In both expressed the impossibility of the individual against the absurdities of power mechanisms, their bureaucracies and their lies. In them the protagonists have to follow a circuitous route, mental and physical, to face a reality that surpasses them with a series of problems that are linked without ever finding an end, repeating in a legal maze that subjects the individual against the arbitrary power that governs and their representatives. The story mode is very similar to that established by the fractal dynamics, something that starts from a specific point to expand in space or in time, multiplying iteratively, such as, for Kafka, the problem and absurd that it generates, the elements that are repeated again and again over the plot, in an ideological struggle in which the parties multiplied, in turn, all the reasons that demonstrate the act of them to seek their own justification. The fractal progression of story elements in these two novels, the narrative makes a complex system that is determined as the most characteristic and important within the structure of the literary work itself. The figure of absurd plays by itself to expand, with all its connotative elements adjacent to a fractal logic as the primary component is the term that is known as "Kafkaesque." Regarding Jorge Luis Borges (declared admirer of Franz Kafka), in almost all his work is present, in greater or lesser degree, a fractal approach that is most significantly characterized as "thinking Borges' and his literary world. In their creations can be found immortal characters, reports exist that achieve over time and out of the first body that contained, buildings and impossible maze, cyclic books begin and end where forking in time, mazes and more mazes, grains sand that multiply in dreams, a field which concentrates the entire universe from its different configurations, the mirrors and their reflections, their games with time and space, the surprising turn of his stories, everything about him, and his understanding is touched by the precise order of the fractal.