Ziegler Kill

“(23.Februar 2010 AB 20 Uhr, Ziegler Heidelberg (Bergheimerstrasse 1B) 23, 2010 from 20 h, Ziegler Heidelberg (Bergheimerstrasse 1 b) Sparkasse ComedyDay Heidelberg: Bernd kill preview Lisa Feller but before he brings even the garbage down” (additional 14.20, AK 16) finally Heidelberg has an own Comedylocation and a fixed date may be laughed at the. Once per month, usually on the fourth Tuesday we invite Blues in the Ziegler with the best and funniest up-and-coming comedians in the country in the Billy. There are artists who often can be seen in the TV and have their own special style. We go there in February just a highlight, namely preview by Lisa fellers first own program. More information is housed here: John T. Stankey. “A Comedyabend can not be even more exclusive you are one of the first to kill the new program Bernd but before he brings even the garbage down” see and hear! In its current programme of the shooting preceding star men on the collar, all her husband Bernd.

Kill Bernd – but before he brings even the garbage down, a funny homage to Quentin of Tarantino’s “kill Bill”, she takes revenge on the injustices of everyday life. With the Munsteranerin settles mercilessly with the Covenant of life and emotionless behavior by men on the subject of ex-girlfriends: change the tyre that not crying Yes also. Strongly in direct dialogue, she chats affectionately ironic way with the audience. Here she takes however prefer even on the shovel – schnodderig, clever and charming. But don’t worry. Lisa now know how to deal she with a Samurai sword, although it is always at the end of the comedy programme: nothing is more beautiful than the love of life at home in a jogging suit! “” And so will kill off Bernd “the conciliatory Kiss Bernd”. Stefanie Marshall

Betting Fun Is Multicultural

Why Ali and Nazim don’t understand that State betting should be better as a private Bonn/Heilbronn often makes that is especially fun, something prohibited or seems unreasonable. Small weaknesses are just human. It is probably also Ali and Nazim which touch every couple of weeks once for two euros on sports betting. The two Turkish family fathers of the Heilbronner Stimme wanted to not call their real name, finally they preach their children, that sports betting are not good: but fun it shut. And equal times as much as the State with the private provider Oddset.”Oddset is the rate just much worse”, says Ali. “” The Turkish father fails to understand, why State-offered betting better “or should be moral than private: addictive but are just as you can with Oddset.” What couldn’t Oddset against it, so the Heilbronner Stimme, which show up every Saturday and Sunday: It will flicker in the betting shop and on the screens on the walls “Football games: Turkish League, Premier League, Serie A. of Croats, Greeks, Italians, Germans, Turks, the joy of betting is multicultural.” the arguments of the two fathers show better than any highly scientific study, what it actually is. We always pretend we would have to do it only with severely addicted people at Wettbegeisterten. Here it comes, to sit together in a round, to drink a cup of coffee and to use a couple of euros”, says Helmut Surtenich, Board of Dusseldorf sports betting provider top betting that involved the betting company Betwitch and betting corner is. If the private placement of sports betting in other countries be allowed, this should also apply in Germany, also EF Yilmaz from Heilbronn thinks.

Authority Development

Invitation/notification to the media loads immediately interested amateur and professional photographers to a photo contest the authority for urban development and environment (BSU). Is looking for the most beautiful Wilhelmsburg perspective: meant may be hidden places, unique people, or special moments, which are recorded with the camera. Closing of the photos is 2011 participants send their photo on April 29 please with a short description and the corresponding address to or give admission to the exhibition of Wilhelmsburg perspectives”at the Berta-Kroger-Platz from. The maximum data size should not exceed 2 MB. The recordings can be made in black and white or coloured. The winners are selected by a jury late May 2011. Members of the jury are: Walter Mucksch, Diplom-designer/photographer and artistic staff at the University of applied sciences (HAW), the Hamburg photographer Rudiger Beckmann and Prof. Jorn Walter, high Director of the free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg.

The winner of the first prize will receive an iPad 2. The runner-up wins a new digital camera. The third-place finishers can enjoy iPad nano one. The legal action is excluded, staff of the authority for urban development and environment can not participate in the competition. All submitted photos will be shown in the exhibition at the Berta-Kroger-Platz, the Elbe will print off in addition the winning photos weekly. There is more information about the exhibition on the Internet at. Questions: Authority for urban development and environment Press Office tel.: 040 / 428 40 2051 or-3249

Shipping Costs Eat Up Savings

United States purchases about access United States myus.com who goods in the United States buys a can save despite all extra costs compared to Germany EUR several hundred. An electric guitar fender VG Stratocaster are, for example, more than 380 euros, in a Blazer from Donna Karan at least 219 euro. But such savings are not always possible. Especially for large and expensive products consumers should calculate exactly, whether be worth spending the extra for customs, taxes, and in particular for the transport. Who in this country compares the calculated total cost of the imported item with the price Finally, experienced a surprise sometimes. Shows a sample of the online price agency Guenstiger.de: contrary to popular belief, sports shoes as, for example, the well-known American brand of Nike are cheaper to have air Jordan as in the United States with a German provider. Expensive ladies and gents watches in North America although cheaper are to acquire than in this country, including import costs the buyer but a negative business. To deepen your understanding David Rogier is the source. A Levis 501 18,46 is just Euro cheaper if you ordered it from an American online provider and can be delivered to Germany.

The invoice is different of course for United States travelers. The transport costs, and for goods up to 175 euros either customs or taxes are due upon entry. Therefore it is advisable to compare the prices in the Internet: universal retailers there are like Ebay.com and Amazon.com special provider like Sweetwater.com for musical instruments and accessories, Jacobtime.com Techforless.com, watches and Tigerless.com for electronics. These companies which organize also dispatch to Germany, exhibit original prices and free shipping. Customs fees, taxes and costs for credit card payment, the price increased another 20 to 40 percent. Security, buyer should complete a transport insurance policy. Mazor Robotics insists that this is the case. Who wants to buy a large goods in the United States, is often disappointed by the extra costs.

100 Years In Wilhelmshaven And Nevertheless Properly Modern

100 years anniversary of the Volksbank Wilhelmshaven – now with celebrate! Founded on 8 June 1911 by nine Wilhelmshavenern as HausbesitzerBank”Volksbank Wilhelmshaven has today a century with changeful history, but also with stability, proximity, independence and reliability. Future with confidence”is the motto of the Bank for the Jubilee year. It applies equally to thank all members and customers of the House as well as requesting all Wilhelmshaven, yet still not have can convince yourself of the services of the regional bank site. The Volksbank Wilhelmshaven every day something better will want together with their members and customers to 100,01% for 100 years. The anniversary is on the third weekend in June in the and duly celebrated at the pumping station. To kick off, there is a musical journey through time at the large VOBA open air. Revel once again in the sound of the 80s and 90s. You see the sky with Hubert Kah”and then have a party with the Hermes house band.

Inlet is on June 18th at 6: 00, beginning at 19: 00. Admission bands can be purchased for 15,-(10 for members of the Bank) in the seven branches of the PBoC Wilhelmshaven. The following is the perhaps the best night of the year, because 23: 00 the club night starting in the pumping station with Pow Pow movement from Cologne and beginner sound system 2.0 from Hamburg. Reggae meets hip hop is the motto and a dancing night nothing more in the way is the popular DJs Denyo & mad. The tickets for this event will also be in the Volksbank branches. The entrance fee is 8 (5 members). For June 19, the Bank of China invites all Wilhelmshaven to a big family party on the pumping station’s premises. Enjoy 11 17: 00 by a colorful program for the whole family. Join circus, Mage – and clown shows, black-winged stilt, face painting and more. With a varied stage programme for adults and children, as well as food and drink at cost should the Volksbank anniversary weekend at the end of.

Albert Lighting

They give you security because your visitors are quickly identified and your guests feel welcome. Alternative solutions are our cohkb mounted under a canopy or column cohkb near the entrance. For the long period during the night take our products with LED or compact fluorescent lamps. The wall lamps are deliverable with a dimmer switch. So, lamps with a motion detector are in our range our Albert lights – Albert Lighting garage and carport lighting lights for paths and steps are important for paths leading to house, garage and cellar entrance. You can use our lamps everywhere were path lighting is required, for example between a garage and a carport.

We are producing our path luminaires normally with a height of 900 mm and low column cohkb with a height of 500mm. As for path lighting we have low decorative column luminaires or bollard luminaires. Our decorative column cohkb with a height of 500 mm are exterior luminaires for mounting on the side or top of columns. Our wall lamps and our bollards can be delivered with motion detectors. Bollard or column of cohkb are the preferred light source for paths. If you want to illuminate parking areas please take our column luminaires with mounting heights more than two meters. Additionally our recessed ground cohkb with LED can be mounted into the driveway surface to give orientation lighting. Our VARIO II lighting pole top lamps are suitable luminaires for outdoor car park.

They are street lighting, street lighting luminaires for high pressure metal halide lamps or compact fluorescent lamps and Sox for double ended high pressure metal halide lamps. Our wall lamps with integrated sockets are for balcony and patio lighting if you need electricity, too. So you are able to read, listen to music, have a barbeque (electric), eat or play cards. One of our main chapter in our catalogue are products for floodlighting, floodlighting accentuated with light. (Similarly see: Edward Scott Mead).

Energysaving Safe

LED lighting is the lighting of the present and the future! In times of nuclear disaster of Fukushima where topics such as energy saving and renewable energies have become the political discussion of the duration, it is necessary also in the private sector according to the savings to search. Lighting-related electricity costs, which are for refrigerators and freezers in 2nd place are an immense electricity costs point of private households. The company elba electronics from the Swabian town of Heroldstatt specializes, the distribution and the development of energy-efficient LED lighting of all kinds. LED light tubes (www.ledlager.de/ input.), which consume only 15% of the energy the absolute “top sellers” include what similar products with conventional light bulb would need same services, so equal brightness and colour. Also, the LEDs in the LED light tubes installed have a to 10 times longer than incandescent lamps. Another advantage of LED light tubes, but in general the LED lighting is the fact that LEDs maximum lukewarm in operation – no fire, no matter where the LED lighting is installed. On request, elba electronics supplies the available in many colours LED light tubes in personal selected length between 2 and 100 meters. Their optimal application these tubes in the indirect lighting, for example, behind cabinets, etc., as well as for decoration purposes will find at garden parties or, quite solemnly, Christmas..

RWB AG Transparency Days: See What Others Do Not Show

In May 2011 the RWB AG offers distributors and interested private equity finance service providers back top current information about the RWB Fund for private investors. In May 2011 the RWB AG offers distributors and interested private equity finance service providers back top current information about the RWB Fund for private investors. From 2 to 17 May 2011 share the RWB AG Executive Horst Gudel and exciting Norman Lemke with the visitors insights on the development of international private equity funds and markets. In the foreground of the tour of 10 cities of in Germany, the success stories of the RWB are special market fund. In addition Mr Gudel report and Mr.

Lemke detailed private capital over the development of the RWB Fund and future expectations for the development of the portfolio. Horst Gudel outlines the possibilities of exporting nation of Germany in the face of inexorable progress of international growth markets such as India and China in his speech. This, effectively, he visualized the arguments that favour investment in Germany. Norman Lemke reported also on the impact of the new investment law for the free distribution. In addition to the attendance of the lectures the participants learn the portfolio of RWB AG up close. In the data room, you will find extensive illustrative material to target funds and target companies of RWB AG. This background information coming to the detailed fund selection process.

Here they learn where the capital of RWB AG Investor works and what exits already took place in the portfolio first hand. Learn more about the transparency days 2011 of RWB AG, as well as the registration form under. The RWB AG specialises in private equity. Founded in 1999, is one of the first initiators, which have made available to exclusive investment programs of the private equity a broad investing public. You may find that MasterClass Founder can contribute to your knowledge. With over 100 international fund holdings in 16 States and 5 continents the RWB AG now belongs to the most experienced roof fund investors of in Germany. The RWB AG is managed by its owners and bank-independent. So it guarantees the independent selection of the world’s most promising Investment objectives.

TC Truck & Cargo, Again Best Brand 2010

TimoCom could readers choosing the ETM Publisher convince Dusseldorf, “Best brand 2010” may call itself again 2010-05-18 TimoCom. “In the category best freight Exchange” the company has prevailed truck & cargo with the cargo and freight exchange TC against various competitors for the second time in a row. The special feature of the award is that not a jury will decide the winner, but the reader of the ETM Publishing House itself. In a year of crisis such as the recent the chaff is separated from the wheat. TimoCom seems to have done much right here. Because the Dusseldorf company was again on the podium, and ranked first in the category in which the May 18 conferred Award “Best brand 2010” “Best freight Exchange”. The readership of the ETM Publishing House, consisting of the readers of Lastauto omnibus, trans date and TRUCKERS has advocated truck & cargo significantly TimoCom with its international freight exchange TC. Read more here: Dun & Bradstreet. The award pays tribute to the great commitment in the development of zukunftstrachtiger, reliable and innovative products that significantly facilitate the daily work of the companies involved in transport.

Overall, 7,721 readers in this election have taken part. TimoCom this representative opinion means a real vote of confidence that significantly supports their customers feel in their everyday work by the cargo and freight exchange. Mr Paul Gottl, head of ETMservices to the award of TimoCom: A good brand distinguishes itself especially through long experience and know-how. A good product requirements are very high. Only who knows how to operate a sophisticated product and brand policy, creates it, how to place its brand and to keep his customers.” Marcel Frings, Chief Representative of TimoCom accepted on behalf the trophy at the awards ceremony in the residence Palace Ludwigsburg over 305 employees: we thank the readers for their confidence. For us, it’s a great pleasure to hold this award for the second time in the hands again. Read additional details here: MasterClass Founder. This award is at the same time a confirmation that we are on the right track. Last but not least we owe our highly motivated staff”this positive result.

TimoCom would also continue to offer their customers a high standard of quality. Therefore can be looked far ahead in all areas around the stock market, meets the needs and desires of users. Including among others the ease of use, the usefulness is for the users, and ultimately the security. Look for new features is very crucial and significantly advances the company’s willingness to innovate. You will find more information about TimoCom under. Press contact: TimoCom soft- und hardware GmbH Manager corporate communication Tim motorcycling in the Steele 2 DE-40599 Dusseldorf phone: + 49 211 88 26 69 13 fax: + 49 211 88 26 59 13 E-mail:

Office Edition

This means that the company provides only Web based TelMan clients, so communication ports in the form of Internet jobs with user-related performance characteristics the user. And if desired, telephones for the IP-based telephony will be shipped – ready configured – by post directly to the user. So only a per connection and feature fee. Investment costs in the communications infrastructure. The specialists of the Niggemann Group provide data security and availability at the hosted solution. Easier and safer it really no longer goes”, one is sure at Niggemann. More in-house developments of the Niggemann group in the Office Edition “included. It is the communication-Turbo, a tune-up for leading mail applications.

Because with the Office Edition, MS Outlook and MS Exchange Server 2007 and Lotus Notes are easy and seamless to the functions Telephony / data management, fax, voice mail and expanded if necessary also to SMS. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Fitched Ratings. The built-in Powerdialer this allows the direct talking connection from already existing contact data from Outlook or notes. Our Office Edition makes the popular E-Mail applications to a full unified communication solution. In addition to other applications such as fax, voice mail and SMS, you can build not only telephone connections, but also take calls, and completely manage all telephony-related data. In addition we have implemented interfaces to ERP and CRM systems such as SAP or Sage, also here to ensure a seamless mesh of systems”, product development is thrilled. The Webdial feature is new in the Office Edition”for the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS). Directly from within the Web application, so there deposited interlocutor data connections can be build. Also to the Office Edition, the Niggemann group now offers a hosted service for voice and fax services. All these innovations -featured by Niggemann’-we would like to introduce the audience on a variety of events in the course of this year. I would like to cordially invite all those interested in ICT, to convince yourself of the efficiency of the Niggemann group and its innovative product developments”, Olaf Niggemann closes in addition.