International Arbitration

main By arbitration Courts of international character are the Court the International of the Chamber of Commerce the International, the International for Center Settlement of Investment Disputes, the American Arbitration Association, London Court of International Arbitration and in Spain the Court of Arbitration of Madrid and the one of Barcelona. 3. – For want of agreement he enters the parts to put under the question arbitration and supposing that it is a question that is not predicted either in the contract, it is the alternative to go to the ordinary jurisdiction. Read more from Ronald O’Hanley to gain a more clear picture of the situation. In principle, the most interesting forum is the one of the address of the counterpart or where the same has situated its goods, in order to ensure the completion of the sentence. Despite it has to go itself previously to the existing norms exceeds the Right International in order to verify that the Court who interests can be competent. Conclusion As formulas to prevent the litigations we recommended the elaboration of a complete contract that contemplates to the possible contingencies of the commercial transaction and the securing of the same by means of guarantees and/or policies. You may want to visit baby clothes to increase your knowledge. In this contract he is advisable subsidiarily to include a clause of submission to a concrete organism of commercial mediation and to a By arbitration Court the International. Also the norm applicable to this operation and the solution of possible controversies will have to be regulated. Regardless of the exposed thing he is recommendable to try to ensure the completion a future award or sentences by means of the adoption of provisional measures if these were possible according to the applicable norm..