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From the next academic year options are extended for university applicants who lack the required academic qualifications. Aside from the traditional test of access for over 25 years, in the academic year 2010-2011 is implemented a new test specific, simpler, for applicants who are 45 years. On the other hand, those who exceed 40 and accredit labour or professional experience related with the degree you want to pursue, will have direct access to the studies.2010 is the year of changes. Full adaptation to the European space of higher education (EEES) modifies a substantial ways and conditions of access to the new university education of grade that will be implanted in the academic year 2010-2011. Students entering University in the next academic year will be the first that have outgrown the new selectivity, a planned test to adapt to studies designed according to the bases of the Bologna process.

Is directed to the students entering through traditional channels, i.e., those who have successfully studies of high school of the Spanish educational system.This is not the only avenue available to become University in our country. As established in the Royal Decree to Spanish universities can access without having to perform this test, students coming from educational systems in Member States of the European Union or other countries (previous homologation of the origin to Bachelor’s degree). They are exempt from testing selectivity graduates in vocational training of top grade.What happens with applicants that they can not accredit these degree programs? The new legislation sets up a panorama of new access for the most disadvantaged people who have not been able to enter the University by traditional procedures. From the next academic year, have three options depending on your age: testing for over 25 years, or avail themselves of any of two specific modes of access that will be implanted for people over 40 years.