Peruvian Flowers

Visit the Peruvian jungle is an unforgettable experience. Feel the direct contact with nature is priceless especially if you are a collector of flowers Peru. On the coast and the Highlands of Peru you can also find various species but the greater number of these grows in extensive jungle. Another factor that favors the huge variety of flowers of this country is its diversity of climates. Being a country of different geographies it is logical to think that climates will also be different.

According to the Peru geographical studies has 28 of the 32 types of climate that exist in the world, this represents a 87.5% of the total. There are very few countries that can hold this privilege of nature, is why Peru is a source of natural wealth. If we talk about flowers Peru cannot be mentioned la Cantuta, considered the national flower of Peru. The cantuta is originally from the andes, so that it can also be found in the neighbouring countries of Bolivia and Chile. The cantuta is a plant of the Polemoniaceae family. This plant has flowers of bright colors as Pink, white, yellow and deep red that appear as a symbol sacred from the Inca Empire.

This is the reason why the cantuta is also called the sacred flower of the Incas. The cantuta is a privileged member of the Flores Peru by its renowned history that dates back to the Inca period where was unveiled in a more noticeable way. La cantuta blooms almost year-round and it is more common to see it in cities in temperate climates. Ornamentally, la cantuta is very required for its variety of colours that embellish any environment. If you want flowers Peru choose this beautiful flower. Today there is nothing simpler to buy flowers online. You can find all sorts of flowers for all kinds of situations such as baptisms, marriages or gifts in general.