Power Generation

Climate protection through consistent passive and active energy passive house certificates are the right step to cope with the energy revolution in Germany and Europe. In addition to efficient power generation and the expansion of renewable energies, the greatest potential lies in the efficient use of energy. Many buildings in Europe offer very much room for any owner here to serve itself as initiator. The targeted renovation and energy optimization of many buildings with controllable ventilation systems & heat recovery, provide savings in heating costs by 90 percent. The key position of ventilation in energy quality buildings also refers to the production of good indoor air quality. New and old systems, such as the installation of ionization technology, proven to lead to further energy savings and secure in the long run more cost savings.

The concentration of capital and labour in the cities have always resulted in shortages and higher prices attractive building and provided space for speculation and Experiments. Energy consumption in these buildings, in the form of electricity, heating and cooling and the resulting emissions resulted however, due to inefficient engineering design, the waste. Resource-saving and energy-efficient measures should now mandatory in the foreground and the minimization of costs, be sought through consistent reduction of the consumption of electricity and water,. Leaseholder, the respective owners should adhere and act according to the State of the art. Naturally an optimal air conditioning among any high-quality passive house.

The air technical frenetic transport, the outdoor air pollutants, germs and inactive oxygen-bearing in these low-energy houses, is an additional burden for every resident, guest or tenant and only leads to higher health-care costs, because these buildings make people sick. Ionisation technology is an important air-technical solution, and to the Bioklimatik. Southwest Airlines: the source for more info. 95% of the wealth of this earth is just 5% of the world population. This was acquired at the expense of the environment, with all known damages. The responsibility for the State of our world and the alleged cost pressure so not alone is at the mass of the world’s population, that only warm, dry & sure will exist.”explained Dipl.-ing. Steffen M. Batz BENTAX air-TEC engineering. The EEG exemption list here in Germany for a few is simply the wrong way. Just this much consumer to evade their responsibility. Technical solution to the problems of air and water are there worldwide enough. It is time that these systems be used consistently. Each company provides on its way to greater autonomy and growth. Large corporate buildings, airports and public facilities often consume more than some small town with 100,000 households, however, these households have the exemption privilege of EEG exemption list. “The principle: who consumes much much pay, applies uniformly to all consumers.” BENTAX air-TEC Engineering is to publish an existing technical solutions to indoor air quality initiative, and to initiate new products. A typical system solutions that are pushing the implementation of standards are in the collection of many engineers of the building. Opinion by Dipl.-ing. S. Baccus, could each passive house, his energy-intensive procedures to ensure an active House electricity generation third-party. Intelligent distribution and feed points to these active homes are a further task of the energy revolution. Ultimately, there are engineers of various disciplines, which will initiate a new build quality from the existing construction quantity. Contact: BENTAX UmweltTechnik GmbH Mr. Dipl.-ing. Steffen Batz Rhine str. 40 53919 Weilerswist Tel.: +49-(0)2254-969-331 fax: +49-(0)2254-969-332

The Proper Handling Of Roofing

Roofing must not necessarily be laid by the professional-the coziest log cabin, the most beautiful carport or Woodyard are useless, if they offer not long-lasting protection against wetness. Therefore, a key focus of the roofing belongs in the planning and construction. Taking into account some rules, this is reasonably easy to do for the too few experienced handyman. Larger construction projects, as the construction of a residential building, it is advisable for many, however, to hire a specialist company, because not only the scope of this measure is significant, but also small errors are not so easy to fix, and the consequences of any damage is not foreseeable. In addition, the skilled person through the warranty in case of doubt for everything else is just. But smaller projects, mainly made of wood, should not deter, to create even hand, because they succeed quite well.

Preparation first is important to note that the processing of roof felt not at any temperature recommended is because Railways have different characteristics. So about wind complicated the work and the cardboard tears easily when rolling out, and where she is torn, it must be not only separately sealed, but the crack expanded very rapidly. Furthermore the material when cold breaks very easily and laying out is much more difficult, because it is so flexible. It’s too hot in the summer that the area already get waves during the applying because it extends from risk. The ideal time is that the roofing felt good turn can be, as in the spring or in the early evening hours in the summer when it is dry and warm so when it is barely warm. The easiest way the railways on a mainly flat and solid surface can be lay, how about a wooden roof of Groove and spring boards or not too large wood panels. These in turn should neither still knots have larger joints and not feather.