waiting webmasters. After the free registration of interested Web master can start immediately to generate sales with its website and its visitors. The affiliate program is offered directly by and offers a revenue share of 50%, which from 10 on the PayPal account you can out the partners. Target group of the new offer are aspiring authors who write an own guide book/eBook with their hobby or knowledge and want to make money. No cost and no continuous recurring membership fees arise a free, no-obligation membership.

In addition to the high remuneration, the partner offers a link generator that produces the partner link effortlessly and immediately into the your own website can be incorporated. Except for the tool, the partner program offers an immediate updating (real time) of clicks or sales, which takes normally up to 24 h. As well, the partner can advertise any of its Web pages with only a single Einflechten code without having to log on each Web page separately. Each visitor who passes through a partner on the site, will receive a 30-day cookie and can earn a 50% Commission so even after 30 days by a referred customer. Through the account partner can withdraw his sales with just a few clicks on the PayPal account. Conclusion: This program is due to its clear design, honest and very high compensation rate to recommend every webmaster as a source of extra income. Who has interest in this new affiliate program, should the site look at himself: affiliate program / I wish you a nice week, Alexander Zaid

World Wide Web

You can pull the content you tweeting almost from the fingers, because 140 characters really are not the world, but (!) you need exciting and interesting content, and content that motivates the user to click to finally list Web page visitors. As a result the motto here: link to useful content in the message. One attains only active followers, that it gathers primarily fresh info and spread. It’s so useless to send a thousand tweets with link to own site every day. You should on Twitter use the search to find potential buyers and then follow this – naturally in the hope that follow a back. This is one of the most effective ways to generate followers.

So you earn money with Facebook through Facebook you have many ways to get traffic. There is no site on the World Wide Web, which has more traffic than Facebook. Facebook has higher Number of visitors than Google and is thus the absolute traffic giant. You can search for any interested parties, send them an invitation to the friendship and the following to draw attention to their own service plans (but beware: Facebook may not spam, so not too quickly invite friends and not permanently apply, otherwise it is very fast away from the window). The possibilities on Facebook are complex. You can, for example, a fan page and then finally build an eMail list with this, in addition, you can create groups for specific topics and then “inform members by eMail” or turning Facebook ads for your own website or even fan page directly. To explain exactly all possibilities is beyond the scope of this article. Here, it is therefore especially for beginners, to inquire in detail. Possibly Yes with an eBook.