The Cocktail Analysis

The future establishment of enterprise dynamic social networks, according to consultants like Gartner, and The Cocktail Analysis, is almost a fact. He is considered that you by 2015, approximately 25% of the companies rely improving your effectiveness and productivity in the analysis of social networks the mails will be replaced by 20% by social networks approximately 50% of businesses will use the microblogging by 2012. Nowadays many companies with thousands of employees and offices around the world have adopted the use of social networks, managing to find the best possible relations to every business opportunity. Hear from experts in the field like Bernard Golden for a more varied view. These forms of interaction are able to decrease the risk of losing important relationships for different projects and facilitate the definition of corporate strategies of expansion, to follow. Despite these benefits, the dynamism of social networks, is an unfavorable point due to the speed of changes in the business world and the displacement of contacts within and outside the companies.

Companies are changing their concept about social networks like Twitter and Facebook for business, and its evolution as a means of communication within the enterprises achieved the establishment of corporate networks. According to Gartner, the following trends are recorded for the next 5 years: trends 2011: emails will be replaced by 20% by social networks and these will prove to be more effective in cases such as the ability to update in real-time the contacts and the location of the responsible business. 2011 2012 Trends: most of the companies would be forming their own social networks, for what would be necessary to make an investment in safety and see how integrates it, in such a way that brings added value to the company. Trends 2012: Almost 50% of businesses will use the microblogging. Companies have wanted to search a corporate Twitter, for the internal use of your employees and used to be in permanent contact with their colleagues and quick response to your needs.

Virtual Assistant

How to know if it was time to hire help? The answer to this question is very important to maintain high levels of productivity. If you’re constantly busy and unable to perform all tasks that I should, because it’s time, at least, think about. Generally, the first thing that comes to mind is the subject of the costs involved in the recruitment of staff. Importantly, more than the costs, the cost-benefit of doing so, delegate. Many independent entrepreneurs and professionals take jobs different hats: of general manager, the commercial Manager, wizard’s and sometimes even, Cadet! Clearly, you will need to analyze which tasks are performing. From there, you can define what and who you can delegating them.

Even more, the way to do it. There are alternatives to hire effective or temporary staff. So our business continue to develop, we will definitely have to go getting us some hats. And when we are accustomed to do absolutely everything, it is hard to even more! However, it is the only way to continue to grow and increase both revenues and profitability. Before hiring effective or temporary staff, evaluate services available to outsource certain tasks. In this way, you can minimize the investment and risk involved in effective recruitment. There are many options: hire a cadeteria service, a telephone service, to cite a few examples. At this point, I can not also suggest hiring an ideal resource for entrepreneurs, freelancers and SMEs: a Virtual Assistant. Although is still a very new service, in the Anglo-Saxon in Hispanic countries, this service is something that entrepreneurs have in mind. Maximize your productivity! What hat can be removed?