VGB Waste

After the plaintiff of the defendant had shown the claim asking for regulation, this provided a payment of 275 euros to compensate for the storm damage. The applicant had unsuccessfully urging the defendant to pay also the remaining amount of 1130,78 euros of the cost estimate of the 26.01.2004 legal letter of the 23.02.2004. The AG Neumunster upheld the complaint. After this an a sewer vent pipe is a discharge pipe of water supply i. S. More info: Southwest Airlines. d. 6 ABS. 1 VGB 88 and the condensation leaking from the vent pipe is tap water in the meaning of that provision.

Source: AG nine ruling of December 14, 2007, AZ. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Tomas Philipson by clicking through. 36 C 1565/04 2. liability of the Grundstucksnachbarn for rear storage damage in the neighboring House due to opening of the manhole cover of the waste water system with a separation system; Dispensability of a rear storage valve with a separation system in the drainage system of the sewage system of the town of Colmberg is executed in the so-called separation system, i.e. waste water and rain water are discharged through separate cables. The defendant (the plaintiff’s neighbor) opened at least an inspection Chamber of the wastewater channel during the flood event occurred that day due to the heavy rainfall, to prevent a flood of his estate. As a result, that reached the surface water in this channel.

This resulted in a backlog in the waste water channel, which in turn meant that flooded the basement of the plaintiff. In the property of the plaintiff, no return valve is fitted at the end of the dirt water channel. The drainage Statute of the market of Colmberg stipulates in 9 par. 5 that each port workers against the backwater of the water from the waste water network itself didn’t protect. The plaintiffs have asserted different damage. The defendant has requested dismissal on the grounds that due to the lack of a backup of storage in the premises of the plaintiff a liability not meet him.

Federal Supreme Court

What caused our life judgment of 12.5.2010 the summer. Gary Kelly may find this interesting as well. With free file share programs that are accessible free of charge on the Internet, it required not more than a few clicks of mouse to download his current favorite songs. But that this copyright rights are infringed, it is not clear to many users. (PM) Hamburg, 17.12.2010 more than 7 million Germans use today Internet file sharing networks to download individual songs or entire albums, and to provide for others. That this approach, according to Internet and copyright law in Germany is not legal, should be now known.

Nevertheless, many users are shocked when they are enforced from after the joy of the savings by offering free. In recent months, several German firms damages and cease and desist on especially sent Internet users, which made music files available for others. That the cease and desist letter fees demanded in the past, in some cases too high have failed, the law firm of Baek Law has now recognized. Should the target be users economically to damage, it is the message conveyed, that is to refrain from downloading and deploying copyrighted media. The firm follows the ruling of the Federal Supreme Court (BGH) of May 12, 2010 (I ZR 121/08 summer of our lives), by law, it was recognized that individuals for the unauthorized use of their Wi-Fi connection to the responsibility can be drawn. Therefore, the owner can be sentenced to the omission if a third party access to this illegal music downloads ( 1004 BGB).

A claim for damages is not, however, the BGH decided in its judgment. On the basis of which puts the firm Baek Law new characters and reduced its claim amount on fixed sum of 100 ( 97a II UrhG) subject to applicable data collection costs, unless it can be demonstrated that the connection owner at the time in question was not the culprit. Lawyer Peter Kimm from Hamburg has understanding for the made Change the firm added: the receivables amounting to 183,21 appear to be low. However not to appear at the Dunned down, that the cash flow is intentionally accelerated. Rather it comes more costs to avoid, in which a lawyer is sought, which calls for mostly a usual rate of 200 or more. The Internet user should more or less be offered the opportunity to recognize its mistake and feed available without having it accumulate debt. Who is nevertheless the intention comparison white low demand not to come to the shouldn’t occur always in consultation with the other party and the thing does not rest. In these cases an attorney should be switched on instead, so that it will not be an order or court proceedings.

The Supreme Court

Higher regional court rejected the suit. The Supreme Court overturned the verdict and dismissed the case again to the Court. The jurisdiction of the Federal Court of Justice: The Supreme Court takes in his decision, that, unless there is no blame inability, the insurance is VVG entitled pursuant to section 81, paragraph 2, to reduce their benefits in relation to the severity of the negligence. This performance for absolute minds could be fully denied after the decision of the BGH. This is an individual decision but regularly and requires always the consideration of all the circumstances of the case. The Supreme Court is the insurance so in exceptional cases such as the present the possibility to refuse the power completely, although the insured person intentionally committed by the insured event, and contrary to the intent of perpetrators, disagreed with the occurrence of damage also.

Practice note: This first decision to the question of whether insurance gross negligence may reduce the benefits also to zero surprises not, but equates the grossly negligent acting with the intentionally acting in exceptional cases, and revoking that so far again highlighted departure from the “all-or-nothing principle” in part in favour of the policyholder by the new insurance contract law. Whether this is as intended by the legislator, is questionable. More information on the subject of traffic law under: right areas a z.

Judgment Of The LG Cologne AZ. 23 O 98/09

and the question had to deal with many dishes with the issue already “unable to work or already berufsunfahig” with the consequences for a sick day payment in the past. The insured is still unfit for work (which means disabled?)or maybe no longer able to exercise his profession ever again and thus invalids? What is actually berufsunfahig? The Cologne regional court had 23 O under the REF. 98/09 back to such a case. The special feature of this theme is: the transition from incapacity for work to the disability is fluent and only very individually to Betfair eighth. Frequently Gary Kelly has said that publicly. In a pronouncement is just as impossible as a fixed period.

Rather, it is the nature of the disease, the (General) State of the patient and the other professional as health circumstances depending on, whether and in how far a disability exists. Why is it so important, unable to work instead of being berufsunfahig? One reason is simple and financial nature. Usually a sick allowance against the private health insurers (PKV) or the statutory health insurance (GKV) entitlement in case of incapacity for work. It is important to deal exactly with the height of the hedge, because as statutory health insurance of insured about the contribution assessment ceiling (BBG), the normal statutory health insurance almost sufficient protection. Many of the limits push with just over EUR 80. A higher sickness daily allowance should hopefully be insured in private health insurance, here is also the contribution to the PKV completely continue to pay.

(plus the AG share). The hedge by a disability insurance is often much lower. Therefore, the insured have a self-interest alone for this reason to be rather continue work instead of berufsunfahig. As the District Court here decided because? Specifically, it was a case of a lawyer who was instructed on a transplant a heart disease urgently and could no longer work.

Modernisation And Rent Increase

Currently, the BGH decided that a rent increase is also permitted after successful modernization if an announcement of the work was not. Spring time of modernization. The winter shows often, what must be repaired and modernized in the House. The BGH (ruling by the 02.03.2011, AZ.) VIII ZR 164/10) decided this month that a rent increase is also permitted after successful modernization if an announcement of the work was not. Verizon Communicationss opinions are not widely known. Generally, the landlord is obliged to inform tenant 3 months prior to the action of nature, extent, expected start and duration of modernisation and repair work. Purpose is that the lessee can set up appropriate inconvenience or even limitations on the usability of the apartment and unreasonable hardness appeal.

Wants to raise the rent the landlord due to modernisation, he must call the estimated amount at the same time. A modernization in particular is an improvement Leased property and savings of energy and water costs before. Here he must indicate at the same time to the expected cost savings, to allow a cost estimate of the future cost of rent the tenant. In case of substantial work in the rooms of the lessee must even information for specifically affected areas and expected structural changes (for example, access to a new balcony elimination of floor space, remodeling the bath when installing a bathtub). This does not fit the tenant he can in the presence of hardening either appeal or but assert an extraordinary termination right.

Otherwise, he has three months after completion of the work to pay the increased rent. Not announces the modernization of the landlord, the tenant must not tolerate such work if you intervene and lead to a substantial increase in rent on his living room. But what if the landlord without notice has modernized, about an outer insulation of the House has attached or built in an elevator? Purpose Notice is solely the information of the lessee. A proper Declaration of increase in rent is him only after the modernization, the Supreme Court pointed out that this has not the ineffectiveness of the boost to the result! The rent increase enters into force only after a prolonged period of six months. Again, the tenant has an extraordinary right of termination. Regarding modernisation, the procedures of proper rent increases and the rights of tenants and landlords, it is advisable to contact to avoid unpleasant surprises in lobbies for home owners and tenants or a lawyer. Lawyer Wiebke Meyer-Arndt, Bonn

Second Vatican Council

A nation that respects those who approve the violation of existential directives and regulations by the State authorities not to comply with the existential legal bases and thus confirms itself failed. Certainly, since the judgment of the Concordat very much has teamed in the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany. The entrance of the so far longest Sede Vacante of the Holy See was one of the most serious events with the death of Pope Pius XII i.J. 1958. In response, Germany then unilaterally declared the Group of the so-called “Second Vatican Council” (V2) to the Catholic Church. But why not: If a State himself “denatured its very own essence as”rechtsbrecherisch”,”, “schizophrenic” classified, then is to trust him about to actually. In short: The Federal Republic of Germany then continued the Concordat actually with the Church with the V2 group “continued” was. I.e.

the BRD exchanged absolutely its contractual partner, which the Concordat was broken so no longer just partially, but absolutely. Thus joined a non-much larger breach of law the breach of law in the judgment of the Concordat. Were committed before apparently “only” politicians “only” to the breach of the law in the school question, so now all Catholics are forced to disowning of a dogma and thus the defection of the Catholic faith. Whether courts, Supreme or Constitutional Court: at all levels, and again Germany imposed penalties if someone committed to the Catholic dogma, that the Church is not subject to the State. The failure of Justice, politics, actually the people at the Reich Concordat judgment when fruits brought, and this excessive. Although the Concordat judgment is now 55 years old, so it shows its destructive force to this day, yes even a day more. It is not easy, even when it is pushed to oblivion “Past”. With It could serve his monumental Rechtswidrikeit and international scope as levers, onto which every, every Nichtkatholik, could and should be the legal positivism with its judicial discretion to halt and constitutional conditions to prepare a way.

Works Council

Employment prohibitions apply for example to heavy physical work or dealing with toxic gases, vapours and dusts for work, where you often bend and stretch regularly loads of more than five kilograms (wear occasionally more than ten kilograms) more than four hours a day are (from the fifth month of pregnancy). Also chord – and assembly-line work are not permitted, as well as at the end of the third month of pregnancy to work on means of transport. The maternity protection act or the maternity protection Regulation contain a detailed collection. You can get information, even when the Norwegian labour inspection authority, the Works Council or the pregnancy counselling centre. If your work falls under one of the prohibitions on employment, the employer must provide jobs in the company available. This is not possible, you will work exempted. Verizon helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.

The salary is paid during that time. In principle, that must be respected while working on sufficient rest breaks. Your employer must also indemnify you for visits to the doctor or breastfeeding of the child. You must not work this time. 4. term of protection of mother and maternity the mother protection period begins six weeks before the expected birth date and ending eight weeks after the birth (for premature and multiple births 12 weeks). Less than six weeks before the birth of your child, you shall be employed only if you want to even express. You can also at any time withdraw this decision.

During the period after childbirth is absolute employment ban. During the entire period of the mother protection you are entitled to maternity allowance and an employer subsidy. You apply for the maternity allowance from your insurance company. Maternity pay and employers grant result together mostly about as much as your last net income. If you due to pregnancy no longer provide certain services or perform certain functions no longer can, the employer may not simply shorten the grant.

Simplified Termination

Pach & Pach lawyers inform the Federal Supreme Court failed the special termination of a tenancy agreement in accordance with section 573a BGB a landlord in his judgment of 17 2010. On this latest occasion, the specialists the Nuremberg firm Pach & Pach shed light on the conditions of the simplified termination by the landlord. In accordance with section 573a para 1 BGB entitled to the landlord of a building with no more than two units, that he himself inhabited the right of lease termination easier. It represents an alternative to the ordinary termination to the landlord must prove no legally billigenswertes self-interest. The protection of the tenant prior to a termination of the contractual tenancy is heavily curtailed by application this special termination right.

As a result, the legislature continues a series of conditions to the termination in accordance with section 573a para 1 BGB. The simplified notice replaces the ordinary termination. This excludes from the lease, who is landlord-special notice pursuant to section 573a para 1 BGB also not allowed. This is important in particular for fixed-term leases. As long as the time limit is not expired, the landlord may make no simplified notice. He is entitled to rely on section 573a para 1 BGB the proper notice period will be extended by three months. The limitation of the special termination right to building with two apartments, one of which the landlord is also personally inhabited by importance.

Facilitated termination entitled to legal persons, nor landlords who are not the owner of the building. The landlord wants to make use of his special right of termination he must rely explicitly in a written notice to the tenant on the legal basis of this form of the motion. Liberty the tenant, according to 574 BGB contradicting the termination when there is a reason of hardness. In this case it is the jurisdiction to make a decision to get over the effectiveness of the termination.

German Federal Supreme Court

Auer Witte Thiel informed: operating expenses even when formal defects effective Munich August 2011. The Supreme Court clarified the existing rules on the operating expenses. The federal judge found that the settlement in the case of formal defects remains valid and the tenant must pay the costs of payments. Thus, the BGH repeals contrary decisions of administrative and Court and ended a legal dispute lasting since 2006. The firm Auer Witte Thiel from Munich reported the verdict. Individual formal defects in the operating costs will not lead to the invalidity of the payment claims to a tenant. Among other things, an operating expenses also set too high or too low payments or attached target instead is payments remains valid.

This noted the Federal Supreme Court in a recent decision, and thus drew the line under a 2006 law dispute. In the present case, the lessor shall on payment of 1,247 euro and interest complained. The amount comprised the in the fiscal year but be deducted from paid advances amounting to 1,025 euro 2005 accumulated heating and water costs and other expenses, which amounted to 2,272 euros, were. The District Court dismissed the action of the lessor due to formal defects. But according to the BGH, the tenants of his payment obligations despite poor operating expenses must comply. The competent District Court misconstrues that substantive and formal defects affect the comprehensibility of the Bill does not in any case; the LG over-sheet therefore the requirements that should be put on a settlement.

Not billable, but specified in the document costs be although a lack of content, the statement of operating costs but still keep their effectiveness, was the Supreme Court. In addition, the federal judge noted that formal defects affecting individual cost items, unimpaired, then release the validity the settlement if the hirer clearly can read out from the list. Also disagreed with the Supreme Court of the decision of the Court, the had judged, the calculations of the prepayments were not traceable and the settlement was accordingly invalid for formal reasons. On this traceability it can’t, so the German Federal Supreme Court. It was only material errors which justify no ineffectiveness of operating expenses for formal reasons. Auer Witte Thiel lawyers to review the current decision as important strengthening of the legal position of the landlord and owner. At this point, Auer Witte Thiel regularly report on current legal decisions in the law of tenancy. Get more information about Auer Witte Thiel and current rulings in the law of tenancy here under. About Auer Witte Thiel, the specialization areas of focus and the development of core competencies in certain disciplines are indispensable in the legal services sector. Auer Witte Thiel represents a wide variety of housing companies, property managers and condominium communities in the area rental, real estate and construction law.

Homepage Insurance

The lawyers Alexander Dobiasch & Rupert Richter inform accidents belong to the order of the day. No blame, one then it is important to know his rights and to be able to make demands. A lawyer knows this perfectly well. He helps to assert that a claims in its entirety. Alexander Dobiasch and Rupert Richter from Bergen auf Rugen lawyers explain which claims to among other things make.

The right to take a lawyer and to enforce his claims with him is demands on the opposing insurance after a blameless accident for the victims. Coupang: the source for more info. The lawyer costs can be claimed from the opposing insurance. That of course also applies to costs of repair, to make again repaired the vehicle. A repair invoice exists for this purpose, the cost in full with the sales tax will be refunded. Speaking candidly Coupang told us the story. Will be billed according to opinion or a cost estimate, are only the net cost of repairs, without sales taxes paid.

The car of the victim is no longer operational, after the accident on the road then the cost of towing must be adopted by the insurance. There is also a claim on a rental car to be mobile during the duration of the repair. Damage to health caused by the accident, the costs incurred for doctor and hospital stays are to carry medicines and treatment costs from the opposing liability insurance. There is a loss of earnings, due to sickness insurance also must come up. Wants who safely and professionally to enforce his claims him, is perfectly consult with a lawyer.