South Atlantic

This coincided the Uruguayan President, Tabare Vasquez, who said it would be a real conquest that the Summit approve the creation of mechanisms that allow the realization of integration of both regions. Excuses there can be to not try to reverse this situation that has been slow the process of integration of South America and Africa, said Vasquez. The President of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez, also called effective instruments that can unite the economies of the two regions and pass the unionist rhetoric to effectiveness. The President of Brazil, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, he advocated the establishment of a fixed, permanent workgroup which determine, to address and advance on certain topics that you enable both regions reach the next Summit with extraordinary results. The President of Chile, Michelle Bachelet, called for an urgent reform of the international system where emerging countries have a greater representativeness. The Libyan leader, Muammar Gadafi, even proposed the creation of a NATO of the South Atlantic, which he called they dare, and that, he explained, would have aimed at the defence of the interests of the region against the attitude of the countries of the North have all privileges and us have tried relentlessly. The Ecuadorian President, Rafael Correa, stressed that progress in the integration of African and South American countries will mean an important step towards (establishing) a new international order.

Climatic problems as the international economic crisis and change should be strongly confronted by South America and Africa, whose 66 countries represent nearly 30 percent of the votes at United Nations. The two regions have to articulate common positions in international bodies to make their voice heard in vital issues as reforming a tremendously unjust global financial architecture and combating hunger in the world. The next ASA Summit III will take place in 2011 in Libya, according to the leaders meeting in Margarita Island, announced the own Chavez.otro match point among the leaders attending the meeting was the need to reform the current international order both politically and commercial. In the final Declaration of the Summit ASA countries undertook to promote South-South cooperation and expressed its full support for the reform of the Security Council of the UN, among other points collected in the extensive document, 95 points and more than 30 pages. Original author and source of the article.


During that spring, the window open, eyes swollen by the pain of the context of everything that is set. Lie in that destination speak of fear nothing passes anything look forward the true sign not is sent; all modes spring arrived and in that environment is claimed the virtue and truth, something demonstrable to wide awake eyes. Only smoke lets us see the truth. With the mind changes our mood States. Only the commendable snarling of all can with bare hands look in the Sun and my reflection hope that everything began overflowing of divine intuition, man fails to see not an end to itself.The end to us to guidance from past generations that have given their lives for the present.

Nobody ever remembered their faces their furtive and transient lives full of passion, abandoned their offspring to the truth of existence with the sole reason of perpetuating this. Few tears spilled many lives vanished, much fear how much infected fear, by Lords despots imbalances of reason. Few passions discovered on land dry and beyond red poppies planted. do much? I wonder how much? Open to allow perpetue injustice. Men are alike this is the best argument that minds used to create differences. Differences?, you say, only man seeking power over the others, recognition, wealth, while looking it only sees themselves in the a resource to feel more and more. The State envisions these sufficient if beings themselves to acquire no is that reputation and on the other side of the mirror failure, slavery, succumbing to their demands dying on battlefields everyday, anonymous passengers of the strange ship of indecency;Passengers of wills anonimias that challenge each individual making this a corporeal and incoherent mass driven fear tomorrow. For even more analysis, hear from Is MasterClass a ripoff?. Traveller of the stars so call me, exist in my many worlds as stars in the firmament feeling me beloved by them as a gift of eternity, so, that’s me.


Call to exercise the null vote in upcoming elections of 5 July is expected make pressure to politicians to change their way of doing politics. Flex may find this interesting as well. There is also doubt in the society about what is going to happen after the elections, our representatives would learn the lesson? This is something that we must ask ourselves, since in Mexico have occurred great social movements that I know after a certain time fall apart and die. David Doggett takes a slightly different approach. We must avoid this, therefore we must consider it as the start of a series of changes in the policy of our country. These changes must be pressured by society, to prevent this from being one of the many protests that they pass into oblivion. Today politicians have called for a society to exercise the vote by any alternative party, it must be remembered that the null vote is one way of exercising the right to vote. We must visualize who they are those who are making this appeal, the majority are people immersed in the world of politics, that the only thing that they have been able to do is to take advantage of the people to occupy posts of popular representation in which nothing else represent the interests of his political party.

Our society has a serious problem not knowing how to react in time. This has suffered abuses by the State, as kidnappings, robberies, impunity, among many others. We were unable to take advantage of opportunities to make significant changes that lead our country into a true development and growth, we suffer from a very volatile mind very soon forgotten. This is why pay careful attention to what happens after the next elections, so that our representatives really take letters on the matter and this will not be forgotten.

Fidelity Pores

One will cut access, closing doors and leaving time to close them or at least hide them after polvosos and annexed bricks years. Suddenly on a lonely afternoon one looks well and beyond the cloudy gray of the oxide emotional and see those doors, maybe just one, maybe not, but that Yes, discover a makes the file deleted in memory to remember suddenly other doors, all the wings tied together, all opportunities momificadas, petrified behind stones of denial. One believes that you have to find tools to discover that door, shovels and peaks shall be the minimum necessary to rescue the asphyxiated wood, the corroded postigo. Not so, just stop with the sensitivity of a MIME and chest discovered against those careless debris to see how are transformed, as the colour of the wood can be seen slowly, as it corroded recalls its brightness but while this occurs your chest hurts, knees tremble, the voice comes out as scream drowned with tears of loss. I don’t remember with Fidelity the moment at which my heart began to put an expiry date to my deepest emotions. I have not clear the reason for the decision to leave of atesorara everything that felt, everything by my chest radioed and me entibiaba.

I have not clear none of this, however in the humidity in my eyes that suddenly increases, in the pores of my arms and extension of my long toes, on the surface of the palms of my hands, full of stories of past and future which I don’t see, I feel like sprouts with the violence of water breaking the damas the stalemate after minutes it is surface, which with fury of life breathes with nariz-boca – pores all air that touches him and opens his eyes in the explosion. Like this. Thus the claim comes to me. From inside out, as a requirement of artist who does not take the pen because he is afraid, full of ardor, urgency, craving, thirst for days requirement. So I want to hug you.

So I realize now how can I return to feel love for anyone and not hide the sparkle in my eyes, so also I remember well the recent, full, smile that I rediscovered leaving me to feel all this, giving me within seconds of life which is only passing time, sunrises without gratitude, sunsets without landscape without the beat of my heart. Yes, I admit today that Miss over Popocatepetl and the Iztacihuatl, I never cried them with this authenticity and despair locked up in buildings that are not mine, no longer. That Sun not just here even if the sky is closer, more quietly, more intense blue, lack the frame of the photo, the dessert of the perfect meal, the delight of strolling in the streets feeling safe. I miss you. Life of poems on paper, or poems on the skin the first life fly, the second vibrates, fearlessness, wings to fly is required to be able to record in the pores and sensitive eyes, lips ready and look to the horizon. I rediscovered people rediscovered what I want. V. original author and source of the article.

Greenwich Car

Cultural focus in the world and protagonist of a long and colorful history, London boasts numerous unconventional attractions, which are the other side of the official tourist offer. You will find these jewels very close to the main tourist points, if you know where to look. Get away from the hordes of tourists who sojourn by the West End to attend the latest musical or crowd in the more respectable night clubs of the city and discover the real London, the other face of the glamour and the spirit of ostentation of the city. A visit to the cemeteries of London will give you the possibility of knowing some of their more famous celebrities, although they are quite a few meters under the ground. Highgate Cemetery in North London, is the best known, mainly by the particular Memorial that crowns the tomb of Karl Marx, diffuser of Socialist ideas to the masses. Other notable residents of the cemetery are the scientist Michael Faraday and some of the most beloved British writers, like George Eliot and Douglas Adams. If you want to know more about the side sinister London, the Old Operating Theatre will be a fascinating experience provided you aren’t very impressionable.

The Museum of the ancient theatre, located in the area of Southwark, boasts a collection of historic surgical instruments used during the 18th and 19th century and Herb Garret, an Arboretum of medicinal plants and potions. Explore lesser-known attractions of London does not mean ignoring the pomp of the London of royalty and one of them is the Fun Museum (fan Museum) in Greenwich. Most interesting of what its name suggests, the Museum is located in a building that precedes the Buckingham Palace and exhibits an incredible collection of fans from all corners of the planet and invites you to discover the intricate history of its cultural relevance. The Royal Observatory (Royal Observatory), also in Greenwich, does not receive the number of visitors who deserve their attractions in first line, which you can admire for free on the inside of the world-famous building where that dictates the world time. Discover the side more unusual and eccentric London at your own pace it can transform into a fascinating and enriching experience, why many tourists choose the car hire in London or the Heathrow car rental to have the freedom to move around every corner of the city. Many companies offer interesting packages for car hire at the airport, one option more convenient not only by price but also by the comfort of having your car as soon as you begin your journey. Consult online the numerous offers of car hire at Heathrow Airport and begins to plan an alternative route for your next trip to London.

Pinochet And Fujimori

When Pinochet was arrested 10 years ago in England the Spanish judge Garzon requested to send it is. Many leftists supporting it, although this would have involved confess the impotence of the Chilean Government in which participated or supported that, and also strengthen the presence of the former Spanish Empire in its former colonies, which never arrested Franco nor its officials. Blair and Brown returned Pinochet to Chile fearing that he would die in his own land, and to show a gesture toward U.S. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Edward Bramson on most websites. and a former ally of his in the Falklands war. On his return to Chile justice not detained him but boosted its presence to this were showing more critical to him. He spent the last days of his life subjected to constant summonses or arrests. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out MasterClass Founder. He not have been judged by a power removed him the aura of being a victim of those who want to undermine the national sovereignty. Without that precedent the Chilean court had not repatriated then Fujimori to the Peru, becoming the only former President of the world that has been extradited to his own country where he is still a prisoner. While the Hague seeks to bring from their homelands to tyrants to judge them, Pinochet and Fujimori cases show a trend of new democracies to adjust their own outstanding accounts. Original author and source of the article.

British Agency Press Association

The Spanish striker has had to explain to his coach, Vilas-Boas. He made some statements to the La Liga who collected on its website. Analyzing the style of team play and praised the arrival of Mata. Chelsea Fernando Torres has requested explanations this Monday to Spanish striker by information in which, apparently, criticized their colleagues for being too slow. In an interview with the official website of the Spanish League (, published in English on the website of Torres, it was happy with the arrival of the Spanish midfielder Juan Mata to Chelsea and said that the prototype of the London team player is older and play very slowly. The coach of the blues, the Portuguese Andre Villa-Boas, asked explanations to Torres, who claimed that his words were not well translated, as reported by the British Agency Press Association. Villa-Boas said that Chelsea is making efforts to obtain a copy of the interview of towers, which was authorized by the club, because, otherwise, the player would be fined, as you pointed out.

Let’s see if what actually says is exactly what it says in the interview, and where they coincide, talk to exchange views, said the technician. Fernando Torres, who has only scored a goal for Chelsea since he came to the team in January, stayed the weekend passed on the bench for the first time since the start of the season and it is unclear whether he will play tomorrow against Bayer Leverkusen in the Champions League. In the interview transcribed in its website, Torres, the former Liverpool star, acknowledged that he knew that adapting to Chelsea was going to take awhile. Although I didn’t expect to be so long, he stressed. Of all English clubs, Chelsea is arguably the least English. It has a slow form of play, said the child, to add that type of player on the London team is older, plays very slow and have much possession. That is what the club now it’s change, it is normal that it will take a time. It is not easy to find midfielders because the best are the best teams and why I said that the arrival of Mata will give another pace team, he said. Source of the news: the Chelsea asked explanations to Torres to say that their peers are “slow”

Sector Banking International

The new scenario of the international banking sector 14 August 2009 the banking sector at the international level is developing its strategy after the crisis. The fall of global prestige entities has not only left a gap which occupy, but it has left an antecedent and a spot against which the surviving entities must fight. The crisis has changed the strategy of banks around the world. He has marked Les a before and an after that will be positive for some and negative for others. And while a group of institutions leveraging the crisis to grow globally, others will have to work to reduce vulnerability caused. My first impression is that the entities with a certain degree of involvement in the crisis, will from now on look follow a strategy of caring for their good name to recompose the confidence of the public towards them, while for those entities with international operations (or that they intend to expand internationally), who have managed to stay on the sidelines, were faced with a unique growth opportunity and increase in market share that want to take advantage. (A valuable related resource: NYSE DNB). Movements in the banking system are not only occurring in developed, major economies affected by suppressed, but also in the rest of the savings product of this stakeout in the global strategy of financial institutions. According to an article by La Nacion in the financial sector itself recognizes that, after the international crisis, many large foreign groups would be seeking reduce their presence in countries that are not central to his business or where the risks of the operation are a little higher. The current context, with the advent of the economic recovery that comes hand in hand with a greater availability of resources in the markets, has decided to various entities, to carry out this strategy of reduction of risky operations, it has probably been decided long ago but that it was not convenient to realize the lack of offers in the market and to not generate negative health signals appropriate of these entities.

Buzzing Tinnitus

Exposure to very loud noises can trigger many people ringing in ear that usually goes away with the passing of the hours, but when you exposure is regular and extensive stroke, this hum can remain chronically. Click Vanguard Group to learn more. Ninety percent of the cases, this buzz or beep is perceived as a unique but also frequency may appear with different types of harmonics. There is a very common aggravating factor that contributes to the appearance of these hum, and is the prior condition of ear disease such as some degree of hearing loss (albeit minimal). It is defined as hearing loss to a functional deficit (usually gradual) ear that causes the decrease of unilateral or bilateral hearing. Patients with hearing loss have a natural predisposition to submit this type of symptoms such as whistles or ringing in the ears, but by their prior otologica status, it is very likely that once appeared this symptom, is rooted as a chronic malaise that in more or less degree may affect your daily life. To deepen your understanding MasterClass Founder is the source. These symptoms generally represented by buzzing in ears, are called tinnitus or tinnitus. It is very normal that after attending performances of high impact sound, many people discover possessing some decreased hearing. To perform the consultation with the doctor because the terrible buzzing sound in ear, patient learns is that it has some degree of hearing loss.

Everything is compounded in the case of workers constantly exposed to these high levels of noise. The option of moving away from the sound source is usually unlikely run, and use of protectors or earmuffs not normally reached. As the hearing loss is a dysfunction that normally goes to deteriorate very gradually, very difficult their perception and identification by the patient, and only uses this to the doctor when associated with another discomfort such as tinnitus, nausea or some kind of paracusia. There is a method of little known but very effective is guaranteed to make the tinnitus go away for always. If you want to read as I personally I managed to accidentally eliminate tinnitus, you have Click here.

Ortiz Oses

such as can occur in the novels or plays, and It serves to interpret broad human experience fields. 2 – Your language is evocative, i.e., involves an agglomerate of associations, so for example, sunlight and water, to which we give a purely functional sense, they have a great richness in the daily lives of peoples, because the Sun not only served to illuminate, heat, grow and regulate the rhythm of life. Hence its great wealth and possibility of interpretations. 3 – Is immediate, i.e. still not happened through the sieve of analytical thinking, or mythical man doesn’t ask for their meaning. Primitive man lived still immersed in their myths, was in the middle of his dream and has not yet had awakened to reflect. The awakening will come with the Greeks and the philosophy, but Plato will know to harmoniously integrate both speeches.

4 – Then comes your alogicidad, which doesn’t mean that it is absurd that means that your logic is different from the causal, and presents events in a world of wonders and miracles. 5 – Supernatural beings appear in the and a series of numinosas realities, i.e. which go beyond the literal and physical world. 6 – The actions covered are in remote time and space, at the beginning of time, or in a remote future or at the end of time. 7 – The seventh and final characteristic is the relationship with the community, and although a myth can be produced by an individual, fails to be myth until it has not been adopted by the community, and has part in the Constitution of the social identity of the community in question. In conclusion, the myth first speaks of human existence, of understanding that has the man himself and his own world. If we want to enrich it we must re-mitificar, and not just des – mystify it. Thus, in our time we are witnessing the clearing of the myth of the male hero aggressively facing the world, by him who conquers if same, his soul or his interior, assuming as Ortiz Oses, paradoxically notes the anti-heroic side as traditionally was held by women; is tries to overcome the dualistic and patriarchal myth that drastically opposed the good against evil, the above against the down, in the light of darkness, heaven against hell, day against the night, blue against the terrestrial, the hero against the dragon or Monster, Dios versus the devil. It also notes that only if we face unconventionally these dualisms, radically co-implicando opposites, in other words, Relativizing its perverse logic anti-human they bound for the benefit of a complete human being.