Organic Agriculture Committee

For a long time has existed a very great confusion among consumers to recognize ecological food. This has been due to the indiscriminate commercial exploitation of how biological terms or bio. This reason has generated, that products that did not meet the EU standard and without passing proper quality control or relevant controls of quality certifying them as bio or ecological foods, they are State selling as if they entered within the classification of ecological food are treated. From 14 July 2005 a new European regulation collects for throughout the European area, that the term bio and biological remains set exclusively for the classification of foods (food technology) that comply with the rules on organic food, which comes in addition to the terms already protected eco, ecological, org and organic. The autonomous communities are those that have the powers of control over production and certification ecological, all belonging to the Organic Agriculture Committee, falls. These agencies also control commercial transactions of purchase and sale of organic products. The ecolabel that carry fixed ecological food guarantee that these products are really green and have passed the relevant quality controls of the European union, so they are within this classification of foods. In addition to this, there is a second logo that is different according to each autonomous community with the specific anagram of the body which has been given the go-ahead and that organic farming can be read. Original author and source of the article