When entering in the school the child acquires many types of learning, but the expectation biggest is related to the learning of the reading and the writing. The reading and the writing are described as integrant part of the development of the language, is not an isolated learning, it is part of a complex and acquired lingustico process through stages, which are obeyed hierarchically. All this process can be acquired normally by many children whereas others demonstrate a great difficulty in this acquisition. Speaking candidly Larry Ellison told us the story. The learning difficulty is a used term in a generalized manner and manifest as difficulty to integrate the symbolic elements perceived in the unit of a word or a phrase and reaches in diverse degrees the reading, the writing, the orthography and the mathematical reasoning. According to Souza (2000), the children who present difficulties in dealing with the sounds of possibly speak will have difficulties in relating these sounds with the letters of the written words.

4 Stefanini and Cruz (2006), they had searched on the conception of the professors on the learning difficulty, and had found three conceptions distinct: difficulty to assimilate the content, difficulty in the reading and writing, and difficulty in relation to the reasoning, that can appear jointly, only two of them or only one. But are considered difficulties reversible, according to professors. Exist few studies that relate the face deformities? labiopalatinas fictions? to the learning difficulties. Others who may share this opinion include Rick Garcia CBS. Broder; Richman and the Mathesons (1998) had investigated the frequency of learning difficulty, the level of pertaining to school accomplishment and the frequency of retention of the classroom in children with fictions. The results had evidenced that these children have a tax disproportionately raised of learning difficulty, retention and low a tax of pertaining to school income. The academic performance and the influence of the expectations of the professor are primordial questions in the relation between the fiction and the school. .

Pact for Health

It is the call Pact for the Health that redefines the responsibilities of each manager in function of the necessities of health of the population and in the search of the social equity. Beyond significant changes in the management in its three levels: substitution of the process of qualification of the cities; solidary adhesion; signature of the terms of management commitment; solidary and cooperative regionalizao and integration of some forms of financing with the objective to unify all the commitments and challenges of the health. The commitment with the rendering of services of quality in the health must be present in such a way in the public sector, as in the private one, with or without lucrative ends, without ideological vieses, searching always bigger efficiency. Per years, the archaic form to manage, mainly the human resources, it provoked a serious deterioration of the public services of the country. The utility installment of health is an activity that require quality and amount of human resources capable to operate equipment and insumos of high cost and complexity of its components that need frequent and systematic updates.

The State invested very little in the management of people remaining of amateur and extremely bureaucratic form, mainly, in the processes of election, admission, qualification, resignation. The system allows that the employee if accomodates for presenting the stability guarantees without its performance is mensurado and evaluated. Example was the government of Minas Gerais that implanted the call Shock of Management for reduction of expenditures, to reorganize and to modernize the institucional apparatus of the State searching the implementation of new models of management. The medium and long run, the project contemplates the management for attainment of results based on the quality and the productivity, by means of criteria of incentives that induce the biggest comprometimento of the responsible actors. Thus, the SUS does not only have to be understood as a system of assistenciais rendering of services.

Health Individual

However, the expression quality of life was used by first associated time the economy for Lyndon Johnson, in 1964, dates where its mandate of president of U.S.A. started, when affirming that the objectives of the economy could not be measured through the rockings of the banks, but through the quality of life that they provide to the people. Later, in 1976, Augus Campbell considered qua the quality of life is ' ' a vacant and etrea entidae, something on which much people speak, but that nobody knows what .&#039 clearly; '. With the time the term quality of life passed for diverse definitions, that to apartir of the decade of 80 started to be observed in a multidimencional perpectiva involving the following factors: bilogical, psychological, economic and cuturais factors, since the quality of life depends on these factors. In other terms she is on to the way of life of the people, that is, well-being of each individual. On the other hand quality of life is had as related aspects the health of the people. As diverse forms exist to define the quality of life, the World-wide Organization of Health (OMS), that in 1947 &#039 defined health as one; ' complete state of physical, mental and social well-being and that it does not consist of an absence of illness or enfermidade' '. Definition that is not accepted for auguns authors due to impossibility of being reached and also for being an outdated perpectiva. Ahead of as much definitions regarding what really it is quality of life, we can then to say that beyond being the individual perception on the life of each citizen, it is the system of employed values to the social environment for which conducts the individual, but also we must notice the social development, in the work, with the family, as well as the economic and human development, being then of this form a process that is in constant change and its technician-scientific evolution that folloies the individual and collective necessities.