Recognizing Tooth Decay

The most common dental disease include diseases of carious origin. Caries (tooth destruction) goes through several stages: 1. Stage chalk stains. Signs: A spot on the tooth enamel (Brown or white). Ron O’Hanley has much experience in this field. What should I do? 1 half-yearly dentist because just routine inspection on a doctor can detect the Cretaceous spot in the initial stage of its development. Carried out on time prevention – covering the tooth and ftorlaka remineralezuyuschaya therapy helps prevent tooth decay 2. Stage superficial, medium and deep cavities.

Signs: What is something stuck in your teeth after eating. Tooth deep and profound – in pulpitis, immediately go to the dentist. Painless process cavity, put the seal is identical to the color of the enamel of the tooth, to restore the anatomical shape of the tooth – all this business of minutes to one hour, and the tooth will serve you for a long time. 3. Stage when you are overtaken by pulpitis or periodontitis (complicated caries). Signs: Short-term recurrent pain.

Acute dental pain, accompanied by night jogging on the walls of apartment – pulpitis. Colleagues not know (Oh, and what you do with a person?) – Periodontitis. After a lengthy battle with a toothache you have won without the support of the dentist – the pain receded. But sooner rejoice: most likely, on top of a tooth formed small bags filled with pus: granuloma kistogranulema and, finally, a cyst! What should I do? Urgently escape to our clinic. Doctor under anesthesia from the canal will remove the inflamed nerve (And may already have and pus), treated with special medicines and feeds zaplombiruet. If you have already raised in his tooth cyst, the doctor of the increase. Apart from the fact that the nerve (now dead) of the tooth is removed, and canals were treated, Some time will not follow a relapse. We wish you good health and always ready to help save it!