Feng Shui Rules

If you prefer to follow all of feng shui, place your card in accordance with the rules of Bagua areas. Then the treasure map to be placed in the sector of wealth (the south-east). You can also post card in the sector of Children (West). You can think of their own to house the treasure map. No matter how you hang your card, it is necessary that there was an opportunity to see her, if not all the time, they might be often.

You to believe that all your dreams surround you are already a reality. Over time this will happen. Can anything prevent the implementation of your desires with the help of a treasure map? First, you can stop yourself if you do not believe that this may be valid. Can also prevent malevolent views and feedback on your map. Therefore, before the advent of the guests remove their card from a prominent place. Your dreams – it's just personal.

It is not necessary They tell of one and all. Misunderstanding and jealousy can disturb the harmony of a fine that you have created in their desires and transferred to the card. Take care of your dream, until it will get stronger and does not become a reality. If your House does not place where your card could hang all the time, without attracting too much attention outside, then just keep it hidden in a secluded corner, so time after time and take a look at his work. For the skeptics.