Physical Health And More

And that can prevent that in other stages of life, we can achieve goals and objectives, who once dreamed of achieving and internally we feel is essential to realize in this world. When we acquired some nasty dependency affects us in life at all levels, in the family, work, relationships with others and within ourselves suffer the foolishness and naivete of having fallen into it. He suffered physical health but also mental and moral health. Physical health suffers us, to the extent of the excesses we have made, yet inwardly we see ourselves up and dirty and we may even get into crime to satisfy the anxiety that causes addiction. Something that seemed unimportant, we thought we could control, has grown and has become our lord and master, and this, in the depths of our being, we are distressed, oppressing us and cut us. Although the company applauds certain habits and customs. In too deep soul angel is scheduled future we are all meant to be, and in the depths of our consciousness as we recorded, and she, if we listen, wisely gives us steps to free rise. When we do not hear and bad habits and behaviors, our inner being lamented, as if sick of the bad life you find here. Sooner or later it hurts the soul and appears apathy, lack of enthusiasm and a grim weariness grows within us, sometimes mistakenly tried to drown him even more drunk, trying to evade reality. It is therefore necessary to seek pleasure and entertainment sound and control our appetites and desires unchecked.