Know Thyself

Behind it hide search movements of answer finding and prazisierendes self pointing, as also a communicative action. DO the words”move, behave, Act, interact even once tangible indicate the communicative elements of performative teaching events. The teacher often teaches against a not-attention from well over 70%. If you follow no common values via the service to the teaching content, on which it has agreed, this is also no surprise. What should the young people actively wrestling with the teacher? What is the purpose of the action to the young man should be invited? What would he gain? What would it need to rituals of encounter and the active engagement can relieve the non-communication? The conventional template sets certain accessible Close to Handlungsbereitschaften. School provides a framework, each story has a beginning and an end. It is possible that non-conventional forms result from conventional forms of playback.

For this purpose it needs but initiative impulses by students and teachers. This change of a seemingly stable liturgy is based on the possibility that a form with the original context can break, and can take on meanings and functions, for which it was never intended. I wish courage, lessons, teaching, teaching processes, to reshape teaching content and add a dimension of subjective them, which means that learning is fun again for the effort up to the limit of performance seduced and it joins back together while learning teachers and students. Shortened from my represented analysis I don’t conclude, it takes today instead of taught-be a forming learning that sees learning as an active self-organised process. Should learning to world understanding, understanding the self and contribute to the shaping of the world, may it not only consist of mandatory for learners (exemplary) Lernstoffen. Rather the students in the school must get adequate time and opportunity to engage himself with their interests and issues, their curiosity and their problems.