The Tram

Without symbolizing the reality with its problems, conflicts and quandaries the individual does not possess capacity to encourage the thought to say ' ' no' ' the existing theories and to consider new. Thus, paradoxicalally, Clarice of to a blind person whom chiclete chews 7, the mission to disclose to a new world for the personage Ana. It is compels who it to see, it is who discloses the light to it and also it is who banishes it from its cmodo paradise. For more information see David Fowler. In the story To play to think, the moment epifnicos is described as one instant where if &#039 can; ' To be busy and suddenly to stop for having been taken for a sudden desanuviadora inoccupation and very devout woman, as if a miracle light had entered in sala.' ' 8. It agrees to detach a similar moment to this description in the story Love. One is about the moment where Ana perceives the blind person of the window of the bus. Hear from experts in the field like baby clothes for a more varied view. To this instant it can to make an analogy to the ritual of a childbirth: It is noticed brusque contraction; ' ' The tram gave one pulled out sbita' ' 9, later the exit of the uterus; ' ' playing it unprepared for trs' ' 10, after that unfastening of the placenta; ' ' weighed the bag of tric was fallen down disastrously from a high place of colo' ' , the umbilical cut; ' ' it ruiu in cho' ' I cry, it; ' ' Ana gave one grito.' ' Finally new to be if she presents: ' ' A face expression, has very not used, resurges to it with difficulty, still uncertain, incompreensvel.' ' Then, Clarice of to the light to Ana whom renasce for a new world, since the old broken rejection; ' ' But the eggs if had broken in the bundle of jornal.' '. . .

Decision Making

Another factor that contributes is to instrumentalizar the people so that they make possible the taking of more assertive decision, through the development of practical others, such as the human values, moral, ethical and proper solidariedade' '. In this manner it can be observed that one of them pillars that support the excellency public administration is the envolvement of all the servers in the search of the high performance of the organization, by means of stimulaton to the contribution and the commitment to reach its objectives. After all, the good organizacional climate has fort influence on the institucional results, that is, on the performance of the organization, a time that directly is related with the professional comprometimento of its collaborators, in the case, the public servers. Scott Kahan oftentimes addresses this issue. The practical ones of management of people must, therefore, to guarantee an environment of safe, healthful and propitious work to development, to the welfare, the motivation and the satisfaction of the servers. Of this perspective, it comes the necessity of a new style of administrator with the attention directed toward the defined people, inside of an administration as integrant of humanizada management. This is had as a significant support for changes and innovation in the relations that enclose work and people. Learn more at: Financial Planning Association FPA.

In this manner the understanding is born of that the life of a public entity is, without a doubt, the person who works in favor of the efficiency. According to COAST (2002: 21), the humanizao in the work environment presents the interpersonal relations as one of the elements that contribute for the formation of the real relationship in the organization: ' ' It is necessity to observe the real operation of the organization, here enclosed the interpersonal relations, that constitute its vital seiva. The formal elements (administrative structure) and informal (human relationship, that emerges of the experiences of day-by-day) are combined stop to produce the real standard of human relationship in the organization: as the work truily is executed and which implicit the mannering rules that govern the contacts between the people this are the structure of contacts and communications human beings from which the problems of politics of staff and taking of decisions can be understood and be treated by administradores' ' For ' humanizao' the revalorizao of the idealized image of the Man is understood less retaken or and more the incitation to a process of production of new existenciais territories (Benevides & Steps, 2005a).

Par Democracy

However, we ask if we are not understanding of errnea form the democracy direction? The shout is a democratic manifestation of groups of people who go the streets to demand violated rights and she does not stop being used as palco of campaign partisan politics, is not this its focus. The question is: exists democracy in this country? In view of the beginning of opinion and liberty of speech it can be hindered that somebody raises its flag politics in a popular public act in the search and claim of rights? We believe and we understand that this fact is one me the interpretation of the democratic right. We are mixing the things and there we are losing the focus and in leaving to be sultry for political parties where the objective is another one. Democracy is the liberty of speech of a people and not of a minority. Perhaps in this direction let us be as shout of the excluded one far from our focus, has seen that we are today one ‘ ‘ grupinho’ ‘ still we are sultry for others ‘ ‘ grupinhos’ ‘ partisans which the only interest are the campaign politics to arrive itself at the power.

More most dangerous and that he can in them take our exoneration while fighters of human and social rights the determined ones broken or to any are the atrelamento another structure of being able that it is not compromised to the collective one. As to live the democratic process where and when if he tries to reveal the free expression in search of social rights, politicians, sustainable, ambient and cultural development economic of an excluded people and where if he places the car in the front of the oxen stifling root cause? It is irresponsible and badly informed of democracy who it thinks that it can raise flag politics in an act as the shout of the excluded ones from day 7 of September? Why then it does not go to raise its partisan flag in the military parade? To if placing the flag politics in an act of fight for social rights, politicians, ambient and cultural they are stifled and hinders the free expression of claim of these rights. Learn more at this site: Oracle. It is not possible to chew the sugar cane and to smoke cachimbo at the same time. It is not possible to celebrate a cult, a eucaristia, to participate of the Wax candle of Nazar and at the same time to raise partisan flags at these moments. We need to have coherence and to understand what it is democracy in fact is that it exists same in a corporativista country.

To reflect on the democracy in the contemporaneidade is, without a doubt, a legitimate and indispensable exercise. The expression democracy, throughout the times, was appropriate for different groups and, evidently, it locks up directions, forms, intentions and projects distinct societrios. In imaginary the popular one, the democracy, usually, is associated with the presence of representative or governing election. However, this is only one formal procedure that, by itself, not express its content. Soon, it appears to the necessity to characterize the term, in case that contrary, can be contributed for the banalizao and the esvaziamento of its meaning. She is necessary to know of that democracy if is speaking, as well as distinguishing between the form, or the procedures, and its content.

Physical Pessoas

4 the society fit in the disposals of the caption of this article is obliged to relate in the fiscal document emitted to cover the installment of the service the name, the registration in Cadastro de Physical Pessoas CPF and the record number in the agency of classroom of the professionals who, with its personal work, had given the service on behalf of society. (NR) (CHAGAS, 2011). Being that as this exactly author the revoked writing was the following one: Art. 13 When the activity of doctor, nurse, obstetra, ortptico, fonoaudilogo, prosthetic, medical veterinarian, accountant, accountant, agent of industrial property, lawyer, engineer, architect, city planner, agronomist, dentist, economist and psychologist will be given by professional societies, the ISSQN due will be demanded monthly, calculated at the rate of R$35,00 (thirty and five Reals) in relation to each qualified professional, partner, used or, that it gives service on behalf of the society, even so not assuming personal responsibility in the terms of the applicable law. Only paragraph the made use one in this article is not applied to the society that presents any one of the following characteristics: I commercial nature; II partner legal entity; III diverse activity of the professional qualification of the partners; IV partner not qualified for the exercise of corresponding activity to the service given for the society; V partner who does not give service on behalf of the society, in it appearing only with arrives in port of capital; VI enterprise character; VII existence of branch office, agency, rank of attendance, branch, office of representation or contact, or any another decentralized establishment (CHAGAS, 2011. Reason for which, can be corroborated the same with when evidencing that the municipal norm, as much the previous one (Law n 8,725/03) how much to the current one (Law n 9,799), when treating on the society of professionals ' ' …


Inversion and invention of values That the bible is our ethical manual, all Christian we know, but we also know that this is not accepted for the after-modernized society. The pretensions are not few human beings to try to supplant the truth and to lower it a category of inferiority. To each day we surprise in them at the inventions that they look to invert the irreversible one; laws that collate the proper law. They battle to forbid the truth affirming is that: the truth is that the truth does not exist; in the truth assertive one is a true incongruncia such. Pra this society, what valley is what not valley. Truth is what each one says, and, to say the truth in the current days constitutes the biggest challenge. Who thinks that to say the truth it is to say what it thinks, is maken a mistake.

The truth is absolute, it is universal and it is above of the values and mere human standards. Independent the necessary to be said and proclaimed truth of who it pronounces, as Scrates said: ' ' It does not import who says the truth, only the truth dita' '. While the Christianity in its two a thousand years of history, looks for to place in the mouth of the people truth, being thus produced one ' ' Christ mania' ' , the society in opposing has generated one ' ' Christ fobia' '. The Messenger evanglico periodical of the Peace, agency of the Assemblies of God in Brazil, published a substance saying that the hindered religion and liberty of speech is being each time more in the Ocidente. In the Europe, it is not only forbidden to nail on subjects ' ' politically incorretos' ' as well as the reading of Biblical texts is forbidden even though that make mention to the homossexualismo as sin. Christians are being fined and imprisoned in England for distribution of brochures I contend Biblical texts considered ' ' politically incorretos' '. In sight to Brazil, the Swedish shepherd Lars Ivar Roland Vingren, only affirms that to read in meetings texts with Rm. 1.26-27 the arrest is enough to take somebody. Let us pray for the o world let us ask for the God who illuminates the men with the Truth of the Salvation.

Sung Poetry

TO BE LOVING 04.09.09 My serious face, hides a mystery, who can disclose is alone its look, You have a brightness, that she moves with me, because you make this if I give as much affection to you I want to be of its side to be more than what a boyfriend, close to happy you I am But when far in you I Only think. SPOKEN My life with you is words without knowing to say, the heart goes off the time stops, Calm you me, you say things to me pretty our tunning you are the thing prettiest That it can exist therefore I want you well close to me thus, nothing more desire But plus a kiss and it will be our secret only plus a kiss so that I can to sleep. ' ' I will sleep with you, and I will dream of the angels, therefore when to sleep with the angels, I will dream of you 2X' ' SPOKEN The perfect Love is that one lived that one that is not chosen but that it has the destination As its Soft, delicate, fine way & gotten passionate. SPOKEN To be loving is inexplicable, is without skill with the desires loses sleep the hours flies but with you I am everything in contrast only I know to be Gotten passionate. Weverton Notrevew


‘ The true leader if becomes known for exploring the possibilities and becomes them reais.’ ‘ To lead is not to occupy a position in a department or in way the people, to lead are more than this, is a way of being natural. When the leader it is par excellence in the distance does not import that it is of led its, it is the leader. Not because he wants and yes for to be leader of soul and essence, he possesss called Elohim (God).Landmarks 6:7 the 13 ‘ ‘ It called Jesus the twelve and it started to send them of two the two, giving authority to them on the dirty espritos. It commanded to them that nothing they led for the way, except a pilgrim’s staff; nor bread, nor saddlebag, nor money; that they were paved of sandals and they did not use two tnicas. recommended to them: When to enter in some house, you remain there until leaving of the place. If in some place not to receive you to hear nor you, to sairdes from there, I shook the dust of the feet, in witness thereof against them.

Then, leaving they, nailed to the people who if repented; they expelled many demons and they cured numerous patients, ungindo them with leo.’ ‘The commissioners for Jesus had accurately fulfilled what Jesus determined, Jesus exactly not having IDO with them.Apostolo Pablo is a great example to lead in the distance, decided the conflicts through letters that today we assist when we pass for the same problems in the local churches. Who recognizes the authority of who leads does not have difficulty to obey, but when the led one does not understand the leader or its ranks it is because in the reality its heart is ambitious and it does not have kingdom vision or evangelho.