National Open University

Some aspects of this new landscape:-the members of the direction and government bodies and the rector of the higher education institutions shall be subject to the regime of prohibitions, incompatibilities, impairments, disabilities, and conflicts of interest of public servants, individuals performing public functions or providing public services. -In the mixed and private higher education institutions, members of its organ of direction and Government may have employment relationship in accordance with their statutes, but those who have it may not conform themselves the majority required for adopting any decision. Additional information at Larry Ellison supports this article. -Who has been convicted in any time by judicial sentence to deprivation of liberty, except by political or negligence offences, is disabled in all time to be rector, President ultimate authority, or member of the Superior Council or highest governance body. -The State may take possession of the IES who breach the commitments ensure the provision of education services. (5) The Seine, the new player star system in addition to gaining a permanent seat in the CESU, SENA officialized the prominence that the latter two have given Governments for their labor, technological and vocational technical training programs. The wording of articles, proposed, 58 and 59, on the nature of the technological and professional technical programs, seem to erase the academic difference and training between the labour and the professionals, because explicitly give a dimension of work professionals, with what would be opened (or better, would close) the discussion about whether programmes of the Seine are or no higher education. (6) Differentiated methodologies just as we can deduce from the proposal, the current division of virtual and face-to-face, distance methodologies would disappear and we comenzariamos to talk in Colombia of a single training that integrates the best pedagogical alternatives of virtual mediations, in exercise of the autonomy of the IES, presentiality and other technological resources. He says the proposal that institutions of higher education be defined autonomously modalities in which develop their academic programs.Is not known, address this topic, far as the role of the rector of the National Open University and distance, new permanent member of the CESU, and who is behind the proposal of law, 192, which aims to regulate the education at distance. .

Forbes Charity

Many people confuse giving with the unit. This article presents the opinion of the richest man in the world according to Forbes, specialized magazine, regarding the charity. This article should serve to you to develop a powerful consciousness of giving to create a better universe, a universe rich and beautiful, and not to create dependency. Before proceeding, it is necessary to grant appropriations: this article is based on the article by Robert Frank Carlos Slim: charity does not solve anything for the newspaper The Wall Street Journal. In this article I present excerpts from that article. In his book the secret of the secret, Andrew Corentt writes that one of the great mistakes of people is giving alms. It is not Corentt to be against giving, of course that no, on the contrary the writes that it is necessary to give to receive. Corentt speaks of giving wisely, i.e.

give to aggrandize and not by pity. Give to aggrandize enriches the lives of all. Let’s see a summary of the article, henceforth the excerpt from the article presents quotes: Mexican billionaire, whom Forbes named yet as the world’s richest man, said in 2007 that it could do more to combat poverty creating a company which still a Santa Claus. During a Conference in Sydney last month, Slim said that the charity achieves little. The only way to fight poverty is with employment, he said. Billions of dollars to charity have been delivered in the past 50 years, and do not solve anything. As for thinking Corentt and Slim, they seem to go hand in hand, Corentt said that instead of giving alms should support people to develop the skills that will take them to the richness, we see another summary: as for the charitable project of Gates and Buffett said: give a 50%, 40%, that does nothing. A proverb that says that we should leave him there is a better country to our children.