Japanese Yuko Shimizu

The covers for mobile phones are made mainly for the protection of your phone from bumps and scratches, but the aesthetic touch is sometimes more important than its main function. There are covers for mobile phones free of all kinds, quality, material, and size. From the typical black, until the wool in colors and an infinity of models more plastic and leather. We can agree that products from Apple, and in particular its iPhone, are a mine for manufacturers of accessories. Cables, adapters, speakers and especially covers and housings (almost always little or nothing official) populate the shelves of shops of telephony and e-commerce websites. Today we stop to see some of the best covers Disney Mobile.

The first case that has drawn attention will love to the fans of Hello Kitty, that world-famous cat work of the Japanese Yuko Shimizu. A curiosity that you must know is that the first product that incorporated the image of Hello Kitty was a purse and was marketed in Japan in the now distant 1974. For those who love the Disney characters we have found the perfect sleeve in the form of Stich, a somewhat curious alien character who appeared in the movie of Disney Lilo & Stich of the year 2002. Made of silicone, this sleeve has the peculiarity to allow moving the ears of the character to make sure that your iPhone is protected against any coup. But the most sought-after Disney Mobile covers are characters like Mickey mouse, Winnie the pooh, tiger and other many more Disney characters.

Animal lovers are also entitled to have a cover, right? Therefore in this case an option that will be chosen by lovers of cats, though also like fools by stuffed animals. Red Cloak Cat Toy is a sheath of Teddy for iPhone 4 shaped pussy. The truth is that it also serves to decorate a room or as a toy for the kids, but not be fooled by its appearance, a hosted inside metal protector will prevent our iPhone damage to in its casing. Mobile covers Disney is one of the most sought after products in the sector of covers for mobile phones and is becoming easier to find them through the network, covers mobile online stores.