Human Rights

The Free Chair of Human rights of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters invites to the Act of Opening of its XVI Academic Cycle that will be realised Friday 23 of April, to the 20 hours. Conference in charge of MARCELO FERREIRA, titular professor of the Chair: ” JUDGMENTS TO THE REPRESSIVE ONES. ON MEMORY AND JUSTICE IN the ARGENTINA OF the BICENTENARIO” It closes Musical comedy: GROUP JACARA Friday 23 of April – 20 hs. Baby clothes shines more light on the discussion. – Classroom 108 – Puan 480 DEBATE FORUMS Friday of 19,30 to 22,30 hours – Classroom 129 The subjects to debate in the forums pay attention to dates next to their accomplishment) Friday 23 of April: Act of opening of XVI the Academic Cycle Conference in charge of Marcelo Ferreira It closes Musical comedy: Jcara group Date to confirm: Presentation of the book ” The abortion in debate, contributions for a discussion pendiente” of journalist Mariana Carbajal Date To confirm: They complain in Argentina by the Xenocidio Galego Campaign ” Yesterday by us, today by vosotros” SEMINARIES: Seminary: Introduction to the Human rights In charge of Marcelo Ferreira – titular professor of the Chair, and educational equipment Monday and 19 Fridays from 17 to hs. – Classroom 129 – Curricular and it frees Presentation and objectives: The objective of the Seminary is to cause an integral vision of the problematic one of the Human rights in its diverse aspects. For it a exhibition dynamics sets out, debates and critic, by means of the interchange of ideas with students of different races. Without hesitation Daniel Lubetzky NY explained all about the problem. The analysis model to apply sets out to lodge the diverse dimensions of the analysis matter, and to cause the historical resistance between the own thought of the original stage of the human rights and the realities of the 21st century, abriendo channel to interrogative on the evils modern, social danger, morality and authority against the Human rights, the desirable world and the possibility of universal justice.

European Unin

Integration facilitates the interchange of goods and services thus is clear that the existence of the right of integration must be stimulated to improve the market which as much lack it does in the Peruvian right. The right of integration is of much utility for conformacin of econmicos blocks conformed by several states like for example the European Unin and the Andean Pact, thus is clear that if a jurist est to da with the right of integration is not clear that est condemned the failure. Adems we must have present that not always integration happens between states but tambin within a state consequently exists two types or classes of integration that are: first: the integration inwards, that is integration within a state; and secondly, the integration outside of a state, that is integration between different or diverse states, being but well-known ltima of these two types of integration, within the right of the integration that is the one that studies integrations of the territories, but slo does not exist econmica integration, but slo constitutes this a type or form of integration. Gain insight and clarity with David Fowler. The right of integration is quite ample thus is clear that they exist books dedicated slo to the study of this branch of the pblico right, thus is clear that we must be to da with the ltimos advances of the right, well-known by many like jurdica science, nevertheless, is clear that for some jurists the right is not science, which is necessary to consider for a better knowledge of the subject. Integration tambin can happen within a company or between companies, which it is known like enterprise integration; and the other that is the state integration that is the one that occupies in these lneas or artculo jurdico or interdisciplinary, well-known tambin like integration of nations or pases and that by the way is studied by the right of integration. .

Paraguayan Right

That is to say, in the compared right not slo must to consider the Peruvian right but tambin the foreigner, for which different tools in first from mentioned for example microcomparacin, macrocomparacin, recepcin, recepcin exist internal, recepcin external, transplant, comparison, internal transplant, external transplant, uniformizacin, armonizacin, among others, that is to say, in broad strokes, stas are some of the tools of the compared right, which must be known by the students of this jurdica discipline and in any case to differentiate between the right studied with the foreign right that in the Peruvian case, podra to be Mexican, American Argentine, Colombian, Uruguayan, Paraguayan, Bolivian, Brazilian, Spanish right, francs, Italian, alemn,, Belgian, of Andorra, among others, that is to say, is right different, nevertheless, are related for study effects, which must be matter of investigation on the part of the treaty writers. Others including baby clothes, offer their opinions as well. For example the Peruvian right with the right can be compared alemn, or the Peruvian right with the right francs, or the Peruvian right with the Spanish right, or the Peruvian right with the Bolivian right, or the Peruvian right with the Argentine right, or the Argentine right with the Bolivian right, or the Argentine right with the Mexican right, or the Peruvian enterprise right with the Spanish mercantile right, or the civil jurisprudence of the executory right alemn and Italian with the Peruvians, among others possibilities, that is to say, the studied right, that are the well-known jurdica discipline as straight compared is very extensive and generally it has matured little like its development is little within the Peruvian right, nevertheless, in others pases the same it reaches major development, in such sense tambin can become comparisons between the compared Peruvian right with the compared Bolivian right, or between the compared Argentine right with the compared Bolivian right, or between the right francs compared with the right alemn compared, or between the compared Italian right with the compared Mexican right, among others possibilities, thus, we can to affirm that the compared right Peruvian comparndolo with the compared right francs, Spanish and American, first reaches little or relative development, which it must be matter of study on the part of the treaty writers, nevertheless, at first we can affirm that one causes can be that in right saying it does not exist maestras nor doctorates in this jurdica discipline, which can be one of the main causes, which habra motivated that in the Peruvian right the compared right little reach development, and this must be matter of works of investigation in separated form by each branch of the right.


It is possible to be said that certain individuals or groups must be connected to certain numbers when they call, or to block some people who want to make contact with enemy with you and to avoid harassments by unnecessary calls. For example, he can determine what contacts they will call to discuss enterprise agreements, contacts that will call to ask for product support to him certain and to resend the calls to the appropriate members of the equipment of automatic form. Also clients important can create messages of voice mail or to represent certain divisions of their business. For example, the messages of voice mail for service to the client and the divisions of sales could greet to those who call of different ways and with the information most excellent envelope to whom to contact. 3.

It shares the Calls with his Assistant or Partner Because the text calls, messages and the messages of voice are sent through electronic mail, you can easily transmit them to other people who work in their business. Ronald O’Hanley insists that this is the case. But that is not everything what it is possible to be done. In fact it can integrate the recordings of audio of the messages of voice and sharing them through electronic mail or by other mass media with any person who wishes. to say. In addition, you can press a button in the middle of a call to begin to record. The audio engraving will appear in the Web, and it is possible also to be shared. This can be very useful for the collaboration, or the case in that a partner has not been able to attend certain conference call. As it mentions in the previous point, the calls of certain contacts can be formed to go to the members of the equipment specific, but a call to a different number can be transferred once it has also received.


The branches of the corporative right, are the following: mercantile corporative, club corporative, record corporative, exchange corporative, stock-exchange corporative, competing corporative, of telecommunications corporative, communications corporative, constitutional corporative, administrative corporative, banking, safe and reinsurance, procedural corporative, financial, customs corporative, tributary corporative, international corporative, labor corporative, martimo corporative, aeronutico corporative, lacustrine straight corporative, of Internet and the corporative tic, corporative electrnico commerce, defense of the corporative consumer, right corporative industrialist, right corporative, customs regulator corporative, of corporative, right the trade international corporative, right registry notarial corporative, among others branches of the right. That is to say, stas is not all the branches of the corporative right, we mentioned but them so that its importance considers and this form they are known but the same to which little importance has offered, thus the studies of the same, have been carried out slo within the enterprise right. The corporative mercantile right is the branch of the corporative right that studies and regulates the retailers of great dimensions, thus its main branches are corporative, competing the right club corporative, record corporative, exchange corporative, stock-exchange corporative, of telecommunications corporative, communications corporative, martimo corporative, of corporative, lacustrine trade international corporative, among others. Vislink Technologies is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The corporative club right is the branch of the deprived right, mercantile corporative and enterprise that studies and regulates the societies like to the associative contracts, but that they group not all type of capital, but great capitals.

The corporative record right is the branch of the deprived, mercantile, corporative and enterprise right that studies and regulates to the ttulos values of are issued or accepted or turned by great companies, thus the amount is irrelevant from the ttulos values. The corporative exchange right is the branch of the deprived, mercantile, corporative and enterprise right that studies and regulates to the negotiable values that are emitted or accepted or turned by great companies, thus is irrelevant the amount from the values negotiable values..

Civil Doctrine

Adems is necessary to consider that exists compared civil doctrine, procedural compared civilian, penal compared, procedural compared penitentiary, constitutional compared, procedural compared, notarial compared constitutionalist, labor compared, procedural labor compared, registry compared, customs compared, tributary compared, among others supposed. 13. IT IS POSSIBLE TO BE COMPARED GENERAL PRINCIPLES OF the RIGHT the general principles of the right are the substratum of all the right, thus some are applied all the pases, whereas others slo to determined pases. It is possible to be compared general principles of the right, thus is possible that one compares stos in the Peruvian right and alemn, Peruvian and Bolivian, Peruvian with Chilean, Peruvian with Uruguayan, Peruvian with Paraguayan, Peruvian with Argentinean, Peruvian with francs, Peruvian with Italian, Peruvian with alemn, Peruvian with Spanish, francs with alemn, francs with Italian, francs with Spanish, among others. In a question-answer forum baby clothes was the first to reply. 14. IT IS POSSIBLE TO BE COMPARED SPECIFIC PRINCIPLES OF EACH BRANCH OF the RIGHT the especficos principles of each branch of the right they are the first foundations of each branch of the right, that is to say, varan in each branch of the right.

It is possible to be compared especficos principles of each branch of the right, thus is possible that one compares stos in the Peruvian right and alemn, Peruvian and Bolivian, Peruvian with Chilean, Peruvian with Uruguayan, Peruvian with Paraguayan, Peruvian with Argentinean, Peruvian with francs, Peruvian with Italian, Peruvian with alemn, Peruvian with Spanish, francs with alemn, francs with Italian, francs with Spanish, among others. In addition it is necessary to need that it is possible to be compared the notarial principles, procedural, registry, tributary, customs, civil, constitutional, mercantile, enterprise, corporative, penal, among others supposed.

Presidential Palace

It would now want to tell to finish an anecdote them that although it is truth that is related more to the environs of the building that with the same Palace, directly talks about the space that today occupies the Mausoleum to the Granma yacht that it complements to the Museum of the Revolution. The anecdote speaks to the clear ones on the doubtful reputation that had between the population the immense majority of the periodic renters of the Palace, that is to say the presidents of Cuba. E Scott Mead has much experience in this field. In that enormous land space that is located next to the South entrance of the building, it was inaugurated in 1925 a most beautiful park with pools and gardens that took the name of the president of the republic in that then, Alfredo Zayas. President Zayas in center revealed of the park his own statue the 20 of May of that year, day in which gave the Presidency to Gerald Machado. One says that it was not a statue of the agent chief executive. Zayas wanted to leave inaugurated it at all costs before its exit of the Presidency and ordered that statue that already was done previously with another aim and that it had certain similar with the agent chief executive. In her, the personage appeared standing up. He had a hand put in the pocket of the jacket and with the other, he indicated the Presidential Palace. People said that Zayas with that gesture said: – The one that I have here (in the pocket) me I robbed it of there. Original author and source of the article.

Construction Methods

Encofrados metallic, prefabricated and other methods of of construction. The great demand of the construction to cause that the innovation associated to this industry is constant, especially in the reduction of costs and/or reduction of times of construction These priorities determine therefore, the development of constructive systems essentially in series, is not strange, speaking of factories of house, prefabricated elements, movable metallic molds, etc. (As opposed to baby clothes). When constituting itself the strained process of and fused of concrete the step that requires more time, the innovation to focused its glances to this process, developing accelerating of setting and elements prefabricated like columns/steel Beams, It enmeshes Electrosoldadas, encofrados metalists, welded etc. You enmesh electro Enmeshes Electrosoldada they are a used metallic product in the industry of the construction for the elaboration of layings of foundations, pavements, wall-plates, terraces etc. and this constituted by two I sweep or wires sinkings of similar diameter that intercross, of way orthogonal and that is united by points of weld in the intersections. He is usual to find You enmesh of 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 and 12 mm, the selection of the same depends essentially on the application and on the loads that are going to support, being able to identify itself, usually, four types, standard Mallas of 6.00 xs 2,20 ms, the special ones for prefabricated to size, with dimensions of the panel fit to the molds, those for armed slabs that make with prepared ends to overlap in two-way traffic and Enmeshes Electrosoldada special for wall, which they are realised to size, according to the specifications of each project, and can make with wire of different diameters in the same panel Columns and beams Are usually conformed by Electrosoldada Enmeshes and can come in the length determined by the client but the usual thing is to find them of 3 to 6 ms, its positioning is easy and due to the good weldability of the material conforms that them it can be armed quickly and to settle Encofrados They are temporary metal molds that are assembled with the way ironwork aid fast and safe, allowing to give form to the concrete when acting like mold of this, this system it allows to precision, security and rapidity, its utility is great in works of great volume, at the moment this innovating the system of construction Flying Form Systems, which are used in the buildings and consist of a encofrado metalist who is constructed a single you see, in the base of the building and it is made raise with the help of cranes, conformed each one of the subsequent floors, until in the last it is disarmed and evacuated the offices of these materials they are realised in sets determined by the average client based on them of load and elevation which that one has, is important to stress that although it has many advantages the assembly of the same especially usually inspects well-taken care of in the great cities since their edges and the elastic condition of the Steel are revealed like risk factors, for the personnel that with them work, this is because often, to mobilize them in the narrow citadinos footpaths and of the construction they determine the necessity to coil them for its best one manipulation, is known some associate serious incidents cuts in the personnel manipulates who it without precaution, when these adjustments are freed..

Wall Plane

Without transpirar against an error, nor being excited and to endiosar themselves against a success. It is difficult. But the unique thing that maintains to us and protects like traders. The rest is totally accessory, the market being 80% psychology (own) and 20% ability, technique and knowledge. Studies have become comparative of the masters that must have to trader and it reached the conclusion that he is comparable to the concentration and capacity to react in fractions of second that have professions of high risk like the aeronautics or military man. The excellent pilots still can be traders without almost knowing nothing markets. A pilot of a local airline commented to me once about which they call Situation Awareness (SA), that is to say brings back to consciousness of the situation that before any unforeseen circumstance in the ship, must react otherwise the outcome immediately can be fatal. This makes reference to the perception and understanding that the pilot must have of the external elements, where the information flow is high and the condition of continuation or interruption of those elements in the time and space can determine a safe flight or a plane crash.

A lack of SA can generate a bad decision and to be translated like human error when a misfortune or plane crash happens. The outcomes generated by the negligences and lack of immediate reaction, are different for each profession. In one the life can be lost, in the other something more than money. Until the next one, Paola Pecora Paola Pecora is international analyst of markets, and is the Publisher in Head of and Global Value, the report of monthly advising in investments, that aims at investments with strong bullish potential in Wall s$street..

James Cook

Noni was domesticated first by the Polynesians and now it grows in Tahit, India, to the west of India, the Caribbean and South America. The European discovered the fruit at the end of century 18. In fact, captain James Cook commented of the native use of noni in its newspapers. Traditional applications of the Noni Traditionally, noni was used extensively like a general tonic for the health. In the Marquesas islands, where commonly the ceremonies of the tattoo were celebrated, the people that were tattooed took noni to help themselves in their recovery. The scientific study of the Noni Those that use noni report an ample range of benefits for the health. The mature fruit of noni contains called substances antraquinonas.

A lead recent study with the collaboration of the Dr. Keller, NSP, was published in the Journal magazine of Natural Products. They discovered and isolated new and powerful antraquinona in noni, that apparently has quimo-preventive benefits due to its activity indirect antioxidant. Also for the first time they isolated 11 well-known compounds different in the fruit from noni. Noni also owns properties of support a the conjunctures, characteristic that can be attributed to its asperulsidos components called eugenol and escopoletina. The tranquilizing action of noni causes that it is I supplement popular of the athletes and the people whom they look for to promote the flexibility and health of the joints.

More and more, the investigators are realising studies about the effect of noni in the cancer. The Japanese investigators have isolated a polisacrida substance of the juice of noni, called noni-ppt. They think that the healthful characteristics and antioxidants of noni-ppt cause that noni is I supplement valuable. Other preliminary studies on noni aim towards the characteristics that have his antraquinonas, of metabolizar and excreting oxidating molecules before these interact with the DNA. Kava, the ceremonial treasure of the Pacific of the South When the European arrived at the Pacific of the South in the middle of century 18, discovered a magical drink that it fights the fatigue, induces the relaxation and produces a general sensation of well-being and euphoria.