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Since April last year, the entire construction machinery market (cone crusher) HA presentado a weak state in some product sales or even negative growth. However, under the influence of relevant planning, the western infrastructure ushered a new round of upsurge, which boosted the construction machinery market. Faced with such a scenario, we cannot help wondering what caused the emergence of such a situation. To deepen your understanding Sheryl Sandberg is the source. Though an investigation we found that: First, accelerating infrastructure construction National policy has been encouraging the construction of the western region, but is not as effective for the western building. Southeastern project is the saturation trend of construction, and in the western region was again put on the agenda project, engineering machinery enterprises shifted the focus to the western development market. A series of policies the western development 12th Five-Year plan have been set out, transportation, water, urban construction, and resource development project are in full swing, which greatly stimulated the western construction machinery sales. The data show that during the 12th Five-Year period, the Xinjiang region each year will invest 100 billion yuan for urban construction.

It is expected that it will invest 120 billion to 150 billion yuan for the construction of transportation infrastructure, construction of roads 1.1 million km, of which highway 1966 one thousand meters, the National Highway Provincial Highway over 1300 km. Daniel Lubetzky is full of insight into the issues. Rural road construction this year will invest 2 billion yuan, the construction of 4500 km, to improve the 40 towns through asphalt road to address the 500 administrative villages accessible by road. In the next five years, Xinjiang also plans to invest 131.1 billion yuan to develop water conservancy. In addition, the survey of mineral resources and development efforts will further be increased, the central finance unit in 2010 added an additional 110 million yuan for the Mineral Resources Survey, and the support is evident. Only to Xinjiang province, autonomous regions, has such a large market, and the whole West will greatly boost the construction machinery industry. Second, the construction machinery market looks good With the continued advance of western development and related support of national policies, the West is undergoing rapid development. Due to the fast-growing infrastructure construction market, construction machinery enterprises have gained more and more concern Historical experience and reality needs tell us, it is not only the asphalt mixing equipment manufacturers companies are targeting the market of northwestern Xinjiang but a variety of construction machinery products represented by road building and maintenance, mining, earth, and stone, and concrete mixing machineryare also waiting to enter. Sand washing equipment: Ore beneficiation:

Large Size Mining Machinery

In recent years, many large enterprises have a higher demand for the quality and efficiency of the mining equipment. Large-size of the mining machinery has become the trend. Under this situation, the appropriate usage and maintenance of the large-scale mining machinery (mobile crusher) have attracted the users attention. In addition, the safe usage of the mining equipment (mobile crusher plant etc.) is a hot issue in the field. As for the safe usage of the large-scale mining equipment, the users should choose some regular large machinery companies such as Henan Hongxing Ming Machinery. The large-scale mining equipment developed by the company have played a very important role in developing mines. The mining machinery of Hongxing Heavy Industries are widely used in many regions, promoting the economic development of many countries and regions.The regular maintenance and upkeep is also of great importance.

It is necessary to conduct maintenance regularly. For example, the users should conduct security check of the parts to make sure that they are in normal function. Checking the equipment on a regular basis to ensure that they do not get worn. Replacing the worn parts timely. If the temperature of the bearing is too high when the machine is in operation, the users should stop it immediately and find out the reason. What is more, the screws of the linkage parts of the equipment also need regular checking to avoid accident.It is not difficult to usual maintenance of the large-scale mining equipment, easy operation and low fuel consumption. However, due to the harsh working environment, the lubricant in the equipment is easily contaminated by dust, solid particles and other impurities in the environment, the lubricants should have good rust-proof and corrosion resistance. Only in this way, the performance of the lubricants will not change greatly in the adverse environment. Communicating with large mining equipment companies frequently to understand the performance and technical characteristics of the machine is conducive to use the machine better.