Democracy Or Freedom

As mentioned by King Abdalah II, democracy means different things to different people. For the most backward and authoritarian, democracy is only an electoral process. For the more advanced, elections are the beginning of democracy. In Latin America during the past 25 years, all countries with the exception of Cuba entered into a period of relative stability democratic, but freedom is reeling because confused liberty with debauchery. It allows any group – in many cases formed by simple patoteros do what comes in WINS. As there is no moral authority in the rulers to suppress with the law those who alter the daily living of the population or, in some cases are Governments themselves who incite chaos then appear as the saviors, everyone does what he wants. There were times in dictatorships military rights in that worked in peace and security, were fulfilled the laws, it respected the authority, but there was no free political exercise. In contrast, today there is freedom of expression – and political increasingly threatened in countries such as Venezuela, Argentina, Bolivia, but there is no security, work is unstable, economies do not solidify, the handling of power is selfish and opportunistic, and hypocritically, while leaders talk of elections, seek to remain in command of lifetime.

With a promise to take care of the needs of the people in places where people feel incompetent against Asian, American or European peers authoritarian populists negatively seduce the masses making them lose their right to self-determination. Sigmund Freud said: most people do not really want freedom, because freedom comes with responsibility, and most people have fear of responsibility. The paternalistic State to monopolize economic instruments, hereby the individual of responsibility for labour, which carries with it the be free and face the world on their own. The corollary is the dictatorship. To find the balance between freedom and democracy, there must be respect for others and the laws. Required civic education and education in general. The East Europeans able to enter in the correct democratic channel, due to their higher level of training, their obedience to authority and to the sad memory that left communism. Half of Europe was spared its tyrants in the past 30 years and progresses with remarkable success.

Up to some of the most reactionary Marxists acknowledged his failure and opted for the market economy, moving closer to social democracy. They understood that the basic principle of socialism: that all men are equal, is wrong. We are equal in the eyes of God, but the differences are evident in the ordinariness of life. Said sociologist David Riesman: the idea that men were created free and equal is both true and misleading: the men were created different; they lose their social freedom and individual autonomy seeking to become equal to the other. The balance between freedom and democracy It can only be in responsible for societies with high ethical sense, where the individual and the State recognize the individual and collective rights, respect the laws and invest in intellectual development. In Latin America to live in freedom and democracy laws are written, which are destroying the system are the authorities, who do not respect them or make them comply.