Gypsy Wealth

Gold is one of bats in which the minor Gypsy tarot harness arcana are divided. Many people interested in the topic of fortune-telling, obviate the importance of the minor arcana. However, a circulation without them would be incomplete, because their energy mitigates and complements that of the major arcana. The arcana of the golds speak in general of poverty and wealth, but not always from a material point of view. For the philosophy behind the Cartomancy, spirituality has a large weight, almost much more than material things of this world. For this reason, the arcana are sometimes a direct link between the man and his soul, bringing messages and warnings that many times we would prefer not to hear.

Such is the case of the five golds. This arcane shows misery, beggars at the door of a place of wealth, perhaps a church. The message is clear. Poverty, but this may be spiritual, and being outside the Church can be interpreted as an invitation to enter and join the comfort of spirit offered by religious beliefs. On the outside, the night is dark, but inside the Church, the light shines for all those who wish to enjoy it. But this difficult situation of the spirit will quickly change if the person thus proposes. Just take that step in the pursuit of a better present.

The resolution of the previous situation can be read in six of oros, the next letter of the saga. It’s the person who used to be miser, who has had a revelation: sharing enriches rather than impoverishment. Therefore, this person has found the true path to offer some of their material wealth or spiritual-to those who have least. In the situation of Chuck could treat an admonition, appealed to enlighten those who are lost, recommend to a friend, give entirely to others. The seven gold speaks of a person who has achieved considerable wealth. Should you cling to what you already have or risk to get more, with the possibility of losing that much work creating you get? The inconvenience of this letter is the announcement that should not sleep in the laurels. Need a change of direction, then remain stationary, anyway I would lose what has accumulated. It is an invitation to grow, risking new relationships perhaps, to seek the progress the Gypsy tarot we just made.