Each time everything is more polluted, there are species of animals that are extinct, the planet Earth is rebelling and don’t stop floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, besides the economic crisis is reaching us all. But despite around half a million hunters, (according to the media), they have no problems, despite everything, and now that it has started the hunting season is spent on each monteria 2000 or 3000 euros, because they buy their rights to kill all the animals that put him ahead. Many people say that the hunters in the hunting season, create many jobs. I do not agree with this because they could create those jobs with another way to have fun without having to kill the animals, because they do not by need but by the cravings and enjoy killing. Some also speak of ecological hunting, do want who fooled?, kill is killing is not ecology, since animal species themselves alone and do not need anyone to make you exterminate them but hunters are contributing to the extinction of many species of animals these hunters of course have no crisis because between them there are no problems of unemployment and poverty, as they pick up their days off for this activity since its level of wealth is allowed.