The other already does not import more, if I need to go up of position in a company any, if I can, I go up whatever the cost, exactly that the other has that to suffer some type of damage. The social conviviality is each more difficult time, therefore more we do not worry in them about the next one, with our neighbors. We are not capable to talk with our neighbors regarding the problems that our families possess. But we say one for the other ' ' I take care of of my life and you he takes care of of sua' '. Of this form, if the neighbor or its son commits some act against the citizenship against the human values, us already does not import in them.

In them we do not feel ones for the others responsible. What it matters is that I have my life and you its. We live in a world where the goodness already is not plus a total gratuitousness. Although it has those that are good unconditionally, however the majority only acts well in accordance with its interests, that is, of what they can remove, to usufruct of the other. Here we can see plus aspect of the nietzscheana moral, therefore it is not located in the goodness and yes in the force.

Soon, the goal of the humanity would not have to be a production of better espritos as they nail to the religious doctrines and yes the creation of same men who surpass itself, to the values of its time and either supermen in the nietzscheana vision. Those that for its will of being able make what they want of its lives without importing itself with the damages that can cause to the other or the humanity. This having to the fact, as Nietzsche says: its ethics are pautada in aristocratic ethics, established in the desires and the will of power, having as model the virtues of the warriors of the old Greeks.