YAG Spots

Now safely remove age spots and pigmentation can be at pure & beautiful in Berlin are age spots accumulation of pigment in the epidermis. These are caused when the skin was long exposed to the Sun. Mainly occur age spots on the back of the hand, on the forearms and face. Almost everyone gets age spots. From 40 years of age, you can show first age spots.

From the age of 60, 90 percent of Germans of age spots are affected. Health, age spots pose no risk. But often, the cosmetic aspect is a problem for those affected. There occur age spots in the area (face, back, forearms, cleavage), where anyone can see these brownish spots, attempting often by clothing or makeup to cover them. At the present time, 60 years are still no high age and many young and dynamic feel. You want fresh and actively go through life and also look like. For the old are awkward age spots-be available. Sometimes you make those affected older than he actually is, and feels especially older than he.

In the laser Studio of pure & beautiful in Berlin can get affected aid and safely and successfully remove age spots and pigmentation. These are removed with a nd: YAG laser. The laser selectively detects the Brown age spots. These are crack by the laser and then break down into smallest particles. The body recognizes it as a foreign body and transported it in a natural way, through the lymphatic system. The surrounding tissue remains unaffected and therefore was not hurt. The advantage of laser treatment for removal of age spots is that the treatment is effective and hypoallergenic. Often, even a treatment sufficient to completely remove the old-age and hyper-pigmentation. Prerequisite for a laser treatment for removal of age – and hyper-pigmentation with pure & beautiful is a dermatological evaluation of the area to be treated. You can protect himself from age spots just by applying a sunscreen daily.

Tourism: The Scandinavian Market Interest To Tour Operators Malagasy

The sector of tourism in Madagascar is trying to regain its momentum and professionals in the industry are optimistic for 2011. Until now, the French and Italian tourists were more attracted by the tour operator Madagascar. But in recent times with the various campaigns of promotion and participation in international events, Malagasy traders have directed more and more in the Chinese market to boost the sector tourism Madagascar. In fact, despite the existence of hotels owned by Chinese citizens on the big island, Madagascar remains a popular destination for Chinese tourists. Therefore, to achieve the goal set by the Ministry of tourism and handicrafts and the various operators in the field of tourism that attracts a million visitors a year, it should rely on its openness to other markets such as Northern Europe and Scandinavia, Austria, namely, Holland and Germany according to Minister Irene Andreas. The program’s operators, such as travel agencies, trip Madagascar and several regional offices of tourism for 2011 is to promote the destination Madagascar in various international fairs, especially in those countries. Several fairs as Wien / Vienna Ferienmesse, Austria, Vakanz Luxemburgo, CMT-Die Urlaubamesse in Stuttgart or Zurich, in Switzerland, the fitur in Madrid are events of interest to many. On the other hand, of Madagascar, with the number of English-speaking guide who remains quite low, so it might be time to train additional staff to meet these requirements..

The First Draft Of Law Drowns To The Sector With A Tribute Detrimental For Operators And Users

The First draft of Law drowns to the sector with a tribute detrimental for operators and users the AEDAPI considers that it has not considered the knowledge of the private operators online, neither of the traditional industry, nor the users, nor of the experts in Internet a tribute on volume of business will take to many users to look for better products offered by operators nonregulated Madrid, 06 of January of 2011 After 3 years of delay finally has appeared the First draft of Law of game online and, if there are no changes, Spain could count on one of the worse regulations of game in Europe since would be seriously detrimental as much for companies like for users. The State has ignored the recommendations of game operators online, traditional industry, users and experts in Internet, and in its First draft of Law it proposes that the taxation that is applied on the houses of bets is, incomprehensibly, on volume of business and not on gross gains. The AEDAPI has showed that a type of tribute on volume is detrimental for the industry since it does not allow to offer competitive products and this repels directly on the user. The regulation that proposes the First draft of Law will take to many users to look for better products offered by operators nonregulated, favoring the black market and the fraudulent conducts, and will force many operators to reframe its presence in Spain. All this will have a direct influence in the volume of taxes that the State will end up collecting. Incoherence in the regulation the sector thinks that LAE (Lotteries and Bets of the State), active part in the writing of this First draft of Law of game, has defined a beneficial regulatory frame for their interests and to the detriment of the deprived operators of game online. In addition one has not considered clear examples of positive regulations in some Independent Communities like Madrid, Basque Country, Castile Leon and Navarre and four more developing. The repercussions in Spain to be approved the Law according to the present First draft, many operators would be forced to stop operating in Spain, circumstance that it would negatively affect different sectors from the Spanish economy.

The State would stop entering a part of the taxes that could collect when fixing a competitive regulatory frame. In addition they would be put in risk leaves from more than 100 million annual Euros in publicity and sponsorships that the AEDAPI esteem that invests in Spain the main European operators of game online. This last one would splash, mainly, to clubs and sport mass media. On the AEDAPI the Spanish Association of Apostantes by Internet (AEDAPI) is an independent organization and without profit spirit whose primary target is to foment a positive regulation that allows to develop a market liberalized and open of the sport bets by Internet without borders and with free competition. MORE INFORMATION: 00 TINKLE 93 238 57 Victor the 117 93 445 43 51/610 540 Alicia 93 238 59 11/618 64 06 75 Source: Note of Press sent by lianne.