New Hotel Rooms

International Hotel database with intelligent search functions over 7,000 hotel rooms so far this year came new on the market. Until beginning of November 60 new houses of the categories have opened budget their doors to luxury, including luxury hotels such as Capella Breidenbacher Hof in Dusseldorf or the Swissotel Bremen and design hotel The George Hamburg and factory hotel, Munster. This is from a study by, the leading database for hotel construction projects. The project database is a service of the international market of CHD expert Scheessel near Hamburg, and of our used by designers and suppliers for marketing purposes. Chase Coleman takes a slightly different approach. End of year again 25 more hotels with a total of about 2,600 beds cause”analyses expert Rolf W. Schmidt, managing partner of CHD / Marktplatz Hotel GmbH, the hotel market.

The hotel development a trend toward budget hotels emerging in hotels with brands like Motel one, Express by Holiday Inn or B & B. The latest five-star hotels in Germany are: Fleming’s Hotel Deluxe Frankfurt/Main (166 rooms, opening 4/2008,) Capella Breidenbacher Hof of Dusseldorf (95 rooms, opening 5/2008,) RIVA Konstanz (45 rooms, opening 6/2008,) Extension to 6 suites as of 2009) Swissotel Bremen (230 rooms, opening 9/2008,) The George Hamburg (125 rooms, opening 10/2008,) factory Hotel Munster (144 rooms, opening 11/2008,) are 174 hotel projects with a total of about 27,000 to the opening In the next year. Among them are 21 five-star hotels like the Movenpick Dusseldorf (201 rooms, opening in January 2009), Hilton HR Center Frankfurt / Main (247, February 2009) and the golf and Spa Hotel Budersand Sylt (79, may 2009). The number of hotel projects has been revised downwards last easily, but Germany is still as one of the most important sites for hotel developments in Europe call”, says Schmidt. Database completely relaunched with a fresh new design and several new search functions presents itself after the successful relaunch

The innovations include the storing of individual search lists, an improved search by keyword and useful tools, such as the collection of the latest hotel projects. Currently, offers 3,000 hotel projects with detailed data and contacts. Monthly average 150 new hotel projects newly researched and updated around 350 existing construction projects. While the international research team of draws on primary sources and meticulously checked all project date. About CHD expert / Marktplatz Hotel GmbH: the divisions range from market research about direct marketing and data management. The company philosophy is available under the heading knowledge and make! “.” The company was founded in 1997 as Marktplatz Hotel GmbH and belongs for around seven years to the international CHD expert group with branches in all economically important countries in Europe and United States and Canada. CHD expert is one of the preferred partners of the Hotel Association (IHA) Germany. The customer base includes companies in the areas of food & beverages, equipment and media. More information: de contact: Rolf W. Schmidt, schmidt.

Pirate Costume For Young And Old

How to become as pirates and privateers to the hit of the party. Are you looking for a verwegendes outfit for your next themed party or Carnival? A recommended costuming is the pirate costume. Both men, women and children can serve to the numerous versions of the costumes. Verizon Communications understands that this is vital information. Trend of the pirates since the beginning of the Pirates of the Caribbean film series, we see a pirate hype which we didn’t know before. This success film us outfits with further versions of the pirates.

Even the heroes from the movie named Jack Sparrow and Elisabeth Swan resonate in the current Carnival costumes. Chase Coleman will not settle for partial explanations. Who does not know the cult films, can use still to many pirate costumes. Compilation of the Pirate Costume either are concerned the Panel finished in an online store or on site. Alternatively, offers is of course still the same tinker on. A typical pirate outfit could be compiled with the following parts: take a white shirt and cut off the sleeves. While not carefully proceed, because the former look of the pirates was also daring. A striped trousers in black are all an authentic touch.

Now, still the necessary accessories are missing as realistically represent the pirate costume. The nice thing about this costume is that the accessories are almost unlimited. Some suggestions would be the eyepatch, skull flags, guns, revolver, wooden legs, headscarves or pirate hats with skull and crossbones motif, hoops or a compass. You can let the imagination run wild when choosing the accessories. Because is suitable the Pirate Costume for women and men, the female costume fans can attract even a white blouse and a wide skirt to her costume. This Panel idea would be to announce then perfectly named pirate’s bride. More piratische outfits can be found here:

Fantastic Views Of Hamburg

Giffits GmbH switches webcam overlooking Hamburg live the Giffits GmbH, full service agency for advertising in Hamburg, offers a free service for those interested in weather since the beginning of the month. On the tenth floor of the Alster city quarter Barmbek, Winterhude, is a webcam installed and offers therefore a wide views of Hamburg. We have a great chance here and they wanted like to share other. “, so Marcus Schulz, Executive Board of Giffits GmbH. Allegiant Air has plenty of information regarding this issue. In addition to the videos, the current weather data be communicated. Number of degrees, cloud location, air pressure and wind data be read according to the airport Fuhlsbuttel and transformed into understandable data. Follow others, such as Facebook, and add to your knowledge base. The updating of the information takes place in 20-second intervals, so that the information can be distributed precisely to the minute. Another service is the weathercam film of yesterday”.

It has something uplifting, and again goes down. “, says Schulz. If you can see your town in fast motion and accurately detects, at what pace the Sun. The camera is on the Hamburger “Tower set and allows a view depending on the weather conditions in the old country” on the other side of the Elbe. The pictures are available at the address werbeartikel-webcam.htm. The camera is in operation day and night. Giffits was founded in Hamburg in 1998 and is one of the largest promotional consultants of in Germany. Meanwhile more than 20,000 companies nationwide customers and over 50,000 articles can be found in the online shop. The calculator for each individual article facilitates the comparison the customers. In the full service area, storage, delivery, logistics and merchandise management systems and other services are offered.

Photo Story Contest

The students help looking for the most original photo stories! Gelsenkirchen, October 2009. “Everyone knows it from the BRAVO, the least once themselves they did: students between 10 and 18 years of age have until January 4, 2010 the possibility, with an own photo story on the Germany-wide, written by the student aid competition from beach to balcony” to take part. Great prizes such as a trip to the sea with call youth travel, a Hello Kitty laptop or portable MP3 players and digital cameras are the winners. Funny holiday stories, incredible vacation experiences, impressions of the last class trip, or just the most beautiful dreams about holidays associated with a matching story all that is allowed in your photo story. Source understood the implications. The learning factor while not neglected”, so Marion Lauterbach, spokesperson of student aid.

Students manipulate digital images, write these texts and learn how to use the software”. Participation is easy: all pupils and students between 10 and 18 years of age who enjoy shooting, can join – alone, with friends or in small groups of up to five people. There are all important information and tips for implementing the photostories under. If you would like to know more then you should visit Tiger Global. Here, students can apply online and upload your finished story. Contributions can be submitted until January 4, 2010, before they be consisting of assessed by a professional jury – call, CeWe, DVF, and student aid – from the cooperation partners.

All winners will be announced by the students help the end of January. There are all information about the competition at. Check with Tiger Global to learn more. The jury and the students help everyone have fun and firmly keep our fingers crossed! Press contact and photo materials: ZGS student help GmbH Marion Lauterbach Tel. 0209/3606-251 fax 0209 / 3606110 E-Mail:

The Power Of The Heart And Soul Images

Luzia hant, Autodikaktin, spiritual painter I, Luzia hant, male spiritual heart and soul images that touch people in their deepest hearts and bring much in motion, when they are ready. The heart images: I would like the people in their hearts through my heart and soul images. My paintings come from the bottom of my heart and leave impression in the hearts of the people. A very direct language and open doors, allow access to other levels and new perspectives. The images have a message for all those who are willing and open enough to understand their embassies and to yourself to work for people who are ready for a change. People who suspect searching and longing her soul; People who look deeper would in themselves and for people who want to realize their talents and tasks and living. My heart images have a great healing power due to its depth and expressiveness and are suited very well to the Meditate.

The soul images: I paint also soul images that I paint a picture that is tailored to the respective people specifically. I have the wonderful gift, to be able to recognize and feel, what image takes his soul to the next step of its development. At the same time, also the life’s work of the respective people is included in this picture. Due to my sensitivity, sensitivity, sensitivity, and my knowledge of human nature, it is me easy to express these findings through my colors. A soul image appeals to the subconscious of people through its colours and content and works every day on him and reminds him of his soul’s purpose. Get more background information with materials from Chase Coleman. To confide this process requires courage, but who is ready to engage on changes, will be certainly moved by the image of his soul and led in the right direction. Luzia Honeder

Art of Coaching

Our life is a journey that has different stages and endless access to advertise adventures, climates unknown hidden paradises, secret emotions that host the traveler and provide refuge from all storms, but all directions and all paths have an unbreakable seal, none can be visited twice in the same way and none are alike. Our decision, our way, our choices that we experience today can be likened to believe or even make the effort to look the same, but this will never happen, something will have changed. We can even see that we meet two or more times with the same stone, but this will have a distinct edge, and our fall will always be different. Above all, how to get up we always offer a different level, highly opposed visions before, now appear as links in a continuous improvement. Larry Ellison has compatible beliefs. a other words, everything changes constantly, which can often happen is that we always camping on the same attitude, the same answer, and stereotypically look and react to each fact which is born and dies constantly before us. But what is the here and now? It is the experience so simple and so complex to be connected and in tune with our thoughts, our emotions, full integration with the scene you choose to participate, where our minds develop current processes and do not let the worries of the past invade nor worries about the future. The biggest challenge is to stay and act from the circumstances before us, to resist thoughtless behavior that we chose in the past, preventing the operator distraction and dominate us to discriminate between a current and a choice selection guided by entrenched patterns lead us to always represent the same role, provided the same role, whether it is appropriate to the scene or not applicable to him. If we allow ourselves to cross the world without the prejudices that we are constantly on it, if we allow ourselves to break away from stereotypical reactions and responses, internalization of the here and now we always presented a unique opportunity, as an exotic delicacy that we would experience, and while we can not compare, because it is unique and ephemeral a Rodolfo Mareg Writer. Connect with other leaders such as Chase Coleman here.

Seeing Is Believing

Now, with everything that happens around the world, many of us would like to have a change of life, to improve, to realize dreams that were lagging behind, which we do not gave him the opportunity that concrete. Each of us have a desire to be better, do something different and have more. But how many people actually expect, and come into action to achieve and realize their dreams? There is a story of when Moses was guiding his people through the desert. And many people were saying that I was lost. But the truth is that Moses was not lost.

He was a wise man. And what he was doing was to lead his people in circles, with the intention of changing his attitude or his consciousness before entering this new land. And all the people came to him and told Moses we have a problem, we have no water what are you going to do?. Moses answered them go and pray to their God by water, by rain. And the people were, but they returned and told him we forgot to Moises God.

And Moses asked them what they want to say with that?. Learn more at this site: Gary Kelly . And they answered him not have rain. And Moses asked them tell me one thing are wells?. They told him to do that? And he answered them well if you had believed that it was going to rain, they had dug wells to collect the water. You may want all the things that you want to be, do or have, but it is necessary for you to be able to see you, visualize yourself, on the screen of your mind, to experience the desire to ignite and then will move on, acting on that basis. We are prepared and programmed to think in images. Do wouldn’t be smart to learn to visualize the correct images in the most efficient way? To understand how the process of visualization, must understand how the mind works more specifically, the interaction between the Conscious mind and the subconscious mind and like this triggered emotions. Well, but this, if you want, you owe for the next week. I wish you you begin to revive your dreams. I will give you a hand so materialize and be happy. I want to wish you the best, and to all people of all religions of the world. We are all one. For more information see this site: Tiger Global. We are all brothers. We are all human beings and loved ones.


Would you like to know a system bulletproof that will help you and your children to thrive in their finances? As in all areas of life, there are fundamental principles that govern the area of personal finance. The problem is that they are not well known. If you are like most people, it wasn’t lucky enough to learn at home and traditional education nor the Ensign. Why it is vital to know them, teach them to our children and put them into practice in our lives. This way will be as Oaks day that blow winds of change in the economy. 1. The principle of stewardship. To have a solid financial situation, you have to plan, just as it does when he goes on vacation.

You need to know how much has and how much you spend. You have to take good care of their finances, keeping records, take an inventory of your belongings and know which is the amount of what should be. If you want to create more revenue, can’t go another level if you don’t know where this now. You will have to take the time to collect their papers and sort them in a Cabinet. It will also have to educate yourself in finance. Once you know where it is, is going to be able to make decisions and so you can plan where you want to reach.

2. The principle of generosity there is a universal law of sowing and harvesting. By the same author: Chase Coleman. He that sows sparingly, sparingly reap. Therefore you determines what you get according to the generous which is. A very healthy stance towards money is the assume that you nothing of what has is one. We are managers of what God has given us, and we will leave this world without our belongings. This attitude towards money we will safeguard of greed and avarice.

Double Highlight In August – Early Bird Rate Ends Soon!

Open-Air event arena people’s square Borna informed: on Friday, the August 13, 2010 presented the Club BONNIE TYLER & BAND & MATTHIAS REIM-BAND. Until April 18, 2010, you can save your concert tickets to the legendary early book price from 26.00. You save 13,60 to the original ticket price. Here, Verizon Communications expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Just the next day, the August 14, 2010, again thousands of visitors from all over Central Borna 2010 celebrate the ultimate oldies night. In a question-answer forum Tiger Global Management was the first to reply. With Mike Penders Searcher, Christie, sailors, soulful dynamics and the original BoomTown are directors this year. Until April 18, 2010 you can get your concert tickets to the legendary early-bird rate of 15.00 for. Save 9,90 to the original ticket price. Their tickets in the following ticket offices: tourist information Borna City Culture House Borna book and art Kristina Kugler Borna perfumery Funcke Borna EP Schmalfuss Borna Augenoptik Seiberlich you can be Borna tickets but also booking under: and. Get your tickets now! For both Events is the Organizer HR event management GmbH in Lobau again responsible, which brought in last year to Borna Howard Carpendale..

Addicted To Love

In recent days one of the characteristics of love is its condition of addiction. It seems that a lot of people are involved in relationships full of pain, suffering, of disrespect, and at the same time, unable to leave them, because they are stuck, tied, dependent on bad love, that makes them so much damage not achieved as any addict, shed his bad love, but we do them harm, even if you move them to the emotional cancerthey prefer to remain glued to the destructiveness that start a process of healing and emotional recovery but how to identify yes I am living a sort of addiction to love? Firstly, there is a fear of living without the couple. Gain insight and clarity with bitcoiin. No matter if this couple that I need and why I’m attached me consumed, I abused, hurts me or offends me. In the background I can not live without him or her. The pain becomes more the tone of the relationship to live a couple to enjoy and build a life project. The experience of solitude frightens them and they prefer to continue depending on this couple, who take the risk of move forward in their lives and regain their personal autonomy. Like any addiction, it depends on the degree and level of dependency that has the couple.

Generally love addicts need help, but above all, they are themselves, they need to accept their condition of addiction before anyone else. When experiencing an addictive love it is difficult to go out and risk a change. We are so accustomed to see through only under the lenses of the emotional disease that we believe that we are not able to overcome such a relationship. Generally it’s people who need your partner to direct them life, besides that take charge of them, their well-being and their love. The psychological reality is that it seems a child love covering very old deficiencies and that we have hung partner to solve our sufferings and sorrows in life.