Take into account what stands out more complex relations Tannebaum, that although the satisfaction of a job can be sometimes associated with productivity, it is possible that both variables are part of a group. Given all this, fit the questions: how, that way to meet your staffing needs currently? How productivity is reaching, what are her motivators? Have been designed which new stimuli. Structured, launched? Of course, in the analysis of the individual vs. For more information see Bernard Golden . the Organization, there are other aspects to be taken into account in order to determine the actual behaviour of the worker in the company, such as adaptation to work, culture organizational, leadership, conflict, productivity, aspects that must know manage to avoid the disappearance of the motivation of many members, the effective control and combination, topics that in the Venezuelan reality have much left to say and has been neglected him widely glimpsing at the opposition that some manifest to the Organization and their bosses. The success of the Organization stresses Tannebaum, depends on members who have the willingness to work in a diligent and constructive manner in helping to achieve the objectives of the organization. This goodwill requires that each Member of the Organization, individuals feel that the same objectives are of importance, and its own specific task contributes in an essential way towards the achievement of the objectives of the organization. You should highly consider his position, as important, significant. This is very necessary if you are going to achieve and maintain a sense of worth and personal importance. Specifically, the Venezuelan management must identify more with his role, with their obligations, responsibilities, be attentive of the reality of the behaviour of the individual within the Organization, the adaptation to the new challenges, performance and productivity, to provide the necessary support to give way to motivational incentives that contribute to satisfaction identification of individuals with regard to the Organization, otherwise, the results will be negative and originate as it is happening in some companies an organizational climate not conducive to the efficient operation of the company before the current challenges..