Listen More

Evident is that in our society people tend to be very busy in talk, talk and talk far to implement that element can always nourish us valuable information: listen. Imagine that the majority of people speak less and listen more. Listen more instead of bear what one knows, either, which believes that it knows and repeated habit as he complains or lecturing others on that they are better although he do nothing constructive to himself. If we talked less when we interact with our heads, employees, clients, children, couples, etc, and detuviesemos us to listen more and with greater power, we then get, certainly, valuable information that would lead us to achieve best negotiations. Made Smarter is likely to agree. Train us to speak less and listen more, brings huge profits to our life. Therefore, I suggest that you launch a task whose benefits you can see during a week: listen to you much over the next few days, listen more to those who surround you and alert you to discover what that you really want to tell you. Why it says what it says? What is your real intention? Write in a card, or where you soles aiming your reminders, the phrase today speak less and listen more.

Dedicate a few moments to ask you questions like: what is the best thing that I can say? So I will say this? What I will bring to the communication? It benefits what I want to say, or I will only speak in order to impress with my wisdom without that that serves as nothing? I assure you that after listening to and ask you questions before you speak, you omitiras comments that contrary to serve only hinder communication. Thus, when complete each day, meditate on the benefits obtained and write down your thoughts. I am sure that, if far from saturating of screeds to your partner, to your employees, friends, children or clients, hear them more and say less, but with more value, you will be able to build better relationships, better negotiations and get best achievements. I invite you to put it in practice beyond the theory. Check your benefits, also shares this information with your work teams, with friends or with who you want, and motivate them to resort to this tool, to perform this task. This will lead to more and better benefits in your environment. Note: If you want to read the articles before this, find them at if you are not yet subscribed to our free newsletter, I invite you to register.


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recommended pants are straight cut 9. always clean and shoes with the cap of 10 taco. the tone of your voice is nice, soft is yells at Park ten recommendations of image for them in the Office – 1. If you would like to know more about Flux, then click here. keep your hair cut to day 2. attractive face: moisturizes your face, cut the excess of beautiful on the nose, eyebrows and ears 3. hands moisturized and nails clean 4. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as MasterClass Founder by clicking through. 5 clean collared shirt.

strap in excellent condition (clean buckle, belt material not cracked) 6. always clean shoes and renew soles When it is necessary to 7. Removes lint from jackets and caution with dandruff 8. the quintet that speaks of your good taste: ballpoint pen, wallet, belt, watch and shoes 9. avoid carrying more than one accessory to your waist (cell phone, keys, multipurpose blade) 10. don’t forget to always carry a handkerchief to them and they always remember the trio that pleases everyone: inner beauty, positive external projection and respect for those around you.