Art of Coaching

Our life is a journey that has different stages and endless access to advertise adventures, climates unknown hidden paradises, secret emotions that host the traveler and provide refuge from all storms, but all directions and all paths have an unbreakable seal, none can be visited twice in the same way and none are alike. Our decision, our way, our choices that we experience today can be likened to believe or even make the effort to look the same, but this will never happen, something will have changed. We can even see that we meet two or more times with the same stone, but this will have a distinct edge, and our fall will always be different. Above all, how to get up we always offer a different level, highly opposed visions before, now appear as links in a continuous improvement. Larry Ellison has compatible beliefs. a other words, everything changes constantly, which can often happen is that we always camping on the same attitude, the same answer, and stereotypically look and react to each fact which is born and dies constantly before us. But what is the here and now? It is the experience so simple and so complex to be connected and in tune with our thoughts, our emotions, full integration with the scene you choose to participate, where our minds develop current processes and do not let the worries of the past invade nor worries about the future. The biggest challenge is to stay and act from the circumstances before us, to resist thoughtless behavior that we chose in the past, preventing the operator distraction and dominate us to discriminate between a current and a choice selection guided by entrenched patterns lead us to always represent the same role, provided the same role, whether it is appropriate to the scene or not applicable to him. If we allow ourselves to cross the world without the prejudices that we are constantly on it, if we allow ourselves to break away from stereotypical reactions and responses, internalization of the here and now we always presented a unique opportunity, as an exotic delicacy that we would experience, and while we can not compare, because it is unique and ephemeral a Rodolfo Mareg Writer. Connect with other leaders such as Chase Coleman here.

Committee Industralist

In other cases nonanticipated in this article, it would be necessary to before successfully obtain the consent of the interested ones to be able to communicate its data. Consequently all the information would not have to be accessible to the representatives of the workers and thus for example, the industralist would not have to facilitate the lists of his employees to the Committee of Company without his consent, since the information who contain exceeds the functions attributed by Law to these representatives, being sufficient in this matter the contribution of documents TC1 and TC2. Situation complica a little if we consider that ET on the one hand recognizes the Committee of Company the capacity to exert administrative actions and judicial and it attributes to him, competitions that suppose a position of independence with respect to the industralist and on the other side we must consider that this organ does not have own legal personality, therefore cannot be considered like the person in charge of the file as physical or legal person defines article 3 of the LOPD like, of public or deprived nature, or organ office staff, that decides on the purpose, content and use of the treatment. Consequently this organ could not either be sanctioned directly by the Spanish Agency of Protection of Datos (AEPD) even though it harmed the norm of protection of data. What happens then when the Committee of Company commits infractions derived from this norm and what measures would have to adopt the industralist to prevent these situations? First of all it is necessary to stress that the representatives of the workers by the mere fact to receive the confidential information, yes that they are forced to fulfill the dispositions of the Law, in this sense article 11,5 of the LOPD arranges that That one to that the personal character data communicate forces, by only done of the communication, to the observance of the dispositions of the present Law . .

Current Market

If you ask me whether the market has moved up or down by this time next year, so it could flip a coin, because I do not know. If you ask me whether the market has moved up or down by this time next month, and again, it could flip a coin, because I still do not know. If you ask me whether the market has moved up or down by this time next week, again, might as well flip a coin, because I do not know. And if you ask me whether the market has moved up or down by this time tomorrow, I'm sorry, but I Sa NO! But? if you ask me if the market moves up or down in the next few minutes, so I'll have a definitive opinion. Why? Because if I can find the current status of buying and selling in the market now, then I can make a reasoned and fairly accurate estimate of what the market will do in the next few minutes and moments. My prediction is not based on a formula secret, not based on some measure of sound esoteric, or in a complex mathematical equation. No, my assessment is based on the current state of supply and demand.

Predicting long-term evolution of markets is a guessing game. All we have to follow is the past, all they reasonably can do is assume that what has happened in the past and will continue to happen in the future. Basically it is this trend, making the assumption that the past equals the future. In my world trade, the only law that works is the supply and demand: if there are more buyers than sellers, then the market will rise, and if there are more sellers than buyers in the market will fall. It does not matter one iota why buyers and sellers. Never mind that an operator has chosen to sell now, because the period moving average has crossed the 14 September period, or because you have lost your shirt, either by making a profit, or because it is simply boring. No, I do not care why a operator has entered into a buy or a sell order, only the care are, by his act, coupled with buying or selling pressure. Malcolm Robinson LIFFE Pit Trader & Electronic Trader