Vegetable Store Turn Key Construction

Vegetable store called the building or structure intended for storage of fresh vegetables. Although cabbage, root vegetables and some other vegetables and if you want to keep clamps or trenches, we now go on permanent vegetable stores equipped with everything necessary for long-term storage and efficient harvest. During the construction of such facilities are used a variety of building materials: stone, brick, concrete blocks and panel. All of them involve major construction with the foundation or the base unit, the protection of groundwater, installation of ventilation and cooling equipment. On vegetable storage facility – from the creation of the project before putting into operation – requires a lot of time from several months to a year. But now that the pre-fabricated buildings are increasingly being used in different areas, they became the most simple, convenient and effective option for rapid construction of vegetable stores. New technologies for the construction of refrigerated warehouses for storage of vegetables and used in large cities and in rural areas.

On statistics, the current number of available vegetable stores, only 20% of the required to meet the needs of the population. Hangar type building on a metal frame and sandwich panels can be virtually any size. The area and height are calculated based on the volume of stored vegetables. Typically, vegetable storage capacity for root crops and cabbage from 250 to 3000 tons of onions – 50 to 1000 tons. In large rooms provide passage to a width of 3.5-6 m of transport, and on both sides of it have bins and auxiliary facilities for electrical equipment – fans, refrigerators, etc.