Captain House

– Vice-King, here in the arraial? – He goes to pass the night and per the morning he follows for the capital. I go to yield my house, that is most comfortable, I only go to need some colches of straw. We need to congregate some ranchers, people important to make a homage – It will not have time for this. Retrucou Matias. – Already it informed Hieronymite? – It left yesterday to hunt not yet came back. – Entonce, we ourselves we will make the honors of the house, vosmec as Captain of Order and I eat Lieutenant of the Military service The afternoon was of intense work in Torto Stream, the inhabitants had collected the garbage of the streets and caiaram the houses.

In the house of Terncio, the women prepared the stream beds, while the men killed two sheep and a pig, and lit the oven for the baked one. When entardecer all had been congregated in the square to recepcionar the real comitiva. Finally the covered cart appeared in the curve of the road, two soldiers riding in the advantage and others two in the rear. In the bolia a page to the side of the coachman travelled. The covered cart entered for the main street, made the return and parked in square. The temporary page jumped and placed one banquinho below of the door to go down them. The first one to go down was a man of long hair wearing shirt white, rendada and dark pants threaded in the boots.

As, of beard and mustache, it used leather vest on the bluish shirt. The following passenger, a priest, dressed a red sotaina with a layer wine color on the shoulders. Finally, Dom appeared Joo of Lencastre, governor-generality, using a gibo of black velvet, white satin shirt, fabric pants the same and boots decorated with yellow income and golden buckle.

Australians Refrigerators

In the age contemporary, it can be said that the primitive domestic refrigerators had appeared for the first time in the United States, in 1850. They nothing more were of what a lined wooden slate closet on the inside. In the winter, the ice blocks were cut of the rivers and frozen and stored lakes in these refrigerators. However, it was only in 1910 that refrigerators had started to take the form we know as them currently. At this time, the electricity started to play a basic role in the beginning of the conservation of the temperature in the interior of the refrigerator, as well as freon, a not toxic composition and fire resistant gift today in refrigerator and devices of conditional air.

Some, however, prefer the version of that the first refrigerator had its invention caused for the beer. Tired to take the hot product or in the maximum in ambient temperature, Australians, in 1856, had also contracted the Australian James Herrison to elaborate a system that cooled and kept the temperature of the product low, using the beginning of the vapor compression. But this version is not supported, when it takes yourself in account that the inventors would be Australian and not Brazilian, who are the consuming greaters of beer of the world, and with certainty they inventory any thing pra to keep the product in the ideal temperature, that is, pra to keep ' ' Blond Gelada' '! But this is not the case, Australians, Americans, English, Japanese, that is, who has invented the refrigerator, this there was of far the idea most shining of the millenium. The refrigerator fascinated the world and changed the routine in millions of modern homes. In 1927, ' ' General Eletric' ' , he launched a model that only vendeu of tacada, more than a million of refrigerators, becoming popular the product.

Pardon Company

Canova. Good Norah.’ afternoon; ‘ (Canova stumbles) ‘ ‘ Mr. Canova! Chord Mr. Canova! ‘ ‘ , Phill with the corpulent Canova in the arms said. ‘ ‘ It for a moment holds! I will go until first-aid infirmary and I will catch the luggage! ‘ ‘ , Norah said, and left in gone off building measures. ‘ ‘ Pobrezinha ‘ ‘ , Phill said. ‘ ‘ It was alone to ask for Mr.

Blake, it is in prdio.’ ‘ ‘ ‘ What you want to say with this? ‘ ‘ , Canova asked, that in as, was of foot, to the side of Phill. ‘ ‘ Blake is in the building? ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ It was a little more. You know the heads always you work more than the others. Therefore that they are rich ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ cornos.’ ‘ , it completed Canova. Norah finally arrived until the room of Blake. It sat down table and started to sabotage the email. When it was you give to send, it heard the discharge of the bathroom of Blake, and the door if opening. When seated seeing it in its table, Blake had anger attack: ‘ ‘ But that devils you are making in my room? ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ I, I only was He compelled me to Canova to sabotage the company and to change the dates of the campaign.

But it does not make nothing against it is with problems. For many times I tried to convince it to look aid. But it does not hear ‘ to me; ‘ ‘ ‘ Son of the mother! I helped always it here in this company. But you made in good in having counted me. I go to decide this right now everything. Retirar.’ can if; ‘ , Blake bound immediately for Canova. ‘ ‘ Its poor fellow! You are fired! He is one without same shame! Using the namorada poor person to be able to sabotage the proper company. He disappears of my company! ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ But ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ But, nothing! ‘ ‘ , Blake cried out. ‘ ‘ You have luck of I not to put a process in voc.’ ‘ Norah did not obtain to look at Canova in the eyes. The taste bitter taste of the shame penetrated in its mouth. It made force to face Canova and it said with the eyes: ‘ ‘ Pardon; ‘ Two Were a shock, Canova did not wait this machete blow for the coasts of the proper one namorada. The pleasure flesh time made with that it lost the job: If he was not cursed mnage with the blond ones, it would have finished with Norah, it would be used and with dignity.

The Flock

In the good one, it said that now we are quit, it made but me to swear that this would be the first and last time. You said that I was? Not thus Expensive, it forced me to it! You, but now it comes behind me. He does not come not! The Z goes to be outside of the city the day all. The heart of Sidney was a thousand. The loving one left in airport and with it a good bye kiss. To the front a passenger waved, in its thought the brown skin and soft of the Araceli.Parou, put the head for is, who called it? In that instant of devaneio and, still feeling the lassido to have been in company of it, it was left to involve for the uncertainty, therefore it did not perceive that, it has some meters the man trado observed it e, in its distraction was plus a victim of the fury of a husband who came to wash its honor.

Disaccorded, Sidney did not prove of cuspe that the man launched its mouth and, much less could hear the violations that the unfortunate person said, taken for a senile demon. The gentes had come all in its direction, the author of the detonation tried to run, but, were involved for a multitude of curious e, after that, captured for the policy. Sidney received the first socorros. Old fatty, the probably most salient one of the flock inquired to one of the ones for doctors: It goes to be well? The man turned itself, without much interest, it and answered: He is early pra to know! Later he closed the door of the ambulance. It was made comfortable: Detesto interfered people? it commented. Guilt of the collective cio? it said the other. I can bind pra Maria?

Noel Papa Christmas

PATROL The preparativeses for the commemoration of the Christmas already were advanced the adults, in ours small city, was pledged with tenacity in the decoration. As always, they argued: The Christmas if commemorates, if it celebrates, or if festeja? But it was not arrived at the conclusion and the quarrel was for the following Christmas. For we, children, these days cost to pass; they transcorriam slowly, because we were waiting something, that would only arrive in the night of Christmas. All the year we made exaggerated lists of order, but we waited that Noel Papa in them brought one three gifts, or, if not of this, at least two. But in that year vov passes us a discomposure, remembering to us of our traquinagens. That present we would have to earn, for terms moored sineta of silver to the tail of the cat? The coitado one, frightening, jump for half hour, until obtaining to free the knot.

We see for the first time, with our proper eyes, what it is the terror. that prize> Vou I, to speak with Noel Papa, when it to appear in the esquina, the night of Christmas. I go, to decide this case! threatens pointing us the lean pointer. Mother had been more comedida. She said that only well held children had right to the gifts; many others they more than deserved them what in. Papa was fixed.

This year Noel Papa is very poor. He did not obtain money. Thus, nothing of toys. Vov gave to us to a letter, written in trembling letter – (it pulls, Noel Papa is exactly very old) confirming that ours toys would be given three boys: one, sick one; other, very poor, third, optimum pupil of the school. The frustration was great. my cousin, alrgico to the injustices, was rebelled Decides that we would go to face the Velhinho face the face, in one talks serious.