Jaime Bayly, already thing of his candidacy was taken seriously for the Presidency of the Republic. Matt Benchener is a great source of information. What began as a simple joke, is taking shape and it seems that it is a fact that at the end of this year, Louie enrolls to launch his presidential candidacy. But you can take seriously this presidential candidate?, can you take seriously someone who has the quality to take all matters of State, joke and chacota?; It can be seen, that everything that refers to handling a country (and the fate that this would be with a President of that nature); is it a joke? I am sincere in saying that if I like his television program, because it amuses me a lot. As he himself says, democracy in television exists with the question which channel prefer to see and is in the handling of our remote control. I choose to see it, because I enjoy the idea of seeing the political circumstances of our country in a surreal way.

But from there, to elect a President who see this political surrealism, as realism specifically, it is well scrubbed. The sane person, (I think) is that difference well the reality of the fictitious, then. I can and I must (because it is healthy) amuse me a little with fictional things, but I have to be always aware of what is truly happening. This is the point. I think that the misfortune of Jaime began, when its programme the same decided, give a more Loco theme. I think that if I would have followed by inviting politicians, and of course, play with them in all that rhetoric funny surreal policy; his candidacy was seeing otherwise at this time. Or maybe, when it started with this change on his television programme, is never imagine be tucked into this presidential adventure. Now it seems that he wants to turn back the clock, to invite politicians, but I think it is already too late.

Avoid Dependence

Falling into accommodation in certain situations in life is easy and sometimes gives the feeling of happy to have favourable conditions that others do not have, when we become accustomed to other people to solve some problems in our life we are totally away from the light of power to act and enlighten our lives. Dependence on the only thing that creates is mediocrity and futility, why you be alert to avoid it because it usually comes into our lives in a manner so secretive that not even we are aware of it, we quote an example where a person begins to face economic problems due to the lack of employment, decided to resort to their relatives and originally the idea sounds goodIt makes a small station there for while it resolves the problem, some manage to resolve it quickly and again return to independence, but a large number will become wealthy and solution almost never arrives. What is the risk to seek help in less adversity? That his mind will get used to others to solve their life and each day will have a lesser autonomy, then is creating a mental path of dependence and then change it can be quite hard. One of the features of the subconscious mind is looking for action when pressed to the end, we return to the case of the person who has been without employment, if seeking help in the family and there has it all, then internally your mind will say: I’m well, here I have everything, there is nothing that worry, quiet, mira television what? The mind is not feeling the pressure of change, then the likelihood of the problem being reduced, because you yourself do not sit in a State of emergency. Now suppose the case that this person’s family is far away and does not have any form of help, then is person looking for employment and what happen? The mind will say I’m hungry, my life is in danger if I don’t have to eat, I am adrift etc. .