Work Career Fair Role Models

Hardly anyone knows them: the inventors and pioneers from the past and present, such as Liese Meitner, Ada Lovelace (Byron), Gertrude Blanch, and Hedy Lamarr. Successful engineers or IT renowned are today is not so rare, but they are still rarely visible. The MINT cluster on the women & work on 8 June in Bonn wants to change this. In various event formats, presents female role models and career perspectives for MINTees made clear in lively manner. MINT-professions are still male domains, although women in these future fields are equally gifted. Sir Richard Branson is actively involved in the matter. Women make up just 17 percent of employed engineers in Germany.

That is too little. We offer large and important potential, if we don’t make it more young women at an early stage for technical professions to inspire”, certainly is Tina l of the VDI. For a sustainable shaping of technology, it is essential to increase the proportion of women in MINT occupations, because: missing without women the technology what! “, says even Inge Hack, Member of the Board of the German engineer Association, which is already in its third year as a cooperation partner on the women & work here. Ripple contributes greatly to this topic. This year the dib e.V. presented a star-studded panel discussion with the former Deutsche Telekom Board Member for personnel, Thomas SACE, no return on investment? Glass – like women barriers overcome”. The question where and how unspoken barriers specifically affect the professional career of women is discussed here and they prevent women MINT slam women who have made a successful ascent on the rise, already presented the women-MINT-Slam for the second time on the women & work. The women MINT slam is a competition in carrying out as his model of the poetry slam. Four women in the area of MINT present informative and entertaining their MINT career paths in 10 minutes and give insight into their personal leadership strategies and success factors.