The Opportunity

Then I stood firm to achieve detachment from what most need the money. I realized that letting go does not mean stop dreaming, stop asking, is to take away the anxiety, let ask again what the universe because the universe is wise to manifest in my life at the right time. Detachment is to give thanks that my life is perfect and this, and know that I will receive and “let it flow” I realized that only when I feel good and happy beyond what is or is not, I’ll be ready to receive all that the universe has for me. Even the rich richer is not always happy “If we are happy, before you have more money, more success and more goods, them not going to make us happier than they already are. The law of abundance talks about creating wealth, abundance, etc, we can not create a state of bitterness at what we have. And we can not create the condition that if we receive what we are going to be happy, but no.

In the old series but charming, “I Dream of Jeannie, Jenny’s genius was to stop rain and a beautiful sun came out and asked his master How did you do? And I thought she answered in the heat. To think is to create, but the thought must be free of pressure and anguish, our thinking must be accompanied by the sensation that would cause us to have what we want without conditions or fears and so manifest, the universe does not act under pressure, the universe flows and we must make to continue to do so. Prayer of detachment that helped me says: I detachment from this vision, knowing that this or something better will come into my life at the right time and giving thanks that my life is perfect and this, I detached and loose.