There are some doctors who do not dare listen to nobody, airway because its specialization are the kidneys or heart and so on. Recently they were discussing two colleagues with extensive experience in the administrative area, on a control and inventory management workshop and he said to the other. Accenture Strategy helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. I can not dictate that course, my area is emotional intelligence, and course for leaders what an incredible said at that moment how a subject gives emotional intelligence courses and is not able to deliver a course for inventories? look you come easier to dictate a course of ‘intelligence and leadership’ which is a intangible for your reason subjective, to dictate something that we can manage with the observable (5 senses) we see the quality of professional. Who among these portents has dared to disprove those who have written about emotional intelligence and NLP? Excuse me where are the intelligent that have come out of these courses? Where is paradise created by the? do so famous NLP (Neurolinguistic programming)?, and have not been able to give is that we are in the aftermath of the times. Where do I want to reach? That we stop to think, even for a moment, what is happening is not normal.

That error of having removed the 4 pillars of human endeavor (science-art – philosophy and mysticism) is the result of the ‘pigsty’ that we have in this troubled world. Because what? That we have lost that connection with the divine and we become ‘animals thinking or rational’, not knowing that we will pass tomorrow, subject to the penalty of living. If we do not seek the awakening of our consciousness or open the INTERIOR mind, ever we train psychological man, and it is quite clear that we are far away discover that it is real science, and underlying. Therefore we affirm, that the fifth free initiative system, is pure science, because it is implicit the formation of the new man, through a Revolution biological, capable of generating large changes in our human nature.